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UP SoCal Christmas 2023 Painting Presents Willie Vergara UPD '67
Paintings (Part 3) Popoy Castaņeda UPLB '55
Paintings (Part 2) Popoy Castaņeda UPLB '55
Ontog! Sluggo Rigor UPD'60
Painting for Grandkids in Covid time Willie Vergara UPD '67
Paintings - Abstracts Willie Vergara UPD '67
Paintings - Canadian Rockies Willie Vergara UPD '67
Paintings (2) Raul Lopez  UPD '64
Mosaic / Quilt Mik Gaspay, son of Pogs Gaspay UPD '68
Sculpture & Paintings Francisco Verano UPD '59
Paintings Philemon "Boy" Luna UPD '73
Paintings Kromuel Pineda UPB '16
Paintings  Vikki F. Rivera
RGR's Platinum Countdown Rolly Reyes UPD '66
Multi-Media Artist Ed Defensor UPLB '63
Macro Photography Noli Nolasco UPD '62
KapARTiran Art Fair Philemon "Boy" Luna UPD '73
Fall Season in Alberta, Canada Noli Nolasco UPD '62
Atelier Luna: The Art of Boy Luna Philemon "Boy" Luna UPD '73
Imitating Four European Masters Willie Vergara UPD '67
Imitating Van Gogh Willie Vergara UPD '67
Tai Chi Figurines Johnny Chiuten UPD '60
Not Just Pictures Nelson Rivera UPD '62
Johnny Chiuten Posters Nelson Rivera UPD '62 & Wally Rodriguez UPD '63
Paintings Willie Vergara UPD '67
Photos Bernie Bacosa UPD '71
Paintings (Part 1) Popoy Castaņeda UPLB '55
Caricatures Ely Santiago UPD '58
Illustrations Wally Rodriguez UPD '63
Cartoons Jess Abrera UPD '64
Paintings (1)  Raul Lopez  UPD '64
The Portfolio Wally Rodriguez UPD '63
Paintings Pablo "Adi" Santos UPD '62
Paintings  Ricardo "Papu" Leynes UPD '62