Vikki F. Rivera, artist

by Vikki F. Rivera


Vikki F. Rivera first took on painting as her main medium in late 2014, after her creative muse was awakened by several online artist-friends began posting their own works of art.

She is a self-taught artist, developing her drawing skills through close observation of the positive side of life. Her subjects and techniques have varied, mostly inspired by neo-impressionist styles expressing her inimitable views of people and nature. Even her portraits take on a more impressionist expression of the subjects-- whether faces, facades, flowers or landscapes. Most popular among her clients have been her watercolor series on flowers, where her skilful use of hues and shades give life to the canvass. She is also very experimental in her techniques in painting, using atypical colors and materials  such as instant coffee, to give a different take on her works. Then, she enthused herself on acrylic and oil, where people appreciated her sense of narrative as interpreted in her canvases, through vibrant colors and bold concepts.


She has participated in several exhibits in Beta Sigma Valley Golf tournaments, Rotary events and her latest are Diptych, Impressions and finishing touches on Philippine culture in collaboration with Boy Luna.



Vikki F. Rivera, artist.


Vikki with fellow artist Brod Boy Luna.


Tinalak, in acrylic.



               Colors of Kadayawan, in acrylic.                                                      Deux belle dames, in acrylic.        



          Rice terraces, in acrylic.                                                                           Fleurs, in watercolor.


   Bawang, in acrylic.


Fleur bouquet, in watercolor.

Prior to taking on the canvas, Vikki expressed herself through music as a dexterous guitarist, bassist, drummer, and keyboardist. She also got involved in music arrangement, largely lending her talent to creating jingles as well as in church music ministry. She also took on projects for digital design, usually taking on layout and brand designs for public figures and organizations. 

Her experience in the creative started way before the rise of the digital age. As an artist and account manager for an advertising firm in Davao City in the 80’s, she helped establish campaigns that launched well-known brands in the city’s business industry. 


This time, she looks to the subject of  Philippine landmarks and heritage - its impact on our culture and lives as Filipinos. 


Calesa, in acrylic. 



                                            Cherry blossoms, in acrylic.                                                         Summertime, in watercolor.                                          



Moonlight magic, in acrylic.                                                                        Worn out dancing shoes, in oil.


PTV-4 interview: Finishing Touches Art Exhibit with Boy Luna, Nov. 26, 2016.


Vikki with Brods Buddy Curameng, Rey Rivera, Boy Luna, Butch Madarang and Rody Camit.



     Koi pod, in oil.                                                                                         Pont du Garc, in acrylic.



                Daughter Rae, in oil.                                                                                Husband Rey, in oil.                 


Vikki in her studio with Shih Tzu pet dog, Coco.



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