UPBSF Pres Ivan Fojas'91 unveils 'new tech' QR

code of link to UPBS "Applicant Information Sheet".


A Passage of an Artist thru Time and Space
Popoy Castañeda'55,
artist-explorer, in a detailed
autobiographical sketch, gives us a glimpse of his
life in the Philippines in the 40's. This is Part 1 of 4.

Bird Paintings (Part 3)
Popoy Castañeda'55 shares more bird paintings.

Fitness / Malmon Walk

Nilo Espino'79, along with UPBSF Prez Ivan

Fojas & UPBSI Prez JJ Jayme, has organized the

Fitness Walk every Sunday 6:00-7:30AM from the

Academic Oval around the campus. Enjoy & stay fit!


My Recent Manila Trip
Edwin Acuña'76
waxes "joyful, nostalgic feeling"
reminiscing with brods/classmates, Feb3-Mar1,'23.

A Nature Trip in Tanay with Brods & LCs
Gerard Alo'72 shares campsite trip, Feb 22-23,'23.

Update Recruitment

UPBSI Pres. Jay Jay Jayme'16 joins effort with

UPBSF Central. (This will direct you to Protected

Sites; if need password, pls. request per instruction).


Repost: "Beloved Valentine" letter written in 2007
 by Betan "Valentino" and first posted here in 2019.

Farewell, Brother

Gran Acuña 1944-2023


Tumbleweeds, Volume 12 - February 2023 

Rhine River Cruise: Amsterdam to Basel
Boy Pantig'73
 shares cruise fun - with Willie Ramos,
 Jun Valenzuela, Lem Michelena & ladies, Oct-Nov'22.

Benild Pires'64 posts his 2022 Review.
Inside are links to his 2016-2018, 2021 Reviews

Betan Christmas 2022 in Pictures 

FREE Arnis/Tai Chi Clinic by Dr. Jopet Laraya

Freddy Fajardo'64 facilitates the martial arts clinic

in UPLB Dec.14, also as part of recruitment drive.

UPBSF Central Election
Ivan Fojas'91
is President Jan2023-Dec2024

Tumbleweeds, Volume 11 - December 2022


Farewell, "Mom"

Leonor A. Jayme 1927-2022



Farewell, Brother

Vinson B. Pineda 1936-2022

Finding Rizal in Germany
Norman Bituin'65
travels to Europe, Sep7-Oct7.

Jay Jay Jayme leads UPBSI 2022-2024

Prez Jay Jayme Jayme'16 outlines his goals.



Farewell, Brother

Victor C. Dulay 1943-2022

Remembering Ely Santiago


Tumbleweeds, Volume 10 - October 2022

View the Beta Sigman Health Drills

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