Farewell, Brother

Jonathan Inocencio 1972-2024


More Fellowships/Reunions in RP, Jan-Feb 2024

The homeland is fave spot, attended by many visiting

overseas brods - at Gerard Alo's Fellowship, at Ben

Abon's Fellowship, at UP Preparatory HS Platinum

Anniversary, at UPLB Fellowship and at Eding Hizon's

UPD'63 60th Batch Reunion. More fun and Cheers!! 


Rey Foundation Donates $US 1M to Bethel U
& Mely Rey'68 endow funds to alma mater
for student scholarships and chem lab equipments.

The Rising of a UP Betan Sigman

Ed Abon'69 records the conferment of the Emperor

 Order of the Rising Sun to Eddie Jose'64, 1/24/24.

Visiting Brod Ben Abon in Victoria, Tarlac

Joel Paredes'73 sends pictures of the "Betan

Pilgrimage" to Ben Abon'70 farm in Tarlac, 1/20/24.



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