Travels BC/DC

To put some "life" in our pages, Norman

Bituin'65 throws some travel pictures in

BC (Before Covid) and DC (During Covid). 



Farewell, Brother

Jose O. Lustre, 1945-2021



Farewell, Brother

Crispulo Icban, Jr. 1935-2021

Jorge Sales 1951-2021




Farewell, Brothers

Ramon Reyes 19??-2021

Jorge Sales 1951-2021

Farewell, Brother

Arturo Corpuz 1953-2021



Farewell, Brothers

Luis Guanio 1951-2021

Augusto Buenaventura 1953-2021


Farewell, Brother

Reynaldo Macaraig 1940-2021



Bird Paintings (Part 2)

Popoy Castaņeda'55 shares more of his

bird paintings. Popoy lives in Sydney.


Seattle-based Sluggo Rigor'60 lightens

down the pandemic stress with some

Pinoy humor (promised not to be corny).


A Couple of Good News!!



UPBSI tax-exempt status

UPLB suspension lifted




Farewell, Brothers

Florendo Quebral 1931-2021

Ruben Sto. Domingo 1946-2021

Dante Ramos 1954-2021



Farewell, Brother

Fernando Quililan 1948-2021


Angliongto supports creation of
UPMin/Davao City Hospital 

 UPBSI aids UPLB 47th
Operations Big Brother Project

Farewell, Brother

Carlo Magno V 1955-2021



Farewell, Brothers
Carlos Uyan 1938-2020

Francisco Colanta 1936-2020



Farewell, Brothers
Francisco Cornejo 1936-2020

Pedrito Revilleza 1955-2020


Atty. Peter Danao leads UPBSF 2021-22

A Message from the UPBSI President

View the Beta Sigman Health Drills

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