Atelier Luna: The Art of Boy Luna

foreword by Willie Vergara

Philemon "Boy" Luna, UPD '73C,  was among the hundreds of attendees at the Magnificent 67 affair on July 15, 2013. Two weeks after, Boy Luna came to the Makati Chapter monthly gathering, this time honoring three balikbayans who were still in the Philippines on August 2.   Upon advice of Ross Fernando a.k.a. Uro, Boy brought in some of his large acrylic works featuring festivals in the Philippines and Indonesia, where he spent many years as an artist. After studying Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, Boy Luna worked as creative director of various advertising agencies in Manila, Bahrain and Jakarta.

He joined Binus International School Simprug in 1999 as a full time teacher and currently heads the Visual Art and Drama Department. He started painting in 1998, producing huge artworks for the school and theatre productions. Some of his works include his explorations of tribal and street arts in cities he had visited.

Boy Luna is one of the artists that the country can be very proud of and his artworks are worth investing in. He has a mastery of his favorite medium, which is acrylic. He has a very distinctive style in point of brush strokes, command in the use of primary colors and the choice of his subjects.





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