*** This cartoon was done by Wally Rodriguez'63 of New York for "The Betan International", a 4-page, 1-issue

     publication that was edited by JimmyYambao'63 in Washington, D.C. and Wally and printed in July 1976.





Illustrations for the Philippine Collegian

by Wally Rodriguez, UPD'63


These illustrations were scanned by Benild Pires'64 from his original Philipppine Collegian collection which he

then mailed to Wally Rodriguez'63 in NY. After 41 years "in the closet", here they are with Wally's reaction:


"wow! i am speechless right now. the literary section of the philippine collegian then was like a wet cement,

 dreary, gray, and not palatable to the reader. with my kabatz jimmy's blessing, i proceeded interpreting the

 stories with illustration. there was also the photography of mon carpio and ely santiago's cartoon. the visual
contribution of these two bros, truly added fun to the pages of the philippine collegian. thanks bro jimmy,

for the opportunity and for believing in us. salamat maharajah of vancouver".    w'63, 3/22/08




      Mar 1, 1967                                                                                                                Mar 8, 1967



Mar 15, 1967                                                                                                             Mar 29, 1967



Apr 5, 1967                                                                                                           Apr 12, 1967    



Apr 19, 1967                                                                                           May 7, 1967



May 7, 1967                                                                                           July 12, 1967



July 19,1967                                                                   Aug 2, 1967                                                



Aug 16, 1967                                                                                     Aug 23, 1967                                           



Sep 1, 1967


Sep 6, 1967



Sep 13, 1967                                                                                         Sep 21, 1967                           


Sep 21, 1967



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