CDO Pilgrimage 2019 in Pictures

April 21-23



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Attendance summary (as of Apr 19 2:00pm) -

1. Grand Pilgrim (GP) BennA
2. JoelP
3. JojoA
4. DougyM
5. BingG'64
6. JoeA
7. OllieJ
8. AllanP
9. SonnyP
a) HectorSJ
b) BenA
c) BoboyT
d) GregV

We're leaving early (Easter) Sunday morning and back Tuesday evening, God willing. We'll surely have T'ai Chi meditation and some prayers. Thanks, again. Cheers!


Ollie Jumao-as



[Photos from Joel Paredes, Ollie Jumao-as and Jojo Alejar]































BingG gets deep nerve therapy from OllieJ.   At the Hagdan sa Uwak (HAGWAK) farm of Ben Albarece, DVM with his horse Duke.



T'ai Chi with JC-PS SOMA instructor Brod OllieJ.




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