The Pilgrimage 2012
by Ernie “Togi” Igot, UPD'70


This is the fourth year that brods led by Ben Abon UPD 70 went on a pilgrimage to Hec San Juan's farm in Bukidnon to pay homage to San Miguel Arcangel and cleanse their bodies with sacred water called Ginebra ( GSM, for short ).


A total of twelve brods and three Sigma Betans shared and bonded for three days and three nights on the holy mountain with a gazebo facing a beautiful valley. Their prayers were  answered. On the last day, with the arrival and intercession of a beer shaman ( brewmaster ) from Maryland, a sign from the heavens was witnessed by the devotees - a beautiful double rainbow which lasted for twenty minutes.


l-r: Chris and Cesar Michelena, Boboy Tenazas, George Balabag, Ernie Igot, Ben Abon, Ben Medina, Vic Pizarro, host Hec San Juan.

 ( Joel Paredes went home earlier; Jojo Alejar and Ben Albarece arrived later )


A faint double rainbow can be seen on top of the first one.


Front: Sis Jen-jen and Sis Gemmang.  Back: Togi and Sis Maysie.


l-r: Sis Gemmang with Ben Albarece and Togi ( Ben donated a lechon ).


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