Mindanao Chronicle

by Dr. Frank Gorrez, PhD.


From: Frank D. Gorrez <gorrez.frankd24@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Dec 7, 2018
Subject: Mindanao Chronicle

The two attached photo albums summarize the three years staggered volunteer visits I made during the siege between government armed forces against the Muslim rebels in Lanao Del Sur, Mindanao where I was implementing a Food Production Project through a school that benefitted both Christians and Muslims alike. I am neither a government or Muslim representative, thus at my age of 86 years young with the Lord as my partner I just did what has to be done … help teach and feed the community through agriculture.

The albums chronicle and provide glimpses/reflection in my own private war against hunger. Feel free to share with friends.

Merry Christmas to all your loved ones.

Brod Frank Gorrez
UPLB Batch '52

Agronomist - Volunteer Consultant



  Mindanao Chronicle

  Glimpses and Reflections


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