Brod Teodulo Topacio

 UP Diliman '49

November 30, 1924 - July 9, 2019







Memorial Mass and Last Rites

  Arlington Memorial Chapel, July 13, 2019


[Photos by Yay Topacio and Norm Bituin]






The speakers

Brod Efren Nuestro


Brod Ben Ferriols


Brod Jay Jay Jayme


Brod Vic Tupaz


The Brods

Diliman GP Lorenzo Esquivel puts frat pin on Dean Ted's daughter Marivel Topacio-Aro.












 Eulogy for my Dad and Brod, National Scientist Teodulo M. Topacio Jr.

U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity Last Rites - July 13, 2019

by Yay Topacio, UPD'77



Magandang hapon po sa inyong lahat. 


This has got to be the saddest July “homecoming” for me. The flight I took from Honolulu to Manila seems twice as long and time was seemingly slow. My July trips to Manila in the past years have always been exciting, happy and fun-filled because I don’t only get to go home and be with my dear family but July is also the month when we celebrate UP Beta Sigma’s Anniversary. July is also the time when I would have the most endearing bonding with my father and Brod,Ted.

This July, however, will not be the same because my Dad, our beloved Brod, is no longer with us. Instead of engaging in our typical week long anniversary celebration, with San Miguel beer, the finest whiskey or wine or even the toxic yet legendary Ginebra San Miguel,   I’m now here before you delivering this eulogy.

One of Benjamin Franklin’s most inspiring quotes is “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” My father, our Brod, has done both and I would say, exceptionally well.  He’s written a whole lot of research papers for several Veterinary journals and just recently, he wrote and launched his Memoirs “A Split Second in Time.”

He has accomplished so much in the field of the academe as a professor and Dean of the UP College of Veterinary Medicine. As one of the pioneers of a start up company called Univet, his role in research and development, helped grew the company (now called UNAHCO) to a billion Peso animal health pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. One of his major accomplishments was so significant that it earned for him the title of National Scientist. An honor bestowed only to a few.

I have often wondered if my Dad really wanted me to take up Veterinary Medicine, follow his footsteps so to speak, because I don’t remember him asking me. Maybe he did but I may have ignored it. He knows I’m fascinated with animals but this is because of the home environment he fostered for us when we were growing up.  I remember that as little kids we didn’t have to buy or ask for dogs and cats for pets.  Someone would always give puppies and kittens, from purebreds to mongrels, to my Dad.  


I do remember apologizing to him for my choosing a different path in my life, which he casually dismissed saying I need to follow my ambition. That void in the Topacio family soon disappeared when my eldest son and our Brod, Dr. Luigi Topacio, decided that he’ll follow his Lolo’s footsteps. I remember both my father and mother were elated, thrilled actually, with Luigi taking up the challenge of keeping the family tradition that Lolo Dulo (Teodulo Sr) started. Thank you Dr. Luigi for making your Lolo proud and filling in the void that I feel I left.


One thing that I know my Dad is particularly proud of is my joining the U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity. He was even prouder when his grandsons Errol and Luigi joined our beloved fraternity as well. This actually made our family the very first one with three generations of U.P. Beta Sigmans.

I have so many happy Beta Sigma moments with my Dad. Beta Sigma activities and the latest on Brods were always conversation pieces in many of our family occasions. Too much it seems that there were times these consume the whole family. My Mom is the most jealous and affected. 


There was one July homecoming, more than a decade ago, that I fondly remember.  In one of those days I told my Dad we should visit our late Brod Ding Navarro, (who was then the new President of PRRM) in his office. I called up Brod Ding and we set up one afternoon for the visit. My Mom, not wanting to be left alone at home, then accepted an invitation from a friend to play mahjong that same afternoon.  Pag hatid namin kay Mommy, she reminded me and my Dad to go straight to the bank to deposit some checks and cash to their account. Pag baba ng Nanay ko sa sasakyan, Dad, in complete defiance of  “thou shalt be obeyed” (my Mom), looked at me and said “dumerecho na muna tayo kay Ding at pagkatapos na tayo tumuloy ng banko.”  So we did. Ang problema nito sobrang napasarap ang kuwentuhan namin with Brod Ding at pagtingin ko sa relo ko, 4:30 pm na. Sabi ko sa Tatay ko, “Dad, sarado na banko.” I will never forget my Dad’s reaction as he was silent for a few seconds as Brod Ding and I waited for him to say something.  My Dad casually dismissed the thought and told me, “Bukas na na tayo pumunta ng banko at hindi naman maalala ng Mommy mo yan.” Boy was he wrong! Pag sundo namin sa Nanay ko later, papasok pa lang ng kotse she addressed my Dad saying “Ibigay mo na muna sa akin ang deposit slip at baka mawaglit pa yan.” The abrupt silence that followed was quite deafening until my Dad’s abashed response of “Bukas na lang natin idedeposit at napagsarhan kami ni Yay ng banko.” Needless to say nagalit ang Nanay ko saying “Eh di ba sinabi ko sa inyong mag-ama na dumeretso na muna kayo sa banko bago kayo pumunta sa Brod ninyo? Paguuntugin ko na talaga ang mga ulo ninyo! Kapag Beta Sigma, nakakalimutan niyo na ang lahat!” 


The short drive back home was quiet but I was laughing in my head.  That night for dinner hindi pa pinakawalan ng Nanay ko ang atraso namin mag-ama. As the “sermon” continued, my Dad and I were quiet like meek, defenseless neophytes. The whole litany only ended with when I told my mother, “Mommy naman, kunwari ka pa na galit na galit ka sa Beta Sigma pero yang suot mo naman eh Beta Sigma-Malmon shirt.” She looked at her shirt and then she laughed.  We all laughed. Absuwelto ang Tatay ko!

I know that I will never be able to replicate what Dad has done for our beloved Beta Sigma. He did so much in his lifetime. Before I left Honolulu and on my way to Manila, I have received many messages of condolences, sympathy and prayers from so many Brods. Up until now I still get them. Many of the messages brought tears to my eyes as I realize how much my Dad had touched so many of our Brods. Let me tell you that many of you have also touched his.  

Frank Capra’s timeless, thought provoking film “It’s a Wonderful Life” featured the iconic James Stewart as George Bailey, a desperate man who learns from a charming and funny Guardian Angel named Clarence, how different life would be if he’d never been born. A powerful message on how one can be very important in another person’s life without him even knowing it. The amiable angel Clarence said it best when he admonished George Bailey that “Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”

My dear family, Brods, and friends, please take a moment to think about this. Try to go back in time, close your eyes and think about your own lives if my father, our Dad, your Lolo, your uncle Ted, your Brod, your professor, your colleague, your friend, had never been born. Aren’t you glad somehow or another he touched your life? Let me leave you with that thought. I can assure you it will make you smile.

In behalf of my wife Jin, my daughters Alyssa and Janelle and my youngest, yet the biggest, Serjei, who all unfortunately cannot come home to join me and Luigi to be here with Dad for the last time, I would like to thank you all for being here, for your sympathy and most of all for your prayers.

Maraming salamat po.






Eulogy for my Granddad and Brod, National Scientist Teodulo M. Topacio Jr.

 U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity Necrological Rites - July 15, 2019

by Luigi Topacio, UPD'10


The Topacios: Luigi, Marivel, Milani, Yay and Errol.


On behalf of the Beta Sigma Fraternity, we are all deeply saddened with the loss of our brother, my grandfather, Dr. Teodulo Topacio Jr

Wala ka sa lolo ko.

That was the title of the essay I wrote for my veterinary school application to the University of Pennsylvania from where I graduated in 2017.

My lolo was a huge part of my decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. In fact I idolized him so much that I even made a point to cross register in up Diliman so that I could be a part of the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity, just like he joined in 1949. I am third generation in the line of Topacios in Beta Sigma with lolo who joined in '49 followed by my dad who joined in '77. My first cousin Errol Topacio joined in 2009 and with me following in 2010.

The Beta Sigma Fraternity was founded on the virtues of love, brotherhood, selflessness and sacrifice. And I saw that first hand, growing up with Beta Sigma as a significant part of my family. My lolo lived a life of a true Beta Sigman as evidenced by the people whos lives he touched in every possible way. He was given a lifetime achievement award by our fraternity for the efforts he put forth in advancing the vet field and his leadership role with Beta Sigma.

I can go on and on with all the stories of his different projects and achievements from his efforts and leading our beloved fraternity in addressing the rabies problem in small communities especially in UP, through his extensive research with leptospirosis and its implications in public health as he served our country and government.

But some of my fondest memories involve me back when I about 7 or 8 years old going to lolo's air-conditioned office to read all his books while he works. That was the first time I realized that you could have an office at home! Lolo would show me all diffferent kinds of National Geographic or Time magazines and I would read them in his office.

Right then and there I saw how hard working and diligent lolo was.

Grief hurts and it’s exhausting and unpleasant. It’s a journey that we all have to experience. It’s something we all carry inside our hearts. But lolo is worth it.

Father Nebres yesterday in his homily said that memories make us who we are and what our country should be.

Therefore I ask you all to continue to tell his story - be it in words or in actions.

Mabuhay ka lolo, Mabuhay ka Brod Dr. Teodulo Topacio Jr.!







Libingan ng mga Bayani, July 16, 2019


[Photos by Yay Topacio]






















Dearest Brods,


It is with deep sorrow that our beloved Brod Dr. Teodulo Topacio '49 UPD passed away at 9pm tonight. Please pray for his Betan soul.
Details of the wake to follow.

Errol Topacio'09A UPD


May your soul rest in eternal peace - our dearly beloved Brod Dean National Scientist Dr Ted Topacio.
God Bless.


Our sincere prayers and condolences to the Topacio brothers and the Topacio family in the passing of their father and our dear fraternity brother, Professor, Dean, and Scientist, Teodulo “Ted” Topacio.
May his soul have peace and eternal rest in the Kingdom of the Lord.

Noli’62b and family

In behalf of the Officers and Members of the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity of Southern California and their families we extend our deepest condolence to the family of Brod Teodulo Topacio '49.
May the soul of Brod Ted rest in peace and may eternal light shine upon him. May our brotherhood and prayers ease you through this difficult time.

Dan Galoso

Taos pusong pakikiramay sa mga naiwan ni brod Ted.

Mar Lagua'67a, UPLB Forestry

Brods Yay, Luigi, Errol and the rest of the Topacio Family,

Our deepest condolences for the passing of a great Filipino and Betan. Dean Ted has lived a full life so worthy of emulation and will forever leave an indelible mark in numerous aspects of his life. As an exemplary family man and Betan at that; as a professor and national scientist; as a person in the service of others ; a humble leader and an outstanding public servant. This world has become better because of his many contributions to mankind. We will always love you Dr. Topacio.


Napakalaking kawalan ang pagpanaw ng ating minimamahal na kapatid na si Dr. Teddy Topacio. Binigyang dangal nya ang buong Kapatirang UP Beta Sigma. Inialay nya ang kanyang buong buhay sa paglilingkod sa sambayanan. Marangal niyang binuhat ang dignidad ng isang sagradong layunin. Nawa’y mapahinga ka sa luklukang katabii ng Poong Maykapal.


Dear Brods & Sis,

This was a shocking and totally unexpected news this morning . To think that just about two months ago, we saw Yay and family, Luigi and the rest of the Topacios, and then this. There was no hint from Yay about Brod Ted's health issues. I'm sure all of us asked about him and how he is faring.

I am misty eyed as I write this message to all. Dr. Ted Topacio, our fraternity brother was an excellent teacher and had great pedagogic abilities; he was always inspiring, stimulating our young minds to think better and achieve better grades; never demeaning , always inspiring, undoubtedly one of the best faculty member in the College Of Veterinary Medicine during our time in Diliman.We will miss him dearly; albeit, I will say the fraternity will miss him dearly, and has lost a pillar in our beloved UP Beta Sigma fraternity. I also dare say that the Philippines has lost a distinguished citizen, a person whose contributions to education, science and the field of microbiology is sterling, a shining example of academic and professional excellence. I mourn his demise very deeply because I had a very close relationship with him when I was a student. He inspired me to come to the US and pursue graduate studies. Shortly after coming back from his studies abroad, we were the first class that he taught, and subsequently became Dean of the College. My DVM diploma is signed by our distinguished brod, Dr. Teodulo M.Topacio Jr.

Pardon the lengthy tribute to his family. The Dr. Teodulo Topacio Sr. was also a brilliant Filipino microbiologist and he happened to know my father, Dr. Ramon Acevedo, DVM, Kansas State, M.Sc., University Of Minnesota and they had collaborative work in their earlier professional years. Brod Ted told me that it was my father, who was then the Dean of Biological Sciences at Araneta University, who gave him his first job after graduating from UP CVM. He said he was grateful to my father for giving him his first job after graduation. This is why I developed a very close relationship with Brod Ted, notwithstanding the fact that we were both Beta Sigmans.

I apologize to all of you for posting such a long tribute in memory of our beloved and respected fraternity brother, Dr. Teodulo M. Topacio Jr. whose memory will always live forever in our hearts.

Brod Yay, kindly send me the home address of your Dad so that I can send my personal condolence to you and all your loved ones. Our family's prayers go with you, and may our ever loving God take him in his arms and give him his reward in heaven.

No cheers and still grieving,
Winston M. Acevedo, DVM '65, UP Beta Sigma '61

In behalf of the Midwest Beta Sigma Fraternity we would like to express our deepest condolences and sympathy to the family of our Beloved Brod Ted. May your soul rest in peace

Willie Ramos, UPD 67b

My deepest condolences to the Topacio family for their loss in the death of Dr. Brod Teddy Topacio.
May his soul rest in eternal peace in the kingdom of our Dear Lord.

Jose Llames

Our deepest condolences to brods Yay/Errol & the Topacio clan.

Jojo Alejar’79 LB

My sincere condolences to the Topacio family. A true, noble and humble icon of the fraternity and an inspiration to all.

Jopet Laraya


Orlando Sacay

My deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and brods na sons iya. Prayers for the family. And may he rest in peace.

Billy Sevilla

Although it is expected, it’s still very painful for us all. brod Ted, your book will not end with a final chapter. The younger brods will continue what you have started. keep that inspiring Betan smile always. That’s your gift to all of us that we will never forget.


May Dear Brod Ted Topacio rest in eternal peace. He will live on in our memories.

Toti ( Agustin Que)

May Brod Ted rest in eternal peace. He was such an inspiration to the fraternity and to the country. Our deepest synpathy brods Yay and Errol.

Ruben Pascual

Rest in Peace Dean Topacio. Our sincerest condolences to the Topacio family.

Hec San Juan

Brods Yay & Errol our sincere sympathies to you and the whole family.
Dean, Brod & “Uncle” Ted Topacio rest in eternal peace.

Obet Santos

Brod Ted Topacio, now that you are at Peace with our Divine Creator, my family & I pray for your Eternal repose. Our sincere CONDOLENCES to the bereaved Topacio family!!!!

Vic Tupaz

Our sincerest condolences Brother Yay and to rest of the Topacio Betans. We will all miss Brother Ted.

Lionel Latoja

Truly an inspiration. Our prayers and deepest condolences to the Topacio family.

Edwin Acu

See you in Heaven, Brod Teddy!

Ruben Abon

Condolence and prayers. Rest In Peace.

Rudi Oviedo

May the soul of our beloved brother Dr. Ted Topacio rest in eternal happiness. Condolences and prayers to the Topacio family.

Jun Valenzuela

Rest in Peace to our National Scientist Brod. Dr. Topacio and condolence to the family.


Lord, grant our brother, Ted Topacio , eternal rest. And may perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

Henry Gutierrrez

To be absent from the body is to be present with our Lord (2 Cor. 5:8). While we share our deepest condolences with the Topacio and the Villanueva families, we take comfort in the thought that they are now with our Lord. Peace be with you.

Dan Lachica

Our sincere condolences and prayers to the families of Brods Teddy Topacio and Bal Villanueva.

Freddy Fajardo

Brod Ted was the very first Brod that called me Brod. This was over 20 yrs ago. Together with Brod Rico & Brod Yay, we met in a restaurant in QC.
When Brod Ted referred to me as Brod, I replied that I was not a Brod. He replied, “Anak ka ni Jesse James, Brod Ka Din”. I will cherish that moment in time!!
Brod Ted was also the guest speaker when Brod Jesse James was reintroduced to the fraternity after decades of absence during the Frat Ball in San Francisco.

Jay Jay Jayme

Mahal ka namin, brod Ted Topacio !!!

Willie Nep

Dear Brod Yay,

Please accept our deepest condolences on the passing of your dad, one of the greatest icons of the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity.

Dutch78b & Wena Aragones

A sad dark night for all of us.

Victor Ramos

Dean Brod Teddy May you Rest In Peace. We will miss dearly. My deepest Condolences to Brods Yay, Errol and Topacio family.

Ben Ferriols

My prayers.

Shan Buyco

Condolences to Brods Yay and Errol and the Topacio Family. Prayers for Brod Ted that he rest in peace.

Humprey Tumaneng

My condolences and prayers Brods Yay & Errol.
R I P Brod Dr. Teddy!

Edgar Flores

Our deepest condolences to brod Yay and family.

Allan Batallones

RIP BROD TED T. Our deepest sympathies to Brod Errol and Yay. Praying for the speedy recovery of Brod Bal V.

Ed Paz

Sympathies to the Topacio family and prayers for the eternal repose of Brod Ted's soul.

Nilo Punzalan

We lost an inspiration to UP Beta Sigma Fraternity. May you rest in peace Brod Ted Topacio. Deepest condolences to brods Yay, Errol and to the Topacio family

Gilbert Joven

RIP brod dean Phil. national scientist dr Ted T; our deepest condolences to brods yay and errol as well as to the Topacio family.
Our prayers for the fast recuperation of Brod Bal Villanueva.

Josue Castillo



Our deepest condolences to Brods Yay, Errol and the Topacio Family.

Ed Rivera

May you rest in eternal peace Brod Dr. Ted Topacio. Sincere condolences to the family.

Jun Mamaril

Our deepest condolences, Brod Yay and to your family.
Kim Cabatit

Our deepest sympathies to the Topacio family and prayers for the eternal repose of Brod Ted's soul.

Edwin Garrido

Rest in peace brod Teddy.... Our deepest sympathies and sincerest condolences to the Topacio family.

Carlos Agulto

Rest in Peace, brod doctor Teodulo “Teddy” Teopacio. Deepest condolence to the Teopacio family. Let us leave an chair empty in one of the head tables for brod Teddy on Sunday’s Frat ball. No cheers.

Ed Abon

Condolences and prayers to the Topacio family. May he rest in peace.

Rene de Grano

Rest in peace Brod Ted and Brod Bal.

Picoy Cascolan

Condolences to the families of Brod Ted Topacio and Brod Bal Villanueva. We pray for peace and strength in these times of sorrow.

Nap Cruz

Yay, Luigi and Errol

Dean Teddy gave much of himself to the nation, UP, his family and the Beta Sigma fraternity. His presence will be missed however his spirit and legacy of excellence will always be valued by us and the country he dearly served.

True and noble indeed. We are most proud of him!

Gabby and Cy

Sincere condolences to the families of Brods Teddy Topacio & Bal Villanueva. Rest in peace Brods.

Ross Fernando

My sincere condolences Brods Yay and Errol and to the Topacio family. Rest in peace Brod Teddy.
Rest in peace Brod Bal.

Alex Roseus

Doc Ted was the quintessential Good & Noble Man. Scholar & a gentleman. He was one of the founders of the alumni association who worked so hard to lead inspire guide it to this day. The Fraternity will never be the same without Doc Ted. He will be missed.

Boyet Fernandez

May 15, 2019 BrodDad Doc Ted called, gave me a copy of his book with markers and issue of Star which featured a rabies victim.
Rest if you must, BrodDadDocTed, in Father God's loving embrace, in one of His many mansions in Heaven.Paalam po.

Butch Madarang

Our condolences to the families of brods Ted Topacio & Bal Villanueva.
May their souls rest in peace!

Rollie Santos

My deepest condolences to Brods Yay and Errol and to the Topacio family. Brod Ted was so loved. I will never forget him. I will pray for his eternal rest.


Condolences to the families of Brods Ted Topacio and Bal Villanueva.

While I have not seen both Brods for quite a long while, I first met Brod Bal on my 1st interview during the screening of neophytes way back in 1966 -67 (?) along with Brods Toti Que & Jimmy Yambao at the house of the late Brod Rudolf dela Rosa. Unfortunately, I never finished the batch due to some circumstances and like Willie Nep, tried joining until I bacame a Betan in the summer of 1969. Bal was the one who kept citing examples of the the Brod’s campus achievements which inspired me to continue.

During my early days with the Brods, I got the opportunity to meet Brod Dean Ted Topacio who took time to give us advise and mentoring then the resident Brods. He mentioned to us several Alumni Brods who were then doing well in their respective careers. Brod Dean Ted was quite active then I think he was assigned abroad, but kept on meeting us when he came back.

We are fortunate to have Brods like them. May they rest in peace and may their legacies be etched in our hearts and minds forever.

Farewell Brods Ted and Bal.

Eric Ines

Our condolences to the families of Brod Dr. Ted Topacio.

Joe Lalas

My deepest condolences to the family of Brod Ted Topacio, my health adviser and jogging mate at QC Memorial Circle.

Manny Balangue

Brods, final rites for our dearly departed Brod Dr. Teodulo Topacio, Jr. (UPD '49) will be held on Saturday (July 13), 4pm at Arlington Memorial Chapels, Araneta Ave., Q.C.. Kindly wear Barong or white polo. Please inform other brods.

Alexis Dogwe

Goodbye, Brod Teddy. Thank you for being our guide and inspiration.

Joel Paredes

Sincere condolences and prayers for Brods Dean Ted Topacio and Bal Villanueva.

Norman Bituin







[Photos from Yay Topacio]


Family photo - 1996


Dad and Mom



Dad toasting the brods with San Miguel beer; and giving the "thumbs up" at the Heart Center.



[Photos from UPBSI-International website]


Dr. Ted Topacio receives National Scientist award from Pres. Gloria Arroyo - June 2009





Dr. Ted Topacio receives Order of the Supreme Grand Princep award from the U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity - July 2016




[Photos from Norman Bituin found in his 2009 article "Golden Flashback" at Chapters>Central>Updates]


U.P. Beta Sigma 50th Golden Anniversary - Dec. 28-30, 1996

L-R: Danny Vizmanos; three departed Betan legends - Bal Villanueva, Banz Bañez and Ted Topacio;

and Norm Bituin - UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman.


L-R: Hec San Juan; Ted Topacio; Yay & Jin Topacio with kids (Brod) Luigi & Alyssa;

and Cherry Bituin with kids Kurt, Jamie & Jen - Splash Mountain, Los Baños.


The two departed "Betan Giants" - Ted Topacio and Rico Arranz.






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