Betan Picture-an IV


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This picture was sent by Carlos las Marias'67 from Apopka, Florida.


At wedding of Judge Rey's daughter Katherine in South Bend, Indiana - April 6, 2013

         Seated:    Lita Castillo, Aida Ramos,.Laureen Escobar, Cora las Marias.

         Standing: Ted Quijano, Lem Michelena, Josue Castillo, Willie Ramos, Paeng Ochoa, Ed & Zeni Rivera, Carlos Las Marias.




This picture was sent by Rolly Reyes'66 in RP.


Brod Pres. Brandy,


Handed to Brod Dr. Ted Topacio your assistance of $1,200.00 5:30pm June 4, 2013, witnessed by Brod Sec. Mars Robosa.


Cheers and thanks!
RGR '66


*Please see/click>>"UP Anti-Rabies Vaccination Project" in Current Features




These pictures were sent by Bong Beredo'73 from Stockton, CA.


Farewell Brod Winlove Cudal, UPD'47

Brod Winlove Cudal, UPD'47 (seated third from left), passed away June 3, 2013.

[Picture taken at UPAASF Induction Ball 2008 when Brod Dr. Pogs Gaspay was the incoming president]


Brod Winlove with wife Sigma Betan Sis Aurora. UP Pres. Emer Roman attended the induction..



Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 17:44:57 -0700
Subject: Re: [UPBSFMembers-G] RIP Winlove Cudal'47

Winlove was initiated and subsequently inducted as a member of the Beta Sigma Fraternity in 1949, his first year in U.P. I remember his contemporaries: Prospero Crescini, Amorin, Arranz.

According to Winlove, the initiation was held at the Lecture Hall of the College of Education on a Sunday morning. He was asked to stand with outstretched arms imitating the Oblation, without the leaves to cover his private property, for more than two hours. Then he was blind-folded and was asked to wade through "worms". He was that loyal to the fraternity during his heydays because he suffered "emotionally" from the initiation experience.

I joined the Sigma Beta Sorority later upon the invitation of Pat Damasco, Irene Montano, and Santanina Tillah.

Oh those were the days. Memories are our roses in the winter of our lives.

Sis Auring




This picture was sent by Dutch Aragones'78 from San Francisco, CA.


Just received text message from Brod Jojo Alejar'79 stating that Brod Tony Lu, UPLB Batch 1960b "Alabang", died last night (today in the USA) at 10:49 pm in Dumaguete. Further details to follow. Let us pray for the eternal repose of Tony's soul.

Attached is a photo taken Feb. 8, 2009 at Brod Ernie Tremor's place in Hercules, CA. Tony is in between Manolo and Ernie.

Dutch78b, 5-22-2013


Farewell Brod Tony Lu

l-r: Art de Vera, Ric Velasco, Vee de Vera, Manolo Banzon, Tony Lu, Ernie Tremor, Bing Garcia.



These pictures were sent by Bernie Bantegui'68 from San Francisco, CA and RP.


Dear Family and Friends,

A Retirement Party was not something I expected. I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by this thoughtful gesture.

I would like to commend my daughters (Andiee, Jayjay, Kits and Meng), sons-in-law, and grandchildren who conspired with their Mama, to celebrate this milestone of my life and for putting together a Book of Memories -- I feel much appreciated and loved.



God has been good to the family. I have been fortunate to have had a successful career and to have reached retirement. My children at this stage of their lives are well accomplished and are well on their way to succeed in their chosen professions. With God's blessing and continued guidance, I need not worry of the future - the family legacy is in good hands.


Bernie '68A

May 1, 2013











These pictures were sent by Ernie Igot'70 from Olney, MD.


Four New York-New Jersey brods came to Maryland on April 27-28, 2013 for a mini-reunion. The NY brods were Ted Quijano UPLD69B and Paeng Ochoa UPD68A, who is visiting from the Philippines. The NJ brods were Del Tumibay UPD57 and Nick Galvez UPLB68B.  The brods were feted by the MD hosts at Crab Deck just past the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. On the way home, they dropped by Pet Grajo UPD'60 in New Jersey.


L-R: Paeng Ochoa, Nick Galvez, Ted Quijano, Del Tumibay, Abe Agulto,
Robert Igot, Raoul Reyes and Ernie Igot


With Rommel, Raoul's son, Claire, Abe's wife and Nene, Abe's sister


At Crab Deck with Eva, Togi's wife



                  The not-so-young Togi and not-so-old Del Tumibay                          The Baloc Boys - Paeng and Togi




These pictures were sent by Eding Hizon '63 in RP.


This year's "Golden Boys" dine and plan at Via Mare for their Big 50th Anniversary in July.

** Calling "The Great Escape" brods: contact Eding Hizon ( **

clockwise: Jun Advincula, Jet Arriola, Toti Que, Jimmy Yambao, Eding Hizon and Iking Agana.






This picture was sent by Ike Araneta'71 of Palo Alto, CA.


The UPD Tabets "counterculture" gang of the 70's: Ike & Tanya Araneta'71 with Mike & Ruth Cruz'69 in Cebu




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 in RP.


Benild Pires'64 from Victoria, BC visits RP, hosted by Vic Ramos'62

UPD'64 batchmates Jimmy Santos, Jess Abrera and Benild Pires




[RGR pics>>]


UPD'69A Panzer 44th anniversary celebration, hosted by Boyet Fernandez'69





[RGR pics>>]




These pictures were sent by Ike Araneta'71 of Palo Alto, CA.


Ike and Tanya Araneta vacation in RP, hosted by Dan Lachica '71

l-r: Batchmates Ike Araneta, Johnny Velasco, Mars Robosa and Danny Lachica.


Plus: Derek Davila


With Neil Hidalgo'92 at Dusit Hotel




This picture was sent by Philip Chua'55 of Las Vegas. NV.



Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2013
Subject: Ike, Ollie, Philip


Ike, Ollie and I bumped into each other in Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, this afternoon. Ike suggested I send the picture to you. I was in RP for the launching of my health book, which was published in the USA the other year. The RP version just came out and it was launched in Marikina; Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu; and the third was in Talamban at CITE, Cebu City.

I am now in Manila, on our way back to Vegas Monday.

Best wishes,




These pictures were sent by Rey Bello'69 from RP.


                    Pls. find attached fotos of the 80th Veterinarian convention on Feb.20-22, 2013 at the PICC, Pasay City.

                    UP Brods who attended were:
                       1. Teddy Topacio Jr.-1949
                       2. Rey Resureccion -1957
                       3. Rey Bello- 1969a
                       4. Julius Cada- 1969a
                       5..Ben Ferriols-1972c
                       6. Ben Albarece- 1975c
                       7. Bobby de Jesus-1976d
                       8. Angel Mateo-1991

                       9. Hercules Baldos- a non-UP brod from GAUF.

                    For your info and posting. Thank you!
                    Rey Bello, UPD 69a








This picture was sent by Alvin "Binoy" Natividad'96 in RP.


From: Alvin Caezar Natividad (

To: UP Beta Sigma Fraternity International (

Sent: Mon 2/25/13 9:34 AM

Subject: Just to share Brods..


17 Glorious Years and More to Come..

It was on the 29th of Jan 25, 1996 when I pledged my undying loyalty to become a neophyte of the only Fraternity in the University of the Philippines.

On February 25, 1996, a new batch of the U.P. Brotherhood of Scholars gave birth to Batch 96-A "Bangka".

Together with my Batchka Benjamin Satore Cortel, also a radical thinker, student leader, writer and an activist in the University, we were able to lead the entire studentry in the University to fight for its basic rights: freedom of expression and freedom to organize. The University filed a case against us (Disrespect to the Philippine Flag, Disrespect to Person in Authority, Public Alarm and Scandal) along with 6 other student leaders and 2 Brods namely: Atty. Felipe Ian Anthony Enrique "Macky" Macaldo, Jr. 93-B Kapit-Bisig, then Nationalist Corps Chairperson, and 1st Lt. Ronaldo "Beboy" Suscano 96-B Haligi, former LFS Panay spokeperson. We were steadfast in our principles and fought the case until the end. Eventually, we won the case. It was just my first though. Hahaha! The Fraternity supported us until the end.

To date, I can still picture that static photograph in my cerebrum 17 strong years ago when my Ninong Brod Carter aka "Tebo-Carts" in high school aka "Kicks" to Brods B. Constantino 95-B Kawayan (my tennis mentor and partner, my confidant and my best friend) when he embraced me as a Brod.

It was the beginning..

I miss you Batchka and I love you! Always remember that..

I am a Beta Sigman and Proud of it..

Alvin Caear "Binoy" A. Natividad, MD
Doctor for the People


Picture taken during the Christmas party of U.P.V. Beta Sigma Fraternity at

Panay Avenue in Gulp Club with Brod Atty. Rico Arranz '46 last December 2010




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 in RP.


                        Brod Eding Hizon with Batch '63 hosted a superb dinner for visiting Brods Buddy Pongos and

                       Nonoy Bautista from LA at his residence. All UPD'63, except Nonoy Bautista'60 and RGR'66.

Clockwise: Nonoy Bautista, Jun Advincula, Eding Hizon, Jet Arriola and Milton Mendoza.


Letran High School chums - Eding Hizon and Buddy Pongos


Clockwise: Jet Arriola, Milton Mendoza, Buddy Garbanzos, Jun Advincula,

                 Iking Agana, Eding Hizon, Buddy Pongos and Nonoy Bautista.




These pictures were sent by Kiko Delmendo'72 of Vallejo, CA.


UPD'72C 1081 Batch Reunion - Manila, RP

l-r: George Balabag, Sandy Daza, Ben Ferriols, Sonny de Borja and Kiko Delmendo.






These pictures were sent by Bernie Bantegui'68 and Rolly Reyes'66 in RP.

[More pics in >>]

UPD'68A Blitzkrieg 45th - Club Filipino, Feb 6, 2013

*68A Attendees: Botit Reyes, Yongyong Afable, Walter Navarro, Taby Tabanag, Ago Romero, Ely Ongtangco, Judge Rey, Bernie Bantegui and Rey Rivera.
*Guests: Rolly Reyes, Bogan Cabanatan, Dante Fagar, Ben Medina, Torch Manalang, Rico Aranz and Ben Ustariz.
*Wives present: Agnes Cabanatan, Eva Romero, Mely Rey and Bing Bantegui.







This picture was sent by Rolly Reyes'66 in RP.


Lunch for Nonoy Bautista and Bogs Cabanatan - Singaporean Resto at Rockwell, Jan 31, 2013

l-r: Boyet Fernandez, RGR, Bogs, Ross Fernando, Lakan Fonacier, Enching Rodriguez, Nonoy and Carlo Gervasio



These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 from Diamond Bar, CA.


I just got back from a quick 2-week trip to RP (Jan 12-27)  for our high school reunion and to attend to some impt. family matters.

I want to thank EliA for seeing me in Puerto Princesa; RGR for inviting GeneS, RicT and me for lunch in Sta. Maria; CaloyA for letting WawiB, JoelP, NonoyB and me savor his pulutans and wine at Gerardo's; my Black Saints'65 batzkas for the lunch at The Podium; and my SOMA buddy JopetL for hosting me in HK (all in pictures below).


When I get the time, I will post a pictorial of my side trips in Palawan, including the Subterranean/Underground River adjudged in 2012 as one of the "New 7 Wonders of Nature", and Hong Kong in the Travelogue section.


At Puerto Princesa with Eli Aglibut UPD'60


RGR lunch in Santa Maria, Bulacan: WawiB, JoelP, WillieN, NonoyB, GeneS, RicT, ChaxB, RGR and NormB.


Nightcap at Gerardo's courtesy of Caloy Agulto


UPD Black Saints'65 at The Podium

l-r: Chax Baldoria, Mon Ventura, Bogs Cabanatan, Ric Tolentino, Lito Lazaro,

Gamy Manikan, Ollie Santos, Dan Galoso, Pol Moral and Norm Bituin.


At Jopet Laraya's animal clinic in HK / Lantau Island




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 in RP.



University of Redlands Prof. Joe Lalas on a visit - breakfast at Via Mare with Rolly Reyes and Joel Paredes.

[Web note: Joe was re-elected as Board Member at the Corona-Norco Unified School District, CA, Nov. 6, 2012]




These pictures were sent by Angie Garbes'62 from Seattle, WA.



Visiting Pol and Melot Moral with hosts Don and Marie Ganchorre, Angie and Josie Garbes, and Greg Vergara

Seattle, Washington - October 30, 2012




These pictures were sent by Norm Bituin'65 from Diamond Bar, CA.



Happy birthday Brod Founder Rico Arranz! Cheers from UP Beta Sigma SoCal!!

Roy Antonio, leaving for RP next week, will give Brod Rico a belated birthday present from the brods and ladies.

The brods also sang "Happy Birthday" to our beloved Brod Founder Rico after the Betan Hymn during the meeting. 




This picture was sent by Yay Topacio'77 from Honolulu, HI.


Guess who shopped at Waikele Premium Outlets today?

Brod Volt came to Hawaii for an APEC related conference and had just more than an hour for shopping. The Consul General called me and advised that Sec. Gazmin was on his way to our center to do some shopping with his wife and few friends. I introduced myself first as the GM and then told him "Secretary sir, you may not remember but we met back in 2010 at the Beta Sigma anniversary reception in UP Executive House! He then said "Aba! Brod ko pala ito!" He had only one hour to spare so after the brief welcome, introductions, light banter and picture taking, I left the honorable Secretary to shop!



Yay, 10-17-2012


The Manager and The Secretary (of Defense) - Yay and Voltz




These pictures were sent by Norm Bituin'65 from Diamond Bar, CA.


UPD'65 Black Saints get-together for Pol Moral at Hooters Anaheim

With Melanie


With Fil-Am girl Justine


Flight/FA check by Captain Dan Galoso :)


With Hester and Melanie


Melanie autographs Hooters calendar for Pol


Welcome party by UP SoCal at Pol's niece Eva and Ago Romero's home

Food and mahjong


l-r: Melot Moral, Letty de Luna, Cherry Bituin, Rory Mamaril (seated), Eva Romero, Rexie Enrico


Seated: Pol and Melot.   Standing: Letty and Jimmy, Cherry and Norman, Boi, Danny.





Dinner at Sam Woo with Jun Advincula and Danny Galoso. Jun will be in Boston 9/16/12 for 1 month, then back CA.




This picture was sent by Edsel Arceo'73 from Woodland Hills, CA.



Pet Grajo, UPD60, and wife Dolly of NJ visited their son in San Diego and came to UP SoCal meeting 8-19-2012

                     Seated:    Ed Rivera, Manny Boado, Dan Galoso and Norm Bituin.

                     Standing:  Aman Carolino, Pet Grajo, Jun Valenzuela, Boi Wico, Ed Cornelia, Roy Antonio and Edsel Arceo.




These pictures were sent by Rey Bello'69 from RP.


Dear Brods,

Pls. find attached photos of Brod Boyet Fernandez 60th birthday party which was held at Valley Golf and Country Club last July 15, 2012. It was well-attended by the brods, including Brod Founder Rico Arranz.

Warm regards to all,
Rey Bello 69a











These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 from Diamond Bar, CA.


Remembering Drigs Bayot'64 (and Conrad Dancel'68 and Ray Matulac'65)

UP Beta Sigma Golden Anniversary Ball - Dec. 30, 1996, Shangrila West, Makati

I took this shot of the "stag" brods on this table. Pls. identify two brods, sorry don't know their names: 1st on left and the one standing.
    2nd left to right: Conrad Dancel, Ray Matulac, Ben Sto. Domingo, Gil Marzo, Drigs Bayot, Claro Sta. Maria and Dolf Pinlac.




Tetada Indonesia LATDA USA 2012

Ibu Ida leads the practice for Tetada demonstration at Congress of Indonesia Diaspora in LA July 6-8, 2012


Norm Bituin and Dan Galoso welcome Tetada Grandmasters Pak Eddy and Ibu Ida




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 in RP.


Brod Gabby Moraleda from UP North on a visit was hosted by a small group of UP Betans, July 2, 2012.

l-r: Rico Arranz, Gebby Moraleda, Rene de Rueda, Pat Roman, Jojo Alejar, Rolly Reyes, Cris Michelena, Ruben Medina, Joel Paredes.



Gabby chats with Founder Rico and UPBSF Central. Pres. Rene




UPBSF Central Board Meeting - April 25, 2012


UPBSF Central VP Rolly Reyes and Dr. Toti Que'63 PhD, ex-Collegian editor, who is based in Jakarta.




This picture was sent by Bernie Bacosa'71 from Glendale, CA.


Brods' (only) weekend picnic get-away at Morro Bay, CA, March 10, 2012

l-r: Edsel Arceo, Nonoy Bautista, Jun Valenzuela, Tony Martinez, Aman Carolino, Ed Rivera.




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 in RP.




A breakfast fellowship rushed a day before, alumni brods welcomed Brod Dr. Art Martin and his lovely wife Tina. Present were Brods Founder Atty Rico Arranz, our National Scientist Dr. Teddy Topacio, UPBSF, Inc. Central Pres. Rene de Rueda, Pat Roman, Joel Paredes, Bogs Cabanatan (from Toronto) Butch Madarang and yours truly.


Rolly Reyes, 2-22-12



On UP SoCal Jun Valenzuela's recent visit -- at Boyet Fernandez' Antipolo home, already one of UP Beta Sigma 'headquarters'. Some of the attendees were Rico Arranz, Willie Nepo, Rolly Reyes, Joel Paredes, Rawlinson Dimayuga Ross Fernando, Meng Canlas, Caloy Agulto, Lakan Fonacier, Poti Aparato, Waway Bautista and some UP Diliman residents.


But first: guess who?

[Web hint: a College of Fine Arts drop-dead gent]







Jun Vale meets UP Tabets and Johnny Walker Double Black




Brod Bogs Cabanatan hands initial donations from Beta Sigma

Toronto Chapter for Leyco/Morales Fund to Treasurer Ron Justo.




These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 from Diamond Bar, CA.


Wake of Mrs. Remedios Lalas, mother of Linda Lalas, in Corona, CA

l-r: Zeni & Ed Rivera, Norm Bituin, Jamsey Evagelista, Joe Lalas, Mando Enrico, Alex Ilusorio and Rexie Enrico.

(Makalipas ang mahabang 42 na taon, muling masayang nagkita at nagkaamuyan ang mag-kabatch UPD'69c na Joe at Alex.)




                      Noli Nolasco, DVM, and wife Tessie of Alberta, Canada made their yearly "snowbird" vacation in sunny

                      California Jan. 8-15 at Marriott Resort Villas in Newport Beach. For Noli, golf is always top on his list so

                      Brods Rolly Balingit, Noli's cousin Rolly Gacias (NU), Roy Antonio, Boy Jaurigue and Norm Bituin took

                      turns in playing with him in 3 rounds. Now Noli's happy and all he has to do is wait till the snow melts in

                      April, then he can play his next game! Or maybe hit range balls indoor at the dome in the meantime.:(


l-r: RollyB, RollyG and NormB welcome the "snowbirds" with Max's FC, crispy pata, ensaimada, atbp.



At the last round at Rancho San Joaquin GC near UC Irvine


Dinner after golf at Yard House with Noli and Tessie




These pictures were sent by Ernie Igot'70 from Olney, MD.


The brods got together during the blessing of the house of Ted Fabella's daughter on December 18 at Towson, Baltimore, MD. We were lucky to have Danny Vizmanos also who came to visit from Toronto, Canada.

The brods from the MetroWashington Area wish all the brods in SoCal, NorCal and around the world a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Togi UPD70


                                              l-r: Abe Agulto UPD71D, Ernie"Togi"Igot UPD70,Ted Fabella UPD65,

                                                   Raoul Reyes UPD65 and Danny Vizmanos UPD72A.


l-r: Danny Vizmanos, Lesma (Ted's wife ), Raoul Reyes, Ted Fabella, Abe Agulto and Togi Igot.


Brods with their respective families




 This picture was sent by Ollie Jumao-as'73 from RP.


            The amount of PhP 40,000 (20K in cash and 20K in check, to round-off) was handed over to the GP of UPLB resident

            brods, Raymond Juan, in the UPBSF Central BOT meeting last night (01 Dec. 2011).
            Here's the picture of the turn-over, l-r Raffy Tomeldan, Cris Michelena, Ollie Jumao-as, UPLB GP Raymond San Juan,

            Pres. Rene de Rueda, Veep Rolly Reyes, Nugget Aquino, UPD GP Josh Caringal and Jojo Alejar.




These assorted pictures were sent by Willie Vergara'67 of Rocklin, CA.


                             Ortigas Center July 2011 - Mon Ventura, Rick Tolentino, Tatang, Larry Tumaneng, Pol Moral,

                                                                     Chax Baldoria, Lito Lazaro, Dan Galoso, Jun Advincula


Ortigas Center - Jun Advincula '63 and Tatang '67 pose with members of the great Black Saints '65


Swimming and Sauna with the OBBF


Taguinods and Vergaras at a chance meeting inside the giant Mall of Asia

 while vacationing in the Philippines last July 2010


Vice Mayor Butch, Tatang and Mayor Lito Tadena inside Sto Domingo, Ilocos Sur Municipal Hall


2006 - Ferdz Hallare and wife stopover in SF before going to Kansas University for higher studies




This picture was sent by Jim Gonzalvo'70 from Virginia Beach, VA.



Brods, here's the latest re-connection. Three generations of Betans -- Brod Marcelo Aspiras (UPLB '54), Jim Gonzalvo (UPLB '70) and Ferdz Hallare (UPD '91). In an impromptu get together, 3 Betans got together at Yukai Byuffe a Japanese Buffet and Seafood restaurant in Virginia Beach, VA. With them were Mars wife, Sis Resurrecion and Jim's wife, Teresa. Ferdz was flying solo since his wife is still in Kansas. As expected, a lot of stories trying to find common connections from other brods from the past. Turned out Mars knew Jim's aunt and uncle from his previous life while working for the Philippine government in Mindoro and he is godfather to their oldest son. Talk about 6 degrees of separation! Suffice it to say, we three had fun and plan on getting together on a regular basis.

Jim Gonzalvo, UPLB '70B




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 in RP.



Lunch at Mario's, Oct.6: Jopet Laraya, Nonoy Bautista,  Rolly Reyes, Judge Rey & Willie Nepomuceno.


Exorcising typhoon Quiel: Cris Michelena, Rolly Reyes, Joel Paredes, Manny Balangue & Bogs Cabanatan.


With the young, handsomer brod Migz Paredes, Joel's son




These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 of Diamond Bar, CA.


Chax Baldoria'65 and wife Riza came to US to attend daughter Charisse's wedding in PA Sept. 3.

The cow and the cowboy at the LA County Fair on Sept. 16, 2011.


Chax shows off his very own Chuckwagon BBQ diner at the LA Country Fair.


Riza at sister Glo's home. With Cherry, had dinner with them at Claim Jumper.




These pictures were sent by Ernie "Togi" Igot'70 of Olney, MD.


Here are photos of the small Betan get-together we had at Virginia Beach during the Labor Day week-end. Jim Gonzalvo UPLB70B, who recently moved to the area was in Milwaukee and could not make it.

CHEERS! Togi UPD70, 9-7-2011


l-r: Mars Aspiras UPLB54, Ferdz Hallare UPD91, Ernie " Togi" Igot UPD70, Robert Igot XU75.


The brods with Sis Resureccion Banzon Aspiras, Sigma Beta UPLB55



These pictures were sent by Judge Rey'68 of South Bend, IN.


The Itinerant Stanford U Dean - Dr. Pogs Gaspay

In Toronto

                          Seated:   Bogs Cabanatan, Pogs Gaspay, Jomari Azarraga, Art de Vera, Judge Rey & Bart Gacad.

                          Standing: Jo Azarraga & Agnes Cabanatan.


In Chicago

l-r: Josue Castillo, Pogs Gaspay, Judge Rey, Caloy Belleza & Lem Michelena.


In Chicago

                                                               Seated:   Emer Roman & Mely Rey.

                                                               Standing: Pogs Gaspay, Judge Rey & Pat Roman.




These pictures were sent by Ernie "Togi" Igot'70 of Olney, MD.


On Saturday, July 30, 2011, brods from Maryland and Virginia met at the residence of Brod Ed Quisumbing UPLB 56 to celebrate the founding of the U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity 65 years ago.

Aside from the hosts, Brod Ed and wife, Araceli, the get-together was attended by Brod Raoul "Cool Jacks" Reyes UPD 65 with wife, May and son, Rommel; Brod Ernesto "Togi" Igot UPD 70 with wife, Eva; Brod Abe Agulto UPD 71D with wife, Claire and sister, Nene; Brod Jun Reyes UPD 71D; and Brod Reiner Angala UPD 92 with wife and sis, Marisol UP Sigma Beta 94, daughter Ray and son, Rohan.

The Metro Washington brods join the brods around the world in celebrating the 65th year of the U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity. CHEERS !


Togi Igot  UPD 70

Brods, l-r: Togi Igot, Reiner Angala, Raoul Reyes, Jun Reyes, Ed Quisumbing, Abe Agulto.

                                    Wives: Seated, l-r:    Celi Quisumbing, Claire Agulto, May Reyes.
                                               Standing, l-r: Ray Angala, Nene Agulto-Maceda, Marisol Angala, Eva Igot.


                           Seated, l-r:    Eva Igot, Claire Agulto, Nene Agulto-Maceda, Celi Quisumbing.
                           Standing, l-r: Togi Igot, Reiner Angala, May Reyes, Raoul Reyes, Jun Reyes, Marisol Angala,

                                              Abe Agulto, Ed Quisumbing, Ray Angala, Rohan Angala.




These pictures were sent by Judge Rey'68 of South Bend, IN.



Nighout in Chicago: Caloy & Cora las Marias, Judge & Mely Rey.




 These pictures were sent by Ike Araneta'71 of Palo Alto, CA.


Dr. Jopet Laraya, DVM, of Hongkong visits San Francisco/Napa Valley - May 2011

clockwise: Lleva Abenes, Tanya Araneta, Kiko Delmendo, Gerry Abenes & Jopet Laraya


With Ike Araneta


Two DVMs checking out the wine cellar


Pogs Gaspay shares laugh with Ike & Jopet




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 of RP.


Bogs Cabanatan of Toronto visits Manila - May 2011


                               At Pages Deli, clockwise: Willy Nepomuceno, Rolly Reyes, Bogs & Agnes Cabanatan,

                                                                       Manny Balangue, Roy Lising, Botit Reyes & Henry Gutierrez.




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