Betan Picture-an III

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These pictures were sent by Ike Araneta'71 of Palo Alto, CA.

Dr. Pogs Gaspay's 60th b'day at Foothills Park, Palo Alto, CA - May 8, 2011









A Hawaiian Retreat

l-r: Orly Ancheta, Yay Topacio, Bong Jamir & Ike Araneta


Plus Tanya Araneta, enjoying the native cuisine at local favorite Side Street Inn



Plus Pearl, wife of Orly, overlooking their multi-acre spread


Iwa Valley Golf Course







Paging California and Alberta golf nuts... this is the life!!


Brod Orly's playground - we can get used to this, too.




These pictures were sent by Jim Madrasto'71 and Ernie Igot'70 from PA and MD.


"A Weekend of Memories after 37 years"

             Last March 6, 2011 brods from Maryland and Pennsylvania got together at the Hibachi Buffet Restaurant in MD.

             Present were Abe Agulto 71 and his wife, Ernie Togi Igot 70 and his wife, Raoul 'Cool Jacks' Reyes 65, and Jim

             Madrasto 71 with friend Manolo Salinel. -- Jim Madrasto, UPD 71D


Abe Agulto 71, Raoul Reyes 65, Jim Madrasto 71 & Ernie Igot 70

Same group with wives of Brods Abe and Togi


Dante Agulto's Maryland visit last October at the brewery where I (Ernie) work as a brewmaster. Cheers!!

[Web note: Ernie, aka 'Togi', is BS Chem Engg. "Betan Strong" ang timpla ng beer - Matapang. Naturally.]




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 from RP.




February 7, 2011 - Lunch Meeting at Spring Deer Restaurant, Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Present were Brods Rico Arranz, Nonoy Bautista, Edsel Arceo, Rudy Oviedo (Pascual Pharmaceuticals), Dante Agulto, Poti Aparato, Cris Michelena, Dr. Henry Yanez (UERM) and Eding Hizon (Hizon Laboratories, Inc). We discussed detailed requirements of the 5th Tito de Santos Medical and Dental Mission.




These pictures were sent by Bobby Manansala'67 from RP.


UPD'67B reunions Jan. '11 for batchmate Willy Ramos from Indiana at Roy Lising's PARIMEX

                               l-r: Willy Ramos, Bobby Manansala, Roy Lising, 1968 GP Atty. Milton Mendoza, Henry Gutierrez,

                                    Torch Manalang, Atty. Boyet Fernandez & Atty. Ferdie Echiverri. 


Plus 1967 GP Ambassador Jimmy Yambao (2nd left)







Plus CEO Tony Panajon (3rd left)




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 from RP.


UP Diliman Batch '65 "Black Saints" 45th Anniversary

                             Counterclockwise: Pol Moral, Gamy Manikan, Mon Amparo, Lito Lazaro, Ricky Tolentino,

                                                         Jun Leyco, Rolly Santos, Mon Ventura & Larry Tumaneng. 


Dear Kabatches,

Happy 45th to one and all !

At this time (Manila), 45 years ago, we were running like the wind, negotiating the dreaded gauntlet of kicks, punches, lashes, neolites, rattan sticks, garden hoses, uno por dos. I can't recall who ran first but I was in the first ten wishing to put the gauntlet behind me as soon as I could muster the courage.

In the end all 29 of us crossed the path of near-death: black, blue, red, sweating, bruised, lashed, but unbowed.

Yes, that fateful day, we became brothers of the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity. We became men.

40 years later*, we revisited the same path of near-death, and found the path shorter than we remembered it to be. Was time playing tricks on us or was it optics from a much different perspective. No matter, as we set our gaze upon the path, we thought:  "There ran 29 brave men, nothing could have stopped them".

Pol65, UPD Black Saints, 12-09-10


*Web note: 40th Black Saints Anniversary, go to Features/'Old News'/2005 Dec 09 or simply click here.

  Fact: Black Saints'65 produced 3 GPs: Gamy Manikan, 1969-71 (2 terms); Norman Bituin, 1971-72; Ed Baldoria, 1973-74.


Infanta, Quezon lambanog by Mon "Dagger" Amparo

Label: 'Wood Alcohol Since 1965 Beta Sigma Distillery UP'



45th anniversary venue at Ricky Tolentino's in Marikina










With guests Rolly Reyes & Willie Nepomuceno


                                      l-r: Ed Baldoria, Gamy Manikan, Mon Amparo, Ricky Tolentino, Pol, Moral,

                                           Rolly Santos, Jun Leyco, Mon Ventura, Larry Tumaneng & Lito Lazaro.


Norman Bituin & Danny Galoso celebrate and toast at Hooters







Bienvenida party for Brods Ezzy & Allan back from Brotherhood of Scholars II USA trip






Self caricature by Rolly Reyes'66





--- An evening with UP Fine Arts brods and friends ---

A very rare gathering of Fine Arts brods was hosted by Brod Nelson Rivera at his cozy Blueridge residence last night, Saturday, 6 November. It was a fine evening event to celebrate the birthdays of Brods Pol Moral, an advertising copy legend and Brod Nelson Rivera, one of the country's topnotch creative lensman. Also present were Brods Pablo Baens Santos, a famous revolutionary and environmental artist who is a trailblazer in an advocate expressionist group. Of course, the Betan jewel entertainer-impressionist Brod Willie Nep was there. Multi-awarded inquirer editorial cartoonist Brod Jess Abrera (as always) sprinkled his legendary wit and humor to elicit non-stop laughter in this fun-filled evening. a brod-celebrity was also there - Brod Popoy "alias Piryo" Castaneda, a former Fine Arts colleague but graduated with a degree in Agriculture, not Fisheries, from UPLB. To complete the nocturnal savoring of good food and drinks, Betan friends Manny, Benny and Higgy Simpliciano joined the 3-hour long nostalgic discourse of music, arts and cultural flashpoints in our cerebral repositories.

Long live the Fine Arts memories! Cheers!
Rolly '66, 11-06-10







Guided by the email of Brod Wally, our brod from New York whose wide vision always comes in handy, I arranged a meeting between Brod Ted Quijano (also from NY) and his lovely boss and wife Ling. This is a small event showing the way as an example of NY Beta Sigma Chapter's respect for the works of Brod Banz used during their fraternity ball's souvenir program. Malmon, our legendary character, has been featured time and again in some merchandising lines and publicity campaigns and the NY brods thought it would be proper to donate a little something to Brod Banz' family now that he's gone. Linda Banez and son Brod Darwin Banez were there at Marriot Hotel to receive the check of $200. Brod Ted and Ling then treated us to a buffet breakfast at the hotel's coffee shop.

Rolly '66, 10-18-10


Darwin Banez'92, Linda Banez & Ted Quijano'69





Rolly Reyes, Linda Banez, Ling & Ted Quijano




We gathered at Bitoy's Place near ABSCBN for a mini fellowship-send off to our two scholars - Brods Allan Ibanez and Ezzy Escoto. We also gave them the tickets enroute to US of A.


Rolly, 10-13-10


Despedida Fellowship


Kim Cabatit, the pioneer sponsor in 2009 of the

Brotherhood of Scholars Project, with Allan and Ezzy




l-r: Kim Cabatit, GP Josh Caringal, former GP Elmer Reyes, Allan Ibanez & Ezzy Escoto


Rolly Reyes, Kim Cabatit & Ollie Jumao-as do the honor of handing airline tickets and bucks to Ezzy Escoto & Allan Ibanez


**Note: To see their itinerary, go to Announcements/Announce 01 or click here




Visit at Diliman Betan tambayan on Oct. 8, '10 by Founder Rico Arranz,

Brods Tatang Vergara, Ollie Jumao-as, Nap Cruz, JJ Jayme & Rolly Reyes



Newest brod Carlo de Laza, Batch 2010E, College of Fine Arts, major in sculpture





UPBSFI Prez Tatang Vergara's visit at Rolly Reyes' house in Santa Maria, Bulacan - Oct. '10


Yongyong Afable, Dan Lachica, Sol & Rico Arranz listen to Tatang's stories



Tatang with longtime chums Yongyong Afable & Henry Gutierrez


                                          Standing: Ollie Jumao-as & Henry Gutierrez.

                                          Seated:   Yongyong Afable, Boyet Fernandez, Willie Vergara & Roy Lising.


                      Seated:    Sol Arranz, Willie Nepomuceno, Rico Arranz, Raffy Hidalgo, Tatang Vergara & Yong Afable.

                      Standing: Rolly Reyes, Joel Paredes, Wo Coronel, Bino Aguinaldo, Henry Gutierrez, Roy Lising,

                                    Ed Goyenoche & Boyet Fernandez.




Enching Rodriguez 71st birthday celebration at "Batangus Resto" in Makati - Sep. '10

l-r: Pong del Corro, Enching Rodriguez, Mayor Lito Tadena, Torch Manalang & Boyet Fernandez


Plus: Dennis Navarro (standing at back) & Rico Arranz




                "Barkadang Tisoy" - Pong, Enching, Dennis                            "The Singing Ambassador" -  Jimmy Yambao


More brods: Pat Roman, Ross Fernando & Joel Paredes


And more: Rolly Reyes, Carlo Gervasio & Cris Michelena. CHEERS!!




These pictures were sent by Joe Lalas'69 of Corona, CA.


Sheer Joy of Being Frat Brothers

"Kawawang Cowboys" of Lucban: Joe Lalas, Sonny Pagador, Dante Agulto, Joel Paredes & Ambo Lapis

Joe Lalas & Dante Agulto in Old Town Temecula, California


The "Pirates" of  Las Vegas: Dante Agulto, Joe Lalas, Kim Cabatit, Nonoy Bautista, Joel Paredes & Edwin Garrido


Joe Lalas, Nonoy Bautista, "Forever Young" Joel Paredes & Edsel Arceo - LAX: Joel back RP 9-17-10




These pictures were sent by Rey Bello'69 from Oman.


A Reunion of Two in Oman: Art Atega, UPD'68 and Rey Bello, UPD'69








These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 from RP.


l-r: Mon Paje, Bogs Cabanatan, Rolly Reyes, Mat Defensor & Manny Balangue



Attended Brod Bogs' brithday bash held in Tito Aliling's residence in Xavierville 3, Q.C. Among those who attended were his UP High classmates that became members of different fraternities in Diliman. They all felt sad on the demise of our Brod Johnny Chiuten as he was respected during his days at the campus. Betan brods who attended were Brods Mat Defensor, Secretary Mon Paje, Torch Manalang and Manny Balangue. Secretary Brod Volt Gazmin was supposed to attend but defaulted coz he had to fly to a landslide in Cotabato.


 Rolly Reyes '66, 9-13-10




This picture was sent by Norm Bituin'65 of Diamond Bar, CA.


Last meeting before UP SoCal Frat Ball 2010 with guest Dr. Abe Agulto, DVM from Maryland (seated 2nd right)




This picture of the UPLB 101010 venue was sent by Leo Balagot'69 of Los Banos, RP.





These pictures were sent by Ed Rivera'68 and Norm Bituin'65 of Los Angeles, CA.


A (Busy) UP SoCal weekend

8-13-10, Friday: Dinner with UP President Emer Roman at Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant



8-14-10, Saturday: Gen. mtg. in prep for Frat Ball & photo shoot of incoming officers at NormB





8-15-10, Sunday: Siony Villanueva's birthday lunch & dance at Mayflower Seafood Restaurant   






These pictures were sent by Willie Vergara'67 of Rocklin, CA.



Another fun meeting was held at Gerry’s Grill. The GP-Elect presided over the meeting after his predecessor made his swan song. The body gamely accepted Manolo’s going-away message by offering a toast with the usual “Jug-a-lag, Jug-a-lag”. Using I-Photo, a state-of-the-art presentation software, Lleva treated us to a very nice pictorial featuring the activities that happened during the last several months of Bong Beredo’s term, Frat Ball 2009, and the term of Manolo Banzon. “We still have two months left before the GP-elect takes over,” Tatang said, when he was asked to update the body about the draft Constitution and By-Laws, which has so far undergone nine revisions. The draft CBL provides that the GP-Elect has 90 days from July 22 declaration of winner before full assumption. The reason is in order for the GP-Elect to organize his team, develop his Work Program and have it approved by the body -- that is, if such provision will be ratified by the body.

Johnny Singh of Southern California came over to grace Gerry’s first meeting, and spent the rest of the evening with the poker group. “Spoonfulls”, a very young group of ladies and a male drummer treated us with some pop and contemporary music, while “A Band of Brothers” took over for the rest of the evening with their inspired music. Meantime, some of the ladies entertained themselves with some drinks, courtesy of Lleva Abenes.









These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 of RP.


Breakfast at Mario's with Brods Yongyong Afable'68, Joel Paredes'73 and Prof. Joe Lalas'69, 8-11-10.




I attended the meeting with UP Diliman residents re Brotherhood of Scholars program led by Brods Founder Rico Arranz, Nonoy Bautista. Kim Cabatit (airfare donor of last year's program), Manman,  and Joel Paredes.  We have unanimously agreed to defer the trip towards sem break (Oct-Nov) for sound considerations.

A few photos to share. the 2 summa/magna candidates for the trip are the two facing the camera in photo.  On the rght side are the two that were sent last year.

Rolly '66, 8-04-10







These pictures were sent by Gabby Moraleda'68 of Santa Clara, CA.


Batanes, the northernmost and smallest province of the country, has been in the forefront of Philippine news lately. P-Noy has appointed to his cabinet 2 distinguished Ivatans. However, to us Betans (from 60’s-70’s), it came as no surprise because we have 2 talented Betan Brods from Batanes (BBB) – the Fagar brothers -- Cyrus (batch 69) BS Civil Engineering and Dante (batch 72) BS Mass Communication.

Last Saturday, July 31, the U.P. Norcal family hosted brod Dante Fagar. A media consultant, Dante is in the Bay Area for a short trip to be with family and brods. He is married to Malou Ochoa Fagar who is the Executive Producer of the popular and long running noontime show “Eat Bulaga”. They have four (4) kids.

It was a spur-of-the-moment gathering in Foster City. Those who made it were outgoing GP Nol Banzon & Nanette, Incoming GP Gerry Abenes & Lleva, Dave & Mercy Villegas, Eric & Lita Punzalan, Gene & Jenny Samson, Pogs & May Gaspay, Dr. Titing & Cheng Valdez, Gabby & Cy, Vee Vera, Domi “Boy” Ramos, Ding Cavestany, Babes Ignacio, Cyrus with sister Lani. As usual, lots of fun, food, drinks, poker and tsismis. Pictures below tell it all.









These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 from Diamond Bar, CA.


First of all, my personal congratulations to Brods Luigi Topacio and Angel John Dumlao, UPD Batch 2010d.


Brod Luigi, hope these circa 1994 photos don't embarrass you. Just want to share with the Betan Family how we have all grown up and bonded through the years in friendship and brotherhood.


Pictures below were taken at Laughlin, Nevada when the families of Hector San Juan, Edsel Arceo, Yay Topacio and Norm Bituin drove to the casinos to spend the Martin Luther King holiday weekend together on January 1994. Unfortunately, the 6.6 Northquake earthquake struck at 4:31 Monday morning. Hec and Edsel, who lived in the epicenter, had to rush back home.


The Betan kids with Luigi seated 2nd from left


Luigi standing 4th from left on second row


l-r: Julian San Juan, Kurt Bituin, Luigi Topacio, Jaz San Juan & Kina Arceo


Strolling down the boardwalk


Pictures below were taken at the Easter and despedida party on April 1994 hosted by Yay's batzka, Roy Antonio. UP Beta Sigma SoCal presented the Topacios with a farewell-appreciation  plaque as they get ready to move back to Manila.


Yay and Jin with Luigi and Allysa


UP SoCal says goodbye to the Topacios. Atty. Ed Abon'69 from RP (standing rightmost) was visiting LA.




These pictures were sent by Yay Topacio'77 from Oahu, HI.


l-r: Dennis Navarro, Yay Topacio, Ross Fernando, Carlo Gervasio,

Enching Rodriguez, Nonoy Bautista & Boyet Fernandez



Hi Brod Tatang and Brod Rolly!

Maraming maraming salamat! Mas nauna niyo pang nalaman na nakatapos na si Luigi. I knew the finals was yesterday (Saturday Manila time) pero hindi pa tumatawag si Luigi sa akin. I was just praying na sana hindi naman na-postpone. baka nagpapahinga o naghahabol ng tulog and bago nating Brod.

I arrived from Manila only last Tuesday and since then naghahabol na ako sa trabaho kong naiwan. How I wished that Luigi could have finished while I was there kaya lang fate has it na hindi. I guided him along the way while I was there but I did not attend/participate in any of the sessions. Okay lang at nakatapos din siya. Just to let you know he really wanted to be a Beta Sigman and he was the one who worked out the "study abroad" program with USF and U.P. All the subjects he is taking now will be credited by USF.

I can now say that I am a very proud son and a father of a U.P. Beta Sigman.

With regard to the check for Luigi's UPBSFI 2010 membership fee, I mailed this to Brod Edsel last July 10 with a note to Brod Edsel to deposit kapag nakatapos na si Luigi.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate Brod/Doc Gerry Abenes as the new GP of the U.P. Beta Sigma NorCal. Mabuhay ka Brod Gerry! Mabuhay din kay Brod Manolo for all his accomplishments during his GP term. As I always say to Brod Tatang, I miss the Brods and all the activities. There is a tinge of sadness everytime I see the email invites and the pictures of all the NorCal activities & celebrations.

Brod Rolly, we missed you in the Via Mare get together with the Makati brods! Sayang hindi ka nakarating kasi nga medyo last minute yung tawag. Brods Nonoy Bautista, Ross Fernando, Carlo Gervasio, Boyet Fernandez, and my Batch 57 idols, Brods Enching Rodriguez and Dennis Navarro were there. My spongay/ninong Brod Joel Paredes and also Brod Chris Michelena joined us later. The SONA of P.Noy dominated the conversation of a most pleasant and enjoyable afternoon merienda of bibingka and puto bumbong with the Brods.

Attached are some pictures I took from my cell phone. Pasensya na sa quality ng kuha.

Cheers Brods!
Yay Topacio '77A UPD, 7-31-10




My dad and I together with Brod Milton visited Brod Ding Navarro this afternoon. Although Brod Ding unfortunately is still not ambulant and unable to speak at this time, he seemed to be in high spirits when he saw us. Napaluha siya ng ibigay ko sa kanya one of the anniversary t-shirts that the resident Brods made. As you can see in the attached pictures suot niya kaagad ito. His most recent visitor was Brod Rico Arranz and Brod Nonoy Bautista. According to Medy, Ollie visits him every week.

We stayed for more than an hour as all of us tried to cheer up Brod Ding with happy thoughts and memories until it was already time for his afternoon siesta.

Medyo nangangailangan pa rin ng tulong ang family ni Ding so nagbigay kami ng kaunting halaga ng tatay ko.

Yay Topacio'77, 7-20-10







These pictures were sent by Ernesto Igot'70 from Olney, MD.


Hi Tatang,


I am sending you 2 photos taken at the deBasilan Reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 8-11. The first photo obviously shows Art de Vera UPLB64 and myself. The second photo is again Art, myself and Manuel "Do" de Vera Beta Sigma AdeZ '72 and Art's brother. Art was the second day guest speaker at the reunion and was introduced as very active in the Beta Sigma alumni association among others.


UP Betans from Basilan include Richard Jacaria (deceased), Mino "Blue Max" Generalao(deceased), Onofre Grino, Louie Alano, Dick Brown, Mando Dayrit and Rene Tiamzon who are all UPLB. I am the only one from Diliman. 


Best regards to all.

Ernesto " Togi " Igot UPD 70, 7-14-10







This picture was sent by Joe Lalas'69 of Corona, CA.


l-r: Bernie Bacosa'71, Rolly Aquino'68, Joe Lalas'69.


Berrnie and Joe visited Rolly, who had moved to SoCal from Chicago last December (see Picture-an II), on June 25, '10 at his home in San Jacinto, CA. Rolly was confined at Riverside County Regional Center and is presently undergoing dialysis. If you want to say hello to Rolly, his address: 783 Buick Avenue, San Jacinto, CA 92582; telephone 951-487-7460; email '' (c/o wife Mila). Cheers, Brod Rolly!!




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 in RP.


Brod Nonoy Bautista's 70th birthday celebration held at Shangrila Tower in Ortigas Center on June 23, 2010. His wife Ivy, his family's personal friends and a few brods attended this private and solemn gathering. Cheers to Brod 'Noy!





                                  l-r: Rod Reyes, Gene Puente, Chax Baldoria, Dante Agulto, Rico Arranz, Nonoy Bautista,

                                       Vic Ramos, Joel Paredes, Jayjay Jayme & Cris Michelena.




These pictures were sent by Benild Pires'64 of Victoria, B.C.


Brod Agustin "Toti" Que, UP Diliman '63, formerly with the World Bank and now an advisor to a conglomerate in Indonesia, visited Vancouver last week with his wife, Marita, to attend the graduation of their daughter, Caroline, from the University of B.C.

A few brods from the Beta Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association of British Columbia had a dinner for Brod Toti and Marita last Wednesday.

Brod Tatang: Brod Toti would like to be included in our google group. His e-mail address is

Attached are photos taken during the 'meet and greet' dinner.


Brod Ben, UPD '64, 5-30-10


                  Seated:    Brod Henry Josue, San Beda College'77, Brod Pio Acampado, UPD'50, Brod Vic Battad, UPLB'68

                                 and GP of the B.C. chapter, Vic's wife Vilma, my wife Laila, and Toti's wife Marita.

                  Standing: Brod Toti Que, UPD'63 and Brod Ben Pires, UPD'64.


Brods Vic, Toti, Ben, Henry and Pio

                      The Philippine Collegian ex-staffers:

                            Brod Pio, managing editor during editorship of Brod.Crispulo Icban Jr., UPD '50 (1953-54);

                            Brod Toti, editor, 1966-1967;

                            Brod Ben, managing editor during editorship of Brod Jimmy Yambao, UPD '63 (March - September 1967).




These pictures were sent by Jojo Alejar'79 in RP.


Backstage at Willie Nep's (click-->) "Presidentiables Gut Talent" show: Music Museum, RP, April 2010


    l-r: Willie Nep with VP-to-be Jejomar Binay and Boots Anson Roa.    l-r: Noy-Bi key strategist Joel Paredes, Brig.Gen. Rico Salapong,

                                                                                                            Dante Agulto (a fellow Demolay of VP Binay), Cris Michelena.


                       l-r: Dante Agulto, Rico Salapong, Jojo Alejar, Joel Paredes, Willie Nep, Cris Michelena, Douglas Mondonedo.




These pictures were sent by Mayette Arceo, wife of Edsel Arceo'73, of Woodland Hills, CA.


"My new calling!!!", says Mayette


Crooning with the "Bits and Pieces", one of RP's top bands in the 60's-70's, that will play in UP SoCal Frat Ball on Sep. 5, 2010 




The UP SoCal belles - Ivy, Eva, Mayette, Cherry - jam with band, Apr. 24, '10




This picture was sent by Philip Chua'55 of Munster, IN.


Brod Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, (UPD '55), Lead Convenor of the US Pinoys for Noy-Mar in Las Vegas,

speaks on The Winds of Change and Our Appointment with Destiny at the People Power Festival in Las Vegas on

 Feb. 28, 2010, commemorating the 24th anniversary of the People Power EDSA Revolution of 1986 in the Philippines.




This picture was sent by Cosme Santiago'67 of Seattle, WA.


Taken by Jovenal Serna'63 and sent by GP Cosme Santiago - Beta Sigma Northwest Fratball, Aug'09

l-r: Fred Aquino, Tatang Vergara, Cosme Santiago, Mrs. Jovenal Serna and Greg Vergara ("apo" ni Tatang).




These pictures were sent by Boy Ramos'57 of Fremont, CA.

== Circa 2004 ==

                Seated:   Gilbert Joven, Gene Puente, Gen. Guillermo Pecache, Boy Ramos, Vic Ramos, Pong del Corro,

                             Ross Fernando and Frankie Llaguno.
               Standing: Dennis Navarro, Nonoy Bautista, Boyet Fernandez, Tem Rodriguez, Buddy Garbanzos and Jimmy Yambao.


Kneeling: Dennis Navarro and Ross Fernando.

Standing: Jimmy Yambao, Frankie Llaguno, Nonoy Bautista, Boy Ramos,Pong del Corro and Enching Rodriguez.




These pictures were sent by Danny Galoso'65 of Covina, CA.

== The Galoso Betan Connection: Brothers & Son/Nephew ==

Babes'69 and son Francis'06 drive cross-country from NY and meet brother/uncle Danny'65 in CA

Dinner at Don Cuco Restaurant - Glendale, CA, April 18, '10

                                              l-r: Francis Galoso'06, Babes Galoso'69, Manny Boado'69, Edsel Arceo'73,

                                                   Roy Antonio'77, Aman Carolino'71, Danny Galoso'65 and Art Martin'69.


Plus wives Francia Galoso, Dinah Antonio and Mayette Arceo




These pictures were sent by Raffy Hidalgo'86 from RP.



"Two Tabets in Hongkong" - April '10

Melvir Buela 02 and myself were in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. Vacation with some office colleagues.








This picture was sent by JJ Jayme from RP.


"We Salute Our Glorious Leaders, circa 2006"

                 l-r: Brod Greg Palis, Ivy Cosio-Bautista, JJ Jayme, Brod Nonoy Bautista, Brod Ding Navarro, Brod Mon Paje, Mrs.

                      Belen A.Noguera (sister of Mrs. Jayme), Mrs. Leonor Jayme, Brod Rico Arranz and wife Tita Sol, Brod Raoul

                      Victorino, and Brod Sofronio San Juan and his wife who passed away last year. Brod Frony was mom's classmate

                      at the U.P. College of Dentistry and the father of our very own Brod Hector San Juan, DVM





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