Batch '65 (Black Saints) Celebrates 40th Anniversary !!!

09 December 2005

by rbe73c


(But how did some batchmates in the U.S. celebrate? See below...)


Eleven of the 28 surviving members of one of the more well-known batches of the fraternity met at the U.P. Chapel this morning to start the day- (and night-) long celebration: having lived through 40 years of being U.P. Beta Sigmans.  Led by batch President, Brod Pol Moral, the day started with thanksgiving prayer amid hopes for more good health to the brothers in the years to come. 

Brod Tito Garcia, the Wing Commander of Squadron 65, faithfully pinned the UP Beta Sigman seal on his batchmates as they arrived.  The group then walked to the Chateau Verde, at the back of the infirmary, for some refreshments before going to the tambayan.  At the chateau, the beautiful souvenir caps (black with gold letters) were distributed by Brod Ed "Chako" Baldoria.  Of course, Brod Pol Moral's had the special "President" mark at the back of the cap, but whispers are he paid dearly for it.

At the Tambayan were some residents who joined the Black Saints pose for souvenir shots!  Across the street, at the old Tambayan when this batch came into being, were some curious stares from students perhaps wondering why these gentlemen were taking the reunion quite seriously.  If only they knew!

The meeting with the UP Pres, Emer Roman, did not push through as she was out of town, so the group proceeded to the site where the final initiation rites were held.  From there was Brod Tito's place at the BF Resort in Paranaque, a beautiful section of the house by the pool with KTV and the surrounding fence plastered with nicely-lighted signs, was to be where the grouped stayed until the following morning.  Food, with lechon was in abundance, and despite the drinks overflowing, the batchmates were tempered in their consumption.  Brod Jun Leyco, of course, was always ahead of the pack in this area.

This is one batch where you do not run out of singers, from Sinatra selections, to the Platters, and even modified rendition of Beatles songs.  Brod Lito Lazaro tried one selection from the "Phantom", with Brod Tito Garcia quickly intervening at the critical part of the masterpiece.  Brod Ollie Santos with his "Stylistics" vocal qualities easily lorded the pieces at the higher octaves.  Brod Mon Amparo, with his baritone voice, managed to sneak in some wonderful selections, even if the pieces were octaves higher.

Two (2) batchmates, Brods Ding Cavestany (who came with his wife and son) and Tony Senga, immediately joined the group direct from the airport (Ding from the US, and Tony from Australia).  The many hugs and embraces the brothers spontaneously demonstrated aptly reflect the camaraderie they have nurtured ever since that fateful moment 40 years ago when the UP Beta Sigman IC MI announced:  Let there be light!


...Some Pictures of the Event...


Its posting in many of the dailies prompted the usual gate-crashing brods to map out

a strategy, but to no avail.  Only Brods VicUlanday '64 and the rbe were given the

honour to join the very exclusive celebration!



Where the day's activities started...



(L-R): Brods DanGaloso, LitoLazaro, LarryTumaneng, JunLeyco, MonVentura, GamyManikan, TitoGarcia,

MonAmparo, OllieSantos, PolMoral, & EdBaldoria, very happy to be together after all of 40 years, pay respects and give thanks to the Lord Almighty.



The size of the banner is but a tip of the pride of these brods in their batch...



  At the old (and still current) Tambayan, with the resident brods...



And at the older Tambayan, where lots of fond memories of the frat linger on...



A beautiful pose by the swimming pool at Brod Tito's residence. Brods Ding Cavestany (L-standing) and Tony Senga (L-sitting) joined their batchmates direct from the airport. Why Brod Mon Ventura failed

to rejoin the group, remains a mystery.  Some say he went home to the wrong house (!).



Looking up to more good health, hence more reunions, possibly with more of the batchmates

in the years to come...





             Ed "Chako" Baldoria           Gamy "D'Noble Cataline" Manikan               Jun "Leyks" Leyco

         Larry "Yakki" Tumaneng           Lito "D' Good Shepherd" Lazaro         Mon "Black Dagger" Amparo

         Mon "Nine-Balls" Ventura             Ollie "Rolling Stone" Santos        Tito "Wing Cmdr Sqrn '65" Garcia

                 Danny "X" Galoso                                Ding Cavestany                    Tony "Agnes" Senga


 Pol "King Betan" Moral



How some batchmates in the U.S. celebrated their 40th...


Quite a lot of long distance calls, emails, and wireless connections to the Phil.-based brothers (before, during, and after the event), and even though sadly longing for the company of the main group, still find time to celebrate on their own...


Boi and Norman: "drinking up to our 40th and showing our colors, at El Torito Grill".

While maybe holding a different brand, yet the strength and intensity of the spirit of unity can only be matched by the batchmates' from the motherland...



"Huli man daw at magaling..."  Boi, Norman, Jimmy, Elmor - California, Dec. 10, 2005.

" each of those 40 years, we are, and will always be, together in brotherhood and affection..."



"Huli man daw at magaling #2..."  Back in LA: Danny Galoso, Elmor Villanueva, Ric Tolentino, Johnny Chiuten'60, Dante Morales, Norman Bituin.



Now with the Batch '65 souvenir caps from RP.  "Nanaginip pa yata ako", sabi ni Danny.



And a KaBatch now based in Saudi Arabia, also came...


Nat Mandac was the last of Batch '65 to attend the 40th anniversary celebration.  He came from Saudi Arabia where he has been working at Aramco as an expat worker since '81.  He is a BS Pharmacy grad.  The batchmates could not recognize him as he was so thin and quiet when they were residents.  He said he has gained 50 pounds; now sports a moustache; and most amazing of all, according to Danny, Pol, etc. alaskador na rin ngayon..!


Brod Nat Mandac, now an expat at Aramco in Saudi Arabia...cheers!!!



At the Taqueria Chilanga on 15Dec2005. Standing (L-R): Brods EdB & DanG

Sitting (L-R): LarryT, TitoG, NatM, PolM, GanyM, LitoL, & TonyS.



Brod Pol wonders, "ba't kaya naging alaskador na rin 'tong kabatch ko?"



"Aba'y itanong mo rito, Brod, sa isa sa original na mga dakilang alaskador..."



Brods TonyS & NatM: "couldn't cheek-to-cheek kaya tummy-to-tummy na lang".



For the Balikbayan Members of Batch '65, despedidas eventually followed...


For Brod TonyS (in red), at the promenade of EDSA Shangrila, w/ GailJ (rbe's wife), Brods GamyM,

PolM, rbe, LitoLazaro, & TitoG - before flying back to Darwin, Australia.



At "Something Fishy" (Eastwood), Brods Jess Abrera UPD'64, TonyS, Nelson Rivera UPD'62, MitosR, & brod TonyS' family.



For wherever & whenever 2 or more brothers are gathered together, there can only be pure joy!



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