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UP Baguio Beta Sigma Ladies Corps and Brods hold “INFERNO”

 – a rockin’ evening of fun and laughter

By: Carly Ymer Lemence, UPB BSLC 2011-C









       The first drink-all-you-can party of the year in Baguio City was held on Friday the 13th of January 2012 at Kinobuoyan Grill, Bokawkan Road hosted by the UPB Beta Sigma Ladies Corps in cooperation of the UPB Beta Sigma Fraternity. “Inferno: Party Like It’s the End of the World” is a dance party with free-flowing drinks, bar games and a lot of freebies. This major project of the organization aimed to welcome the new year as well as to earn funds for the annual charitable project of the BSLC called “Damayan”.

       “Have you been naughty or nice?” With the theme of the seven deadly sins, the venue was filled with eerie decorations. Fancy lights and party songs were played by Brod RJ Lu’s Reinforcement.






       Getting into the event’s place was easy for the guests as there were two vans that took them at the venue making their experience more convenient. Free sim cards by Globe Telecom greeted the guests at the entrance as well as the free-flowing, freshly brewed coffee brought to us by the Café by the Ruins, a famous coffee shop in the City.


       Laura Michelle Baeyens, 2008- B, president of the BSLC (in picture above), formally opened the party with her speech followed by an audio-visual presentation introducing the organization and the fraternity.

       Remarkable games such as “Burn in Hell”, “Kiss Mark” and the “Dougie Dance” delighted the crowd and the participants as well. Students, not just from UP, but also students from other universities all-over Baguio City joined the party. Faces of some professors from the universities were also seen in the event. Aside from games and free-flowing drinks, bar tending exhibitions performed by the Louisian Flair Mixologists and UCians Flairtending Organization did not fail to amaze the crowd.








       A raffle draw called “7 Deadly Sins” gave seven lucky guests a chance to win items that correspond to their 7-deadly-sins-inspired ticket designs. Cellphones, gift certificates and more were given away. The final agenda for the night was “Biyaheng Impiyerno”. Similar to the kiddie game of musical chairs, the LCs decided to sprinkle a little originality on it. The contestants had to sit on the resident brods instead of the plain chairs after having to pop a balloon on the floor every time the music stops. The excitement grew as the crowd cheered on.














       The evening was concluded after the guests have danced the night away, satisfied with the open bar and the cheap beer being sold by the organizers. Pictures and documentations were taken by Blacklight Multimedia and Pixel Perfect, a photography group headed by brod Markfil Tersol (2011 A).






       The BSLC was very thankful for the sponsors that supported the event such as the Jack TV, Globe Telecom, Campus Radio Baguio, Be Your Boss Media, Blacklight Multimedia, Studio Digital Arts, Insights+ Research Company, BlueGreen Water Station, Kisad Peak Residences and Ever Engraving Stationery Inc.

       The months of planning, organizing and hard work of the residents were all worth it as the first party of the year was indeed a success! Seeing all the enjoyment and fun of every people in the party is priceless but what made us even happier is that we would be able to help a lot of kids during “Damayan”. Inferno is indeed a remarkable experience!


UPB Betans and LCs



Inferno can be fun with the UP Baguio Beta Sigma  Ladies Corps... love it !!



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