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3rd Operation Big Brother Foundation Olympics Underway

by Raffy Hidalgo D'86

The 3rd OBBF Olympics went underway last October 9 2005 at the Makati Sports Club with the Ortigas as this year’s organizer.  In a well-attended opening, the four participating teams of Quezon City, Ortigas, Makati and the Diliman Residents displayed their skills in the initial games of 8-Ball, Rotation Billiards, Bowling and Darts.  Matches were fiercely contested at the outset, with games frequently pausing for exchanges of verbal abuse.  Competition was nearly as intense as the fraternal camaraderie amongst brothers, with new rivalries and friendships forged, and old ones restored and polished.

The Host Ortigas team at the Opening Ceremonies of the 3rd OBBF Olympics:  L-R  Jepoy Acosta 91,

Karl Galing 88, Ian Gaerlan 97, Jason Justo 92, Lloyd Dizon 87, Pete Danao 92, Santi llamorena 98,

Leo Robel 95, Peewee Irlandez 89


The Operation Big Brother Foundation (OBBF) was legally established in March 2002.  OBBF was conceptualized during a Christmas party reunion of alumni brods from the late 70s, 80s and early 90s.  The residents attended and caroled as part of their fund raising.  As conversation turned towards the deteriorating state of the Fraternity in the resident ranks and how alumni are not involved enough, an idea was born to form a group with only two purposes: To assist and guide the residents of UP Diliman in matters of the Fraternity, and to keep the bonds of camaraderie strong among both residents and alumni of UP Beta Sigma Fraternity in Diliman.  Today, with over 70 members, the Foundation remains true to its purpose with a string of activities for both UP Diliman residents and alumni, project financing, training and advisory for residents, and financial assistance to needy alumni.

An activity involving both residents and alumni is the OBBF Olympics, an annual activity hosted in rotation by the three informal subgroups, the Ortigas, Makati and Quezon City Groups.  The OBBF Olympics is played over a two-month period and features a variety of events that the three alumni and resident teams compete in. 

                Basketball                             Games of the Generals

                Billiards                                 Golf

    Bowling                                 Mahjong

    Darts                                     Tennis

    Texas Holdem Poker

Quezon City hosted the inaugural games in which Ortigas emerged as Champions.  Makati hosted on the second year, while simultaneously taking the victory and currently, the 2005 games are hosted by the Ortigas Group.  The games are typically preceded with a recruitment drive- as the games have shown itself to be an excellent venue for recruitment, posturing and heated verbal and email exchanges of bravado and hype.  The awarding is held to coincide with the OBBF Christmas Party where the warm yuletide celebration is mixed with hot trash talking and promises of revenge.

Games Update

As of November 19, 2005, three event championships have been decided. 

The 4-man cumulative score bowling event was taken by the Ortigas Group- Pete Danao 92, Leo Roberl 95, Peewee Irlandez 89, and Karl Galing 88 taking the event by 53 pin falls. Its closest rival, the ageless warriors of the Quezon City Group, led by Nugget Aquino 79, Nonoy Tagaro 77, Rafael Hidalgo 86 and Mel Ladip 87.  Not even the highest score of the day, a heckling-marred 198 by Manoy Gomez 92 of Makati, which eventually finished in last place, could bring other teams close to the two front runners.



Ortigas Bowlers Peewee 89, Leo 95 and Lloyd 87 celebrate a strike as Nugget 79 of QC looks on

(Makati Sports Club)



Vic Rafael 91 (Mkt), Rafael Hidalgo 86 (QC), Harry Temperante 97 (QC) and Alex Bermas 97 (Mkt)

share a light moment

The billiards which featured 8-ball and rotation events was a viciously contested championship, with the Residents, Makati and QC in neck to neck standings.  But after the last ball rolled in on a shot on the 13 by Mon Mamaril 97, QC was declared as the winner of the Billiards Event.  Mon and his 5’2” stature stood tall in victory, with teammates Mel Ladip 87, Rafael Hidalgo 86 and Nug Aquino 79.

Cue artists Mel Ladip 87, Nug Aquino 79, Mon Mamaril 97 and Rafael Hidalgo 86 wrap up

another victory for QC.



Resident Randolph 05 shoot while GP Bogs Sta Barbara 01 looks on in their gallant but 0-2 loss to the

QC standouts.

The darts event was a duopoly of the Ortigas and Makati, with the other teams rendered asunder by duos of Berns Palang 86 and Beni Supan 87 of Makati and Karl Galing 88, Rupert Ambil 92 and Santi Llamorena 98 of Ortigas.  Eventual event winners Makati won in a closely fought match, which saw numerous lead swings throughout the event.

Mel Ladip 87 (QC) fires away in a losing effort.

Events in play are basketball and badminton, with all alumni teams in strong form.  The resident team, unfortunately, has yet to win a match in these events.  With still more events to be played, the 3rd OBBF Olympics is proving to be the most closely contested to date... (to be continued)




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