Nostalgia 2009

The Great San Francisco Reunion

                                                     27th Anniversary: San Francisco, May 23-25

                                                              Welcome  - Westborough Community Center

                                                              Frat Ball  - Sheraton Gateway Hotel

                                                              Picnic      - Foster City Park

                 Ike Araneta, Gabby Moraleda, Willie Vergara, Founder Atty. Rico Arranz, Eding Hizon, Boy Ramos


Blend of '46

  Founder Atty. Rico Arranz, Nonoy Bautista, Sol Arranz, Leonor Jayme and JJ Jayme

(wife and son of Founder Jesus Jayme) & Ivy Cosio-Bautista (daughter of Founder Tom Cosio)


Founder Atty. Rico Arranz, at back center, surrounded by admiring Betans






















   The air was filled with music,
The stories, nostalgic,
The bonding, harmonic,
The humor, fantastic,
The ambience, artistic,
The food, prolific.
The kinship, authentic..



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