Sacramento Brods Host "Malmon Day"

by Danny Galoso

[Photos by Bernie Bantegui, Kiko Delmendo and Willie Vergara]


On April 26, 2014 at Sacramento, California, a group of concerned brods officially celebrated Malmon Day. Brods donned their Malmon shirts to honor Banz, the creator of Malmon. What a fitting symbolism as the brods once again reaffirmed their commitment to the fraternity.

Why Malmon? Because it is.

Malmon is a symbol of emergence. From a cartoon character or a fraternity mascot it has emerged as a symbol of strength and steadfastness.

It is a symbol of transformation, unfazed, unchanged yet adapting. Who among us can honestly swear that we have not been transformed?

Malmon signifies transcendence. We have gone beyond cultural boundaries, beliefs, issues, challenges, and difficulties as we persevered in propagating the brotherhood.

April 26, 2014 and we find ourselves again at the crossroads. It's a familiar place for most of us. Once again, we have been called to join, although, this time it might be different. Let us join not in weakness but in strength. Let us find fulfillment in giving, not in asking something from each other.

The Mission and Vision of the UP Beta Sigma International beckons. A revival is in order. After a long slumber, the spirit of Malmon calls us once again to emerge, transform and transcend. Let's get this done.


Allan Torneros '89 was first to arrive but had to leave early to attend his uncle's wedding







Billy Monteagudo '57 sports a Malmon Ikot while Narcing Lapus '48 dons Malmon Fung Ku


Pillars of the frat Johnny Quijano '52, Narcing Lapus '48, and Fred Aquino '57


Cecilio Felix '52 displays Malmon Ikot t-shirt, with wife Anita


Community leader Fred Aquino '57 sports his NY Grand Revelry 2010 t-shirt


Johnny Quijano '52 wears Malmon Ethnic t-shirt



                    Ike Araneta '71                      Bong Beredo '73 started "Malmon Day" in '08                     Kiko Delmendo '72



                     Edsel Arceo '73                                     Bernie Bantegui '68                                         Jimmy Madrasto '71



                                                   Danny Galoso '65                                                                            Tatang Vergara '67


Heartthrobs Danny and Kiko exchange notes


It was all merriment, reminiscing and laughter, save for a brief period discussing UPBSF-International, Inc.




Representing multi-generations of UP Betans - Kiko '72, Dan '65, Fred '57, Bong '73 and Edsel '73


Walang kupas - Aileen Beredo, Mayette Arceo and Tanya Araneta


Tess Vergara and Bing Bantegui


Bernie Bantegui's family


Lani Cabral-Vergara and son Damian, Jayjay Bantegui-Nagayo and son Dominic






The Betan Ladies of California


Bernie Bantegui '68 and wife Bing with daughter Jayjay and son in law Alex Nagayo,

and grandkids Dominic, Zach, and Ayani


Bernie receives the Malmon Cowboy as a parting gift. See you again, Bernie.


Birthday celebrants - Tatang, Anita, Tanya and Johnny



Lani Cabral-Vergara, daughter of UPLB Betan Mino and Sigma Betan Lea Cabral, brought the cake and other desserts.




Cheers to Brod Banz and our beloved Malmon!!




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