Honors for Outstanding UP Alumnus

 Philanthropy and Agro-Economic Achievements

by Winston Acevedo



Brod Dr. Levy del Rosario, UPD'63

Dr. Levy De Jesus Del Rosario, a University of the Philippines, College of Veterinary Medicine graduate, class of 1967, has made tremendous pioneering efforts to help increase earning capacities of the local farmers in Bataan and thus help in the economic progress of  Bataan. Dr. Del Rosario, a full time veterinary practitioner in Schererville, Indiana, USA, has found time to develop agri-business enterprises in his home province of Bataan.

Dr. Del Rosario, without any fanfare nor press releases, has achieved tremendous and meritorious work to better the lives of the poor, struggling farmers in his home province of Bataan. All of these were done because of his love and passion for his people, as well as to give back to the community that nurtured him, many, many years back.

Among his many achievements are the following:
  1. His agribusiness provides full, free education for at least 15 children yearly in his province.
  2. He cultivates 70 hectares of land for growing, processing of cashew plants and nuts that provides hundreds of jobs for the local

  3. He practices complimentary plant and animal agricultural principles utilizing his plant by-product for animal foods, which will

      provide nutrition for the swine, goats and cattle that he raises around his cashew plantation.
  4. He is constantly seeking new breeds of goats and cattle to improve the the yield of meat and milk in these species.
  5. In a 8-hectare farm, he started a "saba", banana plantation whose products are processed into banana chips and crackers

      providing more jobs and additional income for the local farmers.
  6. His business has provided micro-credit with zero interest to workers, processors and cultivators at harvest time.
  7. His livestock provides broilers (chicken meat), pork and venison from native deer in Bataan.
  8. He practices soil and water conservation by planting ipil-ipil, cashew and coconuts for these plant products to be utilized as

      animal food, thereby wasting nothing in the process.

  9. All his profits are plowed back into his various agri-business to support expansion and more employment opportunities for the

      local people.

10. Lastly, he sells his products - pork, broilers, goat meat - at much lower prices than the local markets in Bataan, thereby making

      available affordable sources of protein for the local people.

Dr. Levy Del Rosario is a proud member of the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity. His untiring efforts to promote economic progress in the Philippines has been recognized by the University of the Philippines, The College of Veterinary Medicine, as well as his home province of Bataan. Former Dean Dr. Teodulo M. Topacio is spearheading the efforts to recognize Dr. Del Rosario and include him in the group of outstanding UP alumni of the year 2012- 2013.


*Web note: Brod Levy may be reached at his email at 'ljdvm@hotmail.com' and office tel# 219.322.2410.


Brod Levy, the proud father, at the wedding of his son Daniel

l-r: sons Derrick, Dennis and Daniel, daughter-in-law Monica, wife Josephine MD, Levy



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