Trick or Treat! Halloween Party at Ding and Julie Cavestany’s Place

by Lleva Abenes

[Photos by Willie Vergara]



UP North Betans and ladies had another great party on Oct. 27, 2012.  Ding and Julie opened their home for the occasion once again, almost becoming a UP North Halloween tradition.  It was also the third game of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers.  With the Giants up 2 games, the group excitedly waited for the game to start.  There was good food as usual, and then as always, people bring more.  Halloween party would not be complete if Rick did not bring persimmon from his tree.  This year, Gene also brought Fuji apples from his garden. We missed the Band of Brothers this year.  Gerry brought his drums thinking there would be a jam session.  Ike brought his equipment, as well.  Julie and Ding invited their neighbor, Tom, who could have jammed with the group.  We ended up doing karaoke instead.  We told stories, traded Gangnam style dance moves, took pictures, ate, ate some more and had a great time as always. 


UP North Roll Call

        Standing: Boy Ramos, Eric “Ketchup” Punzalan, Gene Samson, Cecilio Felix, Johnny “Ni Hao Ma” Regadio, Gerry Abenes,

                      Dave Villegas, Bong Beredo, Vee Vera, Louie “Hendrix” Ruiz, Dutch Aragones, Ike Araneta.

        Seated:   Rick Velasco, Fred Aquino, Pogs “Einstein” Gaspay, Johnny Salud, Gabby Moraleda, Ding “Arrgh” Cavestany.


Pogs “Einstein” Gaspay was quiet at first.  He must have been thinking…

                             , ,

                     Aha!  !!!    Later on he entertained everyone by singing a few tunes on the karaoke.



              UP North GP Dave Villegas was also quiet early in the                Band of Brothers next drummer - Nong Fred

               afternoon - contemplating how to get the party started.



  May the force be with you Tatang!  Tatang came in as a papparazzi and used his wide angle lens in most of the photos in this article.



Nín hǎo, huānyíng lái dào wǒ de píngguǒ huāyuán

Hello, welcome to my apple garden.



     Our hosts for the party, Ding and Julie                                                   Julie, Lita, Lleva and Mariza



 San Francisco Giants battle the Detroit Tigers in World Series, Game 3                                   Ding and Gene


While some brods huddle under the full moon.



Feeling like Don Corleone, UP North GP Dave Villegas



   Mercy and JR talking with Sam and Takako.    Tom and Reiko, the Cavestany’s neighbors. We tried to get Tom to jam with the   Band of Brothers but he needed more time (or alcohol) to warm up. At stairs, Gerry, Lleva, Julie and Ding.        


Top: Tess, Julie, Lita, Reiko, May.   Bottom: Lleva, Mercy, Tanya, Anita, Mariza, Aileen.





                                          Lita, Eric and friend                                                              Ding and Julie



                                            Mariza and Louie                                                    Eileen really misses Gilbert


Go Giants!


Ding and Ike, expert moppers.  Galing talagang mag-train ni Julie and Tanya.


                               Standing: Ike, Gabby, Pogs, Vee, Gerry, Dutch, Louie, Eric, Luisito, Boy Dave, Bong.

                               Seated:   Ding, Tess, May, Lleva, Mercy, Lita, Julie, Tanya, Eileen, Willie.




 Until next year, Happy Halloween!




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