by David Villegas, UPD '55

UP North held their annual traditional Christmas party on Dec 17 at the Biryani Banquet Hall in Hercules, California. It was a very well attended occasion with headcounts of attendees ranging from 60-70. The Band of Brothers rocked the night with 60ís to 90ís music that lasted well past the scheduled adjournment of 12 midnight, inasmuch as the owner of the place himself was enjoying obliviously through the night. Besides the expected hip gyrations and shuffles that highlight most UP North parties, the Dec 17 affair also featured parlor games, trivia quiz contests, and a raffle that benefited the chapterís Rainy Day Funds. The Sacramento brods, under the baton of brod JR, dusted the night with nostalgic holiday flavor by singing Pilipino Christmas carols. Mercy Villegas delivered the coup de grace with her sultry rendition of a number of beguiling Spanish songs. Our local barkeeper, Lleva, deftly quarterbacked an open bar that kept everyone


A Band of Brothers





           Program MCs Johnny Regadio and Irma Ramos                  The Indefatigable UP North GP Gerry "Drummer Boy" Abenes



                            Bong and Aileen Beredo                                                                Ike and Tanya Araneta




l-r: Anita Felix, Irma Ramos, Narcing Lapuz, Cecilio Felix, Boy Ramos, Bill Castro and Fred Aquino.


Newest member Bill Castro'71 introduces himself to the UP North Betan Family 


Luigi Topacio'10, grandson of Ted'49 and son of Yay'77, is still the youngest in UP NorCal









     UP North pillars Atty. Dave Villegas and Dr. Narcing Lapuz                                 Dave and Mercy Villegas













It was an emotional Christmas celebration for many, as the event was preceded by hapless events involving some brods, their families, or friends. Nevertheless, the occasion also provided the opportunity to reflect upon lifeís realities, the inevitable consequences of mortality, and hopes for the future.



                              Pogs and May Gaspay                                                           Dave Villegas and May Gaspay



                     Betan friend Beep and Marivi Lawas                                                   Tanya Araneta and Julie Cavestany 




"Los Caballeros Guapos"

                       Kneeling: Gabby Moraleda, Johnny Salud, Ding Cavestany and Ernie Tremor.

                       Standing: Pogs Gaspay, Fred Aquino, Johnny Regadio, Gilbert Basbas, Cecilio Felix, Eric Punzalan,

                                     Narcing Lapuz, Emmy Fajardo, Luigi Topacio, Dave Villegas, Boy Ramos, Winston Acevedo

                                     and Manolo Banzon.





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