UP North Brods Hold Spouse Appreciation Weekend

Sparks/Reno, Nevada - July 17-18, 2011




GP Gerry cum appreciative husband cum master chef



Thank you, thank you, and more thank you!

To the ladies of UP North- thank you for honoring us with your presence; celebrating

       such an event is the least we can do to show our appreciation for your invaluable

       support to the Chapter, its members, and its various activities and projects.

To the brods who participated in the event and to those who supported it in spirit-

       congratulations and thank you for stepping up to the challenge.

To Mercy and Dave- thank you for your generosity; the accommodations were very

       comfortable, the facilities were very convenient, and the resort staff was very helpful.

To Anita and Cecilio - thank you for the early dinner and for arranging the brief get-

       together with the Sacramento brods.


Gerry and Lleva Abenes



It was a wonderful weekend in Reno/Sparks. Thanks to our husbands for making us "Queens" for a day. They did the cooking. We felt appreciated and pampered.

The accommodation was great. Thanks to Dave and Mercy for our stay at the Thunderbird Resort. We were in three condos, although the Beredos and the Acevedos stayed at the Grand Sierra, and the Villegases stayed at the Nugget.

The dinner was superb and the picnic place was nice. Thanks to chef GP Gerry, and the sous chefs (the guys). The food was delicious: steak and lobster dinner, etc. The weather also cooperated. It was a beautiful day!

We were the lucky 19: Gerry and Lleva Abenes, Winston and Vangie Acevedo, Bong, Aileen, and Kaye Beredo, Ding and Julie Cavestany, Pogs and May Gaspay, Eric and Lita Punzalan, Boy and Irma Ramos, Titing and Cheng Valdez, and Dave and Mercy Villegas.

Thanks too to Cecilio and Anita Felix, Billy and Virgie Monteagudo, Fred Aquino, and Johnny Regadio for hosting a dinner (half-way from Reno to home) at Rancho Murietta.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! We had a great time.


Eric and Lita Punzalan







GREAT JOB everyone.... YOU DID IT!!!
We cherish all the opportunities of being together with you all. MORE THAN YOU 'LL EVER KNOW...
Will be back!
Let us know if you get the chance to go to the Philippines.

Ting and Cheng Valdez



I guess, What a weekend would be an appropriate description of the generosity of Dave & Mercy, the culinary talents of GP Gerry, and the warm and invigorating camaraderie shared by all of us at the Sparks hideout of senior brod Dave Villegas.


I was waiting with tremulous anticipation, hearing the BINGO shout of  Mercy as she was seriously working on her lucky bingo cards. The jackpot mind you, was $25,000.00, and there was a winner. Vangie and I took over the lucky cards of May as she got bored waiting for a win. That Rose Garden hall was a big, big production; two ballroom sized rooms full of eager bingo players. A lady in front of us won $1,000.00, alas, none of the UP Beta Sigma attendants were lucky. Better luck next time. 


We had a ball, and quite relaxing; enjoyed the warm bonding among all of us. Regrettably, our son wanted us for dinner Sunday night, and we could not join the group to brod Cecilio's place. I'm sure we missed a good dinner there, but when one is a grandpa, one always looks forward to seeing that precious grandchild. What a weekend indeed!!!!



Winston and Vangie Acevedo






Until next time!! And let's win the bingo jackpot, shall we?!




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