Summer in Sydney

by Freddy Fajardo



Brod Freddy UPLB 64 and Sis Norma UPLB 68 enjoy their "apostolic" duty with new grandson Maverick Dylan at Christmas and summer time in Sydney.



Part I. Sydney Brods & Sis' Welcome Party (Dec. 30, 2018)

On December 30, 2018, the Sydney based brods and sis' tendered a welcome party for visiting brods and sis' in Sydney, namely the Fajardo's (Freddy & Norma), the Mambuay's (Faisar Shio & Cecile), and brod Rey Escano of UPB. The affair was hosted by Sis Cecile Chavez-Apolinario at her residence in Hinchinbrook, NSW. The affair was organized by current GP, Brod Leo Robles.




Seated (L-R): Cora Natividad-Garcia, UPD 70; Myrna Miguel-Johnson, DLSU-GAUF 75;

Maria Fe Prevendido-Moses, PMC 86; Cecile Chavez-Apolinario, MSU 76; Cecile Mambuay, MSU.
Standing (L-R): Noel Artesano, MSU 81; Renato Sabater, GAUF 79; Norma Natividad-Fajardo, UPLB 68;

Rey Escano, UPB; Faisar Shio Mambuay, MSU; Jack Garcia, SBC 67; Jojie Natividad, PMC 84; Rene Evangelista, UPD 63;

Mario Manzano, UPLB 85; Leo Robles, MIT 85; Pykes Pico, UPLB 72; and Freddy Fajardo, UPLB 64.


All UP Brotherhood/Sisterhood.

Seated: Cora Natividad-Garcia, UPD 70 and Norma Natividad-Fajardo, UPLB 68.

Standing: Mario Manzano, LB 85; Rey Escano, UPB; Pykes Pico, LB 72, Rene Evangelista, D 63, and Freddy Fajardo, LB 64.



With sisters, spouses of brods and guests.






Prelude to my birthday, all smiles kami after having a hearty lunch and rounds of beer at Hooters Parramatta. Thanks to brods Mario Manzano and Pykes Pico for the treat.

Tatlo sila, tatlo din kami, beer at pulutan...ayos ang kasunod.



Part II. Welcome Party for Brod Tatang and TessVergara (Jan. 26, 2019)

Coinciding with Australia Day (January 26), the Sydney based brods and sis' gave brod Tatang Vergara and wife Tess arriving after their 14-day New Zealand cruise, a welcome party hosted by UPD brod Rene Evangelista 63 at his home in Liverpool, NSW. Upon his arrival, he was greeted with wild cheers and hugs as he gave away souvenirs (first grab, first serve) to all. As usual jug-a-lag followed with the free flowing of beer and wine and yummy Pinoy dishes shared by those who attended the party.


Standing (L-R): Edwin Antonio, Iggy Ycasiano, Pykes Pico, April de Peralta, Popoy Castaneda, Bong Ruiz Villafuerte,

Freddy Fajardo, Jojie Natividad, Paul Loveranes, Leo Robles, and Paul Lopez.
Seated (L-R): Sis Myrna Miguel-Johnson, Rene Sabater, Vic Pulmano, Tatang Vergara,

Rene Evangelista, and Rene Padilla. Mario Manzano is seated on the floor.

Sis' and spouses of brods.


Brods Rene Evangelista, Leo Robles, and Jogie Natividad.

At the background is a collection of crosses of brod Rene, almost a hundred of them.

Aside from being a track and field varsity athlete during his time,

brod Rene also dabbles in water color painting (Monet and Matisse style).




Left pic: Batch 50's - Vic Pulmano, UPD 57; Popoy Castaneda, UPLB 55.

Middle pic: Batch 80's - Mario Manzano, UPLB 85; Jojie Natividad, PMC 84; Leo Robles, MIT 85.

Right pic: Batch 90's / 00's - April de Peralta, UPLB 95; Paul Lopez, DWCL 05.


Left pic: Batch 60's - Edwin Antonio, UPLB 65; Rene Evangelista. UPD 63; Freddy Fajardo, UPLB 64; Tatang Vergara, UPD 67; Rene Padilla, UPD 65. 
Right pic: Batch 70's - Rene Sabater, GAUF 79; Iggy Ycasiano, UPD 72; Sis Myrna Miguel-Johnson, DLSU-GAUF 75; Pykes Pico, UPLB 72; Paul Loveranes, UPB 85.




All UPB/UPD Brods: Paul Loveranes B85, Rene Evangelista D63, Iggy Ycasiano D72, Tatang Vergara D67, Rene Padilla D65 and Vic Pulmano D57.


All UPLB Brods: April de Peralta 95, Mario Manzano 85, Pykes Pico 72, Edwin Antonio 65, Freddy Fajardo 64 and Popoy Castaneda 55.



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