Brod Felicitos Palis Awarded Gowan "Conquistadores Helmet"

by Tomsac Criador


Can you include an article of Brod Felicitos ‘Boy’ Palis, LB’74B. Worth sharing to the Brotherhood..

During last night’s program of the Gowan company meeting here in London: “To my surprise, the Gowan Company, where I am a consultant, awarded me the “CONQUISTADORES HELMET.”

It is given rarely given and only to Gowan employees who have done an extra ordinary contribution to Gowan business! They recognized the development, registration and sales of one of their product in the Philippines, ZOXIUM 240 SC Fungicide - a sigatoka control product for banana that Brod Boy had recently worked on. It was the first registration of the product in the world and other banana growing countries needed the Philippine registration before they could register the same product in their respective countries.

The Gowan Group is a global, family-owned agricultural solutions business headquartered in the heart of America's winter vegetable capital, Yuma, Arizona, U.S.A. Gowan specializes in developing, marketing, and processing agricultural inputs such as crop protection products, seeds, and fertilizers.

Brod Boy is one of the pillars of the agchem industry during its early days, having held key positions in the Weed Science Society of the Philippines, CropLife Philippines, Crop Protection Association of the Philippines.

Cheerz to Brod Boy!

Thanks and regards,
Tomsac ‘81b








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