Atty. Peter Danao leads UPBSF 2021-2022



Let us Congratulate and Welcome the new set of officers and trustees of the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. for 2021-2022.

The incoming members of the Board of Trustees:
A. Northern Group
For UP Diliman:
   1. Eric Ines 69b
   2. Mars Robosa 71b
   3. Peter Danao 92e
   4. Joshua Caringal 2007c
   5. Errol Topacio 2009a
For UP Manila:
   6. Lakan Fonacier 71d
For UP Baguio:
   7. Pikoy Cascolan 81a

B. Southern Group
For UP Los Baños:
   1. Freddy Fajardo 64
   2. Jojo Alejar 79d
   3. Marte Aragon 78d
   4. Ivan Fojas 91a
   5. J-Fel Cuevas 2003c
For UP Visayas:
   6. Laurence Tibon 99
For UP Mindanao:
   7. Miko Herrera 2004a

Outgoing President Vic Tupaz will sit in the new Board of Trustees as ex-officio member.

President: Peter Danao '92E UPD
Vice President: Ivan Fojas '91A UPLB
Corporate Secretary: Mars Robosa '71B UPD
Asst. Corporate Secretary: Joshua Angelo Caringal '07C UPD
Treasurer: Laurence Tibon '99 UPV
Communications Officer: Errol Topacio '09A UPD

Errol Topacio



On behalf of the new trustees and officers of UPBSF (Central), I thank you for the trust and confidence reposed on me and my fellow trustees and officers. It will be a tall task serving and leading the fraternity and our brotherhood amidst this health crisis. But with your continued support, cooperation and most especially understanding, the task will be easier. The board, in consultation with several brods, will lay down soon a program that will address 2 primary goals: (1) increase our residents in all UP chapters; and (2) strengthen our bond and camaraderie. It will be a challenge, but it can be done. I would like to thank my family, most especially my wife Tin, for their unending support and understanding. In the meantime, stay safe brods as we look forward in celebrating our Diamond year.

At your service,
PeterPaulDanao D92e





Cheers Prez Peter!!


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