PISMO '08  


           “Where Eagles Dare”    by: Ike Araneta'71 



                                       "They Came (Back) to Pismo"  by:  Norman Bituin’65



Huh?  So now you’re wondering about the two titles and bylines (authors).  Let me make a succinct explanation (cum disclaimer cum apology if I mess this up). Originally our UPBSFI secretary, Ike, was going to do the write-up while I would collect and format the pictures. However, as I am writing this in sprint mode today Feb. 28, after months of medical consultation and preparation Ike underwent back surgery at Stanford University Hospital this morning. In honor of Ike, after lunch I started clicking on the keyboard for this substitute article.


Earlier, Ike told me his title would be “Where Eagles Dare”, a war movie starring Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood.   Following his lead, remember “They Came to Cordura”, a Western movie starring Gary Cooper and Van Heflin? Voila – “They Came (Back) to Pismo”. 


The ominous rain and weather forecast didn’t faze the brods. Trying to remember and borrow from the capampangan  dialect of my ima (mother), I mused – “Ecung leon, ecung tigre, ecu tatacut - ditak na mulan pa!”  The Jan. 26-27   weekend Board of Directors meeting and general assembly was held at Spyglass Inn, same venue as last year, except this time Brod Ting and Sis Cheng Valdez professionally handled all the hotel accommodations.


 Saturday’s meeting went smoothly with all the agenda items discussed like clockwork: financial report by Edsel Arceo; status of the UP resident chapters by Bong Beredo; Global Directory and new UPBSFI logo by Ago Romero; membershipcampaign and timeshare contest by Ike Araneta; mechanics and prospects of non-profit incorporation by Bernie Bacosa; Big Brother Bounty scholarship project of the Los Banos alumni by Dutch Aragones; the New Betan Immigrant handbook by Manolo Banzon; the Jesus Jayme Memorial Golf Challenge by Roy Antonio; the “Early Builders Awards” handed by Prez Tatang to pioneering brods; and the Six Sigma presentation by CEO Dan Lachica from the Philippines who included the International’s get-together in his business itinerary. The rest of the night Vee Vera, Dutch Aragones, Joe Lalas and Babes Ignacio jammed and led the brods in the shindig and sing-along. Vee even played and sang his own composition, the "Betan Pismo Song" - with a trace of a Los Banos rodeo roundup perhaps?


Early Sunday morning, LA’s “The Magnificent (Rain or Shine) Seven” golf diehards – EddieC, EdselA, ArtM, FrankM, CarlingT, RoyA and NormB – challenged the elements and bravely headed to the Dairy Creek Golf Course in San Luis Obispo. At the 5th hole, they lost and bogeyed out of the fairway when the rain began pouring. Just in time though to listen to the totally interesting Ikebana class of Sis Lleva Abenes, wife (and she divulged, former student at Los Banos!) of Dr. Gerry Abenes. Her students proudly showing their artistic flower creations after the practicum was a fitting reunion finale. Skipping the traditional luncheon, the Betan families elected to beat the impending rain and traffic and headed for the exits, rather the entrance to Freeway 101. In closing, I hope I have done a respectable job of plugging in for Brod Ike.  Most importantly, we all wish Ike, and Tanya, a speedy and pleasant recovery.


Brods and Ladies, till next Pismo!!




      UPBSFI Prez Tatang Vergara opens BOD meeting         Everybody's all ears.  Okay, Ding Cavestany had a long drive, just resting his eyes.



     CEO Dan Lachica, at left, flies from RP to deliver his Six Sigma presentation         Gang from LA: EvaR, CherryB, ChitT, Ed & EvelynC


           George Abrina , GerryAbenes, Ago Romero, Pogs Gaspay, Bong Beredo     Nol Banzon, Domi Ramos, Ike Araneta, Johnny Regadio, Ting Valdez



               ChitT, EvaR, NonoyB, EvelynC, MercyV, SonnyP, EdC                 "Welcome, Brods & Ladies!" greets our "4-hour-a-day servant", Tatang



   Snack time at Spyglass Inn: EvelynC, CherryB, ChitT, EvaR                On the other table: SonnyP, EdC, RoyA, Art M, NonoyB, DingC, AgoR



            NonoyB, RoyA, CarlingT, EdC, SonnyP, ArtM, BernieB, BabesI                              RoryM, EvelynC, CherryB, ChitT, EvaR, NancyB



       UPBSFI: "The Future is in Our Hands"                            Superb dinner at McLintock's Saloon (the wolf howls in agreement)



 Vee Vera, Dutch Aragones, Babes Ignacio & Joe Lalas rock up the shindig!              Carling Taguinod jams with the band with the tambourine



  Sharing the UPBSFI's Mission and Vision of keeping the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity at the forefront in our Alma Mater 



  NancyB, RoryM with apo Brandon & nanny, BernieB, Barbie & GeorgeA         Eva & Ago Romero, the Creator of the new UPBSFI logo



LA's "Rain or Shine Boys": EdC, RoyA, ArtM, EdselA, CarlingT, FrankM, NormB          Ikebana flyer of Lleva Abenes, Gerry's better half



                     Lleva Abenes introducing the lovely art of Ikebana                                                          Her students listen attentively



            Proudly showing their beautiful creations:  Tanya Araneta                                                                    May Gaspay



                             Tess Vergara                                                                Julie Cavestany                                                        Tanya Araneta, take 2



 Brods learn Ikebana too: TingV, DaveV, DomiR, GeneS, JoeL            Enjoying the sun: ChitT, Eva R, NonoyB, EvelynC, MercyV, SonnyP, EdC



         BRODS FOREVER!!  FrankM, Val P, JohnnyR, Nol Banzon                         We too!!  VeeV, AgoR, EdselA, PogsG, NarcingL, GeorgeA



  LA folks getting ready to go home: Ed & EvelynC, CherryB, EvaR                        Brods pose for last shot - till next PISMO!!!                      




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