Colors of Hong Kong in Black and White

by Rolly Reyes

Hong Kong has always fascinated me since I set foot on this island of the Tai-Pans. Always known as a business hub of Asia, it never ceases to attract mortals to leave their footprints in this magnificent Oriental city. They say that you can sense that "money smell" the moment you land in this islands and money it is that fuels this city born of British-Chinese parenthood. I was here during the handover on June 30, 1997 leading a coverage team of ABS-CBN to document the historic event. Ever since, I was transformed into a subject that regularly genuflects and bows to its photographic sovereign rule. This time, I lugged my point-and-shoot and tried to capture images within reach of my now-lazy legs. A destination like Hong Kong usually attracts travelers for three major reasons: shopping, food trip and sightseeing. I enjoy the second one most especially. I am addicted to gate crashing holes-in-the wall Chinese eateries most frequented by locals, on which I effectively communicate with my Mandarin-speaking index finger pointing to those colored pictures on the menu. My rather adventurous appetite will always sample the "non-traditional" recipes that I can grab even without consulting Wikipedia. I am sure that many of you have embarked in this "East-West" gateway to Asia and quite familiar with the photos I am sharing.

A comforting sight after a full day


Wires to connect to the world


Early morning harbour skyline whispering the birth of a busy day




Old and new steps



Watching a shopper approaching a watch


Path walk to the Star Ferry that carries island commuters to nearby Hong Kong island


Geometric lines trying to reach the sky


A clear day in Tsim Sha Tsui to watch the other side


Looking through a seemingly invisible glass railing



A structure aptly named for its use






The double-decker legacy of the Brits



Billboards and signage, a typical Hong Kong city character reference



Trash that won't fit


The familiar rush to get somewhere


The shopping humanity swarms the malls daily




A breakfast buffet to start the motor running




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