Betan Alumni Visit the "City of Angels"
by Norman Bituin UPD'65

The UP Beta Sigma Fraternity, Southern California Chapter warmly welcomed two visiting brods to Los Angeles: Rene Padilla UPD'65, an architect based in Sydney, Australia; and Bobby Manansala UPD'67, a businessman/entrepreneur living in San Fernando, Pampanga. Rene, wife Dolly and son Victor were hosted by batchmate Norman Bituin at his home in Diamond Bar on Sept. 20. Ago Romero rolled out the hospitality carpet for the famous (or infamous?) Betan memorabilia collector, Bobby aka "Ahas", at his place in Buena Park on Oct. 1.

As usual, it was a happy occasion to see each other after all the years. It was a time to recount and reminisce on the young, fun years of college and fraternity days and to catch up on the latest on their personal, family and professional lives. Rene and family were on, as Rene put, "the mother of all trips" which would take them around the world in 6 weeks, including stops in SF, Las Vegas, New York, Toronto, Washington DC, Paris, Lourdes and Singapore. Bobby, on the other hand, was visiting his mother and sisters in New Jersey and his daughter in LA. He was also seen cheering wildly inside the Angels Stadium in Anaheim for his beloved New York Yankees, which unfortunately lost to the hometown Los Angeles Angels in the American League division playoffs. Next year maybe, Bobby?

So for upcoming visitors be sure to give the UP Beta Sigma SoCal Betans a forewarning call. The LA brods and wives will put the "shrimp on the barbie" for you, as the Aussies say; the Pinoy food, the beer, pulutan and kuwento, too. Cheerzzz!!



RenePadilla'65, Danny Galoso'65, Roy Antonio'77, Ric Tolentino'65, Tito de Santos'63, & George Abrina'73



Laureen Escobar, Evelyn Cornelia, Chit Taguinod, Cherry Bituin, Dinah Antonio, & Dolly Padilla.



CCW from L  - Danny Galoso'65, Rene Padilla"65, Carling Taguinod'57, George Abrina'73, Ed Cornelia'58,

Tito de Santos'63, Ric Tolentino'65, Lem Michelena'75, & Roy Antonio'77



Batch'65 all - Rene Padilla, Norman Bituin, Jimmy de Luna, Elmor Villanueva, Ric Tolentino, Danny Galoso,

 & Boi Wico.



Kneeling -- Tito de Santos'63, Norman Bituin'65, Ed Cornelia'58; Standing -- Elmor Villanueva'65, Lem Michelena'75, Sonny Pagador'76, Rene Padilla'65, Carling Taguinod'57, Chit Taguinod, Kurt Bituin,

Dolly Padilla, Jimmy de Luna'65, Victor Padilla, Cherry Bituin, Evelyn Cormelia.



Kneeling -- Johnny Singh'68, Mando Enrico'63, Angie Ouano'63, Brandon Barrido'67. Standing -- Zeni Rivera,

 Ed Rivera'68, Ed Cornelia'58, Jean Ouano, Cherry Bituin, Rexie Enrico, Eva Romero, George Abrina'73,

 Danny Galoso'65, Bobby Manansala'67, Ago Romero'68.



Sitting -- Angie Ouano'63, Mando Enrico'63, Tito de Santos'63, Bobby Manansala'67, Ed Rivera'68. 

Standing -- Brandon Barrdio'67, Johnny Singh'68, Danny Galoso'65, Ago Romero'68, Jun Valenzuela'73,

Elmer Banci'57.



"Barkadang Cubao" - 38 years hence: Bobby'67, Norman'65, Danny'65.


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