Brod Jose O. Lustre

 UP Diliman '60

June 12, 1942 - April 16, 2021












 Pictures from Family Video Clip

in Novena via Zoom, Apr 15-23, 2021















Another sad time for a fallen brother. Despite a hopeful message earlier from his family, as relayed by Vic Ramos, that Brod Pong, who was ill from Covid, might be extubated we received this news on his passing today.


Pong joins his illustrious UPD'60 "High Noon" batch mates in heaven: Ely Aglibut, Johnny Chiuten, Pet Grajo, Boy Morales, Rey Patiag, Romy Perez, Tante Tesoro and Bal Villanueva.

Just sharing with you the only picture I have with Pong at the 1st Beta Sigma International Homecoming in the Philippines, with Founder Atty. Rico Arranz as chairman, in December 1990.


My prayers and thoughts with you Brod Pong.

Norman Bituin



The younger sister of Brod Pong Lustre - Mrs. Aurora “Baby” Lustre - Estrella (UP Sigma Delta ‘63) just arrived from the US this morning - April 16th, but was quarantined & still is at SEDA Hotel, QC. She is requesting help if there is a way she could immediately proceed to Nueva Ecija. Can anyone help?  If not, okay lang, fyi , she has undergone testing before flying here to Manila. She would like to help as the wife of Brod Pong is also sick.

I got this from my wife who is a Sigma Deltan thru their other Sis - Evelyn Pangilinan.

Have relayed to her that the Brods have been manifesting symphaties and condolences to her and to the family.

Thank you daw mga Brods !

Eric Ines



Condolences to the family of Brod Pong, may he rest in peace.


Brod Pong Lustre's family is conducting a daily novena at 9 am in the morning via Zoom. The family will appreciate to hear some messages from 1 or 2 Brods, especially his contemporaries or Brods who were somehow close to Brod Pong after each daily novena schedule. The novena started last Thurs, 15 April. Tomorrow, Monday, April 19, Brods Mat Defensor, UPD´61 & Jelly Nacino, UPD´57 will be available for the sharing time. Do you know of other Brods who were close to Brod Pong & who might be interested to share also?

Below is the Zoom link:

6:00PM PST (California)
9:00PM EST (New York
2:00AM Manchester
9:00AM Manila / Philippines
11:00AM Sydney, Australia

Zoom Link:

I am attaching below Brod Jelly Nacino's message for Pong & family. He was supposed to personally log in & deliver the message himself. Unfortunately he was having some technical issues in logging in to Zoom. His message will be read this morning by Pong's daughter. The other day Brod Mat Defensor delivered his message/tribute & yesterday it was Brods Ed Qiuisumbing, UPLB´56 & Ric Monje, UPD´55. All messages were very heartwarming & full of brotherly memories.

Ross Fernando


After talking to Hermie San Luis, Sluggo Rigor and JoeLo Laraya, they said they will be honored to share about Pong at the Zoom novena at the dates indicated.
  o Apr 21, Wed 6PM PST -- Hermie San Luis, UPD'59 -- which will be Apr 22, Thu 9am Manila
  o Apr 22, Thu 6PM PST -- Sluggo Rigor, UPD'60 -- which will be Apr 23, Fri 9am Manila

  o Apr 22, Thu 9PM EST -- JoeLo Laraya, UPD'60 -- which will be Apr 23, Fri 9am Manila

Norman Bituin



First of all, my family and I share the deep sorrow of my classmate, Sis Delia, and the whole family, for the untimely loss of our loving Brod, Pong Lustre!! How can I ever forget Pong!! I have known Pong in my early years in Diliman. He was with me in the UP ROTC. Their house was along Quezon Blvd just across the road to Roxas Dist. His Dad was Judge Lustre and his Mom was PWU official!! I did not know then Pong had eyes for Delia and I was so happy to learn they were settling down. Then later, Pong and Delia went to Jaen, Nueva Ecija to start a rural bank. Pong became Pres of the Rural Bank Asso. Of the Philippine. The last time I talked with him was late last year bcoz a group of businessmen wanted to take over a rural bank in Pampanga. Pong was the 1st person I had in mind to brief me about rural bank. I did not know that would be our last to time to chat!! Rest in Peace Brod Pong in the warm embrace of our Lord! GOD SPEED MY DEAR BROTHER! And God bless to all whom you leave behind!!

Let's continue to pray for Brod Pong.

Jelly Nacino, GP, 62-63, UP Diliman.






Novena via Zoom, Apr 21 and 22, 2021

We are so brokenhearted and devastated with the demise of brod Pong Lustre. He was very dear and beloved by our family. I was in tears, when I saw Ed Quisumbing was calling early morning of April 15. I know Pong was dead. I could not believe that he is gone.

We were talking about his trip to Los Angeles to be the sponsor at the wedding of his close friend's daughter. He expressed his appreciation for my help in the solution of his eldest daughter's medical predicament. Then I thought what is going thru Del's mind, Pong's wife, mother of his four daughters, best friend and financial advisor...the pain is excruciating. Our hearts go out to her, their daughters and his sisters. Pong was a Betan thru and thru, he enjoyed being with the brods. I can see him with his infectious smile...saying Cheers!!!


 Rest in Peace Pong. May the Perpetual light shine upon you.

Hermie San Luis, UPD59A


My Batchmate in the Frat’s 1960 "High Noon" batch, Pong Lustre, was the ever-smiling gentleman of many skills and talents. Pong was a smooth and fun Brod who escorted many a campus lasses as an ROTC Vanguard officer, a radio broadcaster, a budding business mogul who later morphed into an haciendero, businessman, a leading rural banker, and a highly respected alumnus of the finest Fraternal Brotherhood on Diliman campus. Pong, the loving family man, is affectionately remembered as the generous and hospitable Betan who hosted visiting Brods whenever they came to his territory in the city or in the province. A hearty salute to you, beloved Ka-batch! Godspeed, my good brother.

Sluggo Rigor / upd60


I will be joining the novena on Thursday and/or Friday 9PM EST to pay my respects to a beloved Brod, batch mate and fellow cadet officer. Pong was the quiet-spoken gentleman, always calm, cool and collected yet very commanding. He was very kind, and truly, one of a kind. I'll miss him.



L-R: Pong Lustre, Segy Gazmin, Pet Grajo (?), Boy Morales, JoeLo Laraya, Toti Que and Ed Soliman

 at Manila International Airport to send me off to Japan, circa April 1962.

JoeLo Laraya, Beta Sigma 60


So very very sad. Rest In Eternal Peace Our Brother Pong.

Joe Rebano


Dear Brods, I join you in mourning the passage of Brod Pong. May he rest in peace.

Toti Que, UPDBS’63


Rest in peace brod Pong.

Dante Morales


Sad indeed. This COVID-19 has taken a few brods and loved ones away from us. This is an indication that we should really be taking this pandemic seriously.


I  urge all brods to observe all the safety guidelines. We will make it thru this trying times, we just need to be patient. Be safe always brothers.

Jim Gonzalvo


My condolences and sympathies for Brod Pong. May he rest in peace.

Billy Sevilla


Rest in peace brod Pong Lustre.

Pikoy Cascolan


RIP, brod Pong L.!

Ruben Abon

Farewell Brod Pong Lustre! Rest In Peace Dear Brother! God bless!

Sonny Pagador


Farewell brod Pong Lustre. Rest in peace.

Alan Batallones


Rest In Peace Brod Pong.

Augusto Arreza


Brod Pong, may you rest in peace!

Ollie Jumao-as


Rest In Eternal Peace Brod Pong Lustre!!!

Edgardo Carandang


Rest in heavenly peace Brother Pong Lustre, in the Great Beyond, with our Almighty Father. Sincere Condolences and prayers to the bereaved family.

Butch Madarang


RIP Brod Pong L. Condolences & prayers for Brod Pong’s family.

Dan Lachica


Brod Pong L, may d Lord bring you forth to eternal peace! Our sincere condolences to d family.

Reynulfo Juan


Farewell, Brod Pong. Rest in heavenly peace.

Joel Paredes


This COVID-19 is really treacherous. We thought Brod Pong was on the mend already. Farewell brother.

Victor Ramos


Rest in peace Brod Pong.

Humprey Tumaneng


Our prayers for the eternal repose of the soul of Brod Pong L, and our condolences to the family. We were already happy to note that his condition was improving and suddenly this sad news on his passing. Am glad that I was able to overcome this virus but the fear is still in me. Stay safe Brothers!

Rene de Rueda


Rest In Peace Brod Pong Lustre!!! Condolence to the bereaved family & loved ones!!!!

Vic Tupaz


Farewell Brod Pong L. May your soul rest in peace. Nakikiramay sa pamilya.

Danny Abad


Prayers and Condolences to the bereaved family of Brod Pong L. RIP Brodear.

Ed Paz


Rest in peace brod Pong L. Heartfelt condolences to the family.

Freddy Fajardo


Rest in peace Brod Pong Lustre.

Nandy Paras





Rest in peace brod Pong Lustre!

Rollie Santos


Rest in peace brod Pong L.

Jopet Laraya


Rest In Peace Brod Pong Lustre. Condolence to the Family.

Ed Rivera


Rest In Peace Brod Pong Lustre.

Yay Topacio


My memory of him kasi he was always in the company or very close to Sluggo and Ely Santiago. Cheerz !!!

Willie Nep


Rest in the Loving Embrace of our Lord and Father for Eternity, Brod Pong Lustre.

Nap Cruz

Our deepest condolences to the family of Brod Pong Lustre and may he rest in peace.

Benjamin Garcia







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