Brod Roger F. Barroga

 UP Los Baños '83A

September 25, 1964 - Septembr 24, 2019










Betan Last Rites 

PhilRice Head Office, Maligaya, Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

 September 28, 2019


[Photos collected by Dutch Aragones]





UPLB residents lead the Last Rites


Dr. Chito Protacio'74, former Director of PhilRice


Plato Tirol'78


Yoyoy Hernandez'80



Mother of Roger responds to solemn rites.  The Barroga family: Roger's father and mother, wife Kay, and sisters Serlie and Charlene.



Left pic: Pat Atos’81 and Ric Escobin’79 and CLSU Sigma Betans at the first night of the wake.

Right pic: Edward Barroga’84, younger brother of Roger, in between Yoyoy Hernandez and Pat Atos.

L-R: Raul Divina (CLSU brod), Vincent Alvarez’92, Chito Protacio’74, Yoyoy Hernandez’80, Pat Atos’81 and Tony Frio’60.


UPLB brods and CSLU brods and sisters

















Chito Reynoso’84...

Roger Barroga was 2nd VGP nung pumasok kami in 84. He was a scholar/thinker type of leader brod and I remember him for his excellent oratory and writing skills - he was even at a young age, the high school editor of The Ruralite which is the organ of the Rural High community. Soft spoken and always smiling, and very friendly, he also had the martial blood in him as he had excellent attendance in our Friday SOMA sessions despite his smaller stature. Always advancing our cause, he was good at diplomacy esp sa OSA and with other fraternities and orgs. Because of his good relationship skills, excellent oratory, and arduous representations at OSA, he was instrumental in lifting the ban of the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity in LB after the “ unpleasant” 1983 incident in Diliman which had the Fraternity banned in Diliman and LB - originally for 5 years but was cut down to just two years in LB. It was a great victory and a tribute to Roger Barroga’s character that I believe foreshadowed his future success as a leader of men. Leader, thinker, friend, diplomat, excellent relator and a die hard Betan, this is how I remember Roger Barroga. We are a little older and sadder once again sa pagkawala ng isa na namang maningning na bituin ng ating samahan. RIP Brod Roger Barroga’83 and keep the council fire burning in that great big Coop in the sky. Till we meet again, Brod.

Lito Tetangco’82...

Roger was a double-fraternity brod of mine. In high school we were together in the Betan Elite Society and in college the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity. He is godfather to my first born Shimoda. We shared a lot of idealism from youthful longing for a better world, we fought back-to-back in rumbles, drank together and talked a lot about whatever under the sun and stars. We shared dreams, made a blood compact in our youth. There is this emptiness inside of me right now. I grieve for my loss of a dear Brod. I grieve for Karen and Gian. I grief for the loss of a great man. He will forever be my Brod and kumpare. Always remembered.


Ned Leonor’79...

Very sad to hear about Brod Roger. When we worked to re-activate the InterFrat council, I saw he had the temperament and profile of a true diplomat - humble, soft-spoken with excellent negotiation skills. It was the time when the brotherhood started to get politically active again. We needed the help of all the other fraternities, sororities and academic orgs, and student activites to lift our suspension. And Brod Roger was our perfect ambassador. Rest in peace Brod.



Jojo Alejar'79...

Brod Roger was reelected as 2nd VGP for external affairs in ‘85-‘86.

I was quite surprised when I saw him one day riding in motorcycle tandem with an officer of the Lumabay-labay group. We found out he was negotiating with the Upsilon Sigma Phi/APO/Lumabay-labay & all the others where UPBSF had rumble cases.

He successfully negotiated the swapping of OSA’s student disciplinary tribunal cases of many fraternities as complainants versus the brods in spite of the inequality of our much less number of plaintiff cases versus other fraternities and even zero cases in some. Such was our negotiating influence in the Inter-Fraternity Council restarted by Pedrito Revilleza in 1980 & then actively again by brods Ned Leonor, Plato Tirol, Roger Barroga & Lito Tetangco.

Brod Roger held many other posts in college from President of the DevCom Society, USC Councilor and in the board of the Inter Frat Council .

He was a few decimal points from becoming a cum laude & so was his brother Edward’87 DVM. But he chose to sacrifice for the love for our brotherhood. Surely he could have been one & he was always asked by his sisters why... because the sisters performed rather better with one cum laude & magna cum laude.

Brod Roger was a very humble man & his wife Kay was even more surprised & touched by the details of these testimonials during the final rites last night. Kay said Roger spoke only about these college events in general terms.

Farewell brod Roger.


L-R: Roger Barroga’83, Alan Hamoy’79d, Tomsac Criador ‘81b, Ben Medel’82a,

Bubbles Salud’82, Allan Alejar’77, Mark Nubla’79d and Mike Alcasid’79d (sitting).





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