Malmon Treasures

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                                                   The Master, The Creator of Malmon - Banz Banez'57




 ***  These came from the files of resident brod Danilo Si'08 of RP on their LA visit in Nov. '09.










                              ***  This Malmon drawing is a contribution of  Gilbert Dulay'64 of La Verne, California.





                         *** From the Collections of  Jojo Criador'81 of Los Banos, Laguna, RP (Second Batch).
                              [Restored by Willie Vergara'67]

Incredible Malmon Master



Malmon at the Bat



Malmon Batter





                          ***  From Jojo Criador'81 of Los Banos, Laguna, RP.


Malmon Baguio Beans


Betan Malmon Power


Love is Malmon


Malmon Wedding





                                                                                      Malmon Big Heart



***  From Willie Vergara'67 of Rocklin, California.


I'm sending you 15 designs of MALMON, which should now complete the whole batch of TWENTY-FIVE that Banz gave to UPBSFI, then UP Beta Sigma USA --- in appreciation for the two rounds of fund-raising we conducted during the period of his (Banz') illness.
Having been out of office for most of the week, I took advantage of the free time not just to clean up the remaining MALMON designs but to color some of them as well.  It should be noted that I remained faithful to the original colors that Banz had intended. Consider, therefore, that these colored works underwent a "restoration".
As mentioned earlier, these are really precious works and they belong to all of us, especially to the scores of brods who responded to our call for donation.
I find it an obligation to once again appeal on behalf of the Master.  BANZ DID NOT WANT ANY MALMON DESIGN BUT HIS, so we have to please respect his wishes, mga kapatid.
Hindi natin ipagmamaramot ang mga narito.  Anyway, Banz said MALMON is for every Betan.  In his last decade, he was so sad to see new Malmon designs cropping up without his permission.  With the addition of 15 more designs, we have more than enough to choose from.
Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.
Willie "Tatang" Vergara, 7-19-2008


Malmon Golf unnamed



Malmon Hole18



Malmon Hole19



Malmon Ala Chiuten



Malmon Credo Study unsigned



Malmon Credo2



Malmon Toy



Malmon X



Malmon X2



Malmon X3



Malmon Hole In One



Malmon In Black



Malmon Peace Space



Malmon Vet



Malmon Magnum46




***  From Willie Vergara'67 of Rocklin, California.


I consider these two batches of Malmon as very precious. It was sent by Banz to the then UP Beta Sigma USA (now UPBSFI, Inc.) in appreciation of the two rounds of donations from USA-based brods (mostly from Northern and Southern California, and some from Canada like Noli, Jopet, Fred Young, etc. and from the Mid-West and East Coast. (I remember Brod Wally R also made a special solicitation to help Banz in his ailment.) In these two rounds I mentioned, we were able to raise about $10,000 way back in 1999, a record that remains unbroken to date insofar as helping an ailing legend whose legacy is for all time.
The paper upon which these Malmons were copied from were colored by Banz himself using bookmarkers of different colors. His sickly condition at the time told on his coloring of the Malmons, as his hands were already trembling because of his ailment. So, I painstakingly translated these into black and white to neutralize the grayed-out portions on the face and the hands in order to remove the "smudge effect" and are now ready for posting.
These "colored" Malmons can be viewed anytime. These are now with GP Bong Beredo, if he has not yet turned them over to the Guardian of the Chattels.
Willie "Tatang" Vergara, 7-04-2008




UPLB Cowboy



Jet Li



Mountain Biker









Indiana Jones















                  ***  From Noli Nolasco'62 of Alberta, Canada.

                   " This Malmon contains all the trimmings that Brod Banz envisioned for me when I informed him about my golf addiction:
                          1. Black Secrets seal on the right arm;
                          2. Dr. Noli on the golf cap;
                          3. JC's black belt which is in my possession.
                         Dated September 18, 1997. We had a family get together at Shoemart Makati.
                         I would like to share this nostagic treasure with everyone. Cheers." --  Noli






             ***  More Malmon finds from the files of Benild Pires'64 of Victoria, British Columbia.


             From Tatang Vergara, here's a little trivia story. Know what was Benild's alias and why?

                 -- Maharajah of Vancouver (according to Bro Wally)
                 -- Maharajah of Victoria (according to Tatang)
              *And from Brod Norman, the true background is found below:
                  "Benild Pires' alias when we were amuyongs in '65, right after his batch in '64, was "Maharajah of Minnesota" because

                   his gf then, now wife, Laila de Lara lived in Minnesota St. in Cubao. The story was one of us under initiation was made by

                   Benild to write the phrase "Maharajah of Minnesota" on all 4 sides of all the matchsticks inside the matchbox, if you can

                  just imagine how small and thin that writing surface was for his noble alias".

               *And confirmed by Benild, 3/11/08:

                  "It's true about the matchsticks!  He! He! He!  Maharaja of Minnesota (street in Cubao is now called Ermin Garcia). And Laila

                   and I now live in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. Vancouver City is on the mainland". -- Ben



















                     ***  The following Malmon caricatures for ICUP were contributed by Benild Pires'64 of Victoria, British Columbia.



                                           International Club of UP (ICUP) Forum - 1967, by Brod Banz Banez'60




                                                         ICUP International Festival Ball ticket - 1967, by Brod Banz




                                                           ICUP 9th Students' Festival program - 1967, by Brod Banz




                                             Benild and Banz at the UP Beta Sigma Golden Anniversary 12-30-96, Manila, Philippines




       ***  The following were contributed by Wally Rodriguez'63 of New York. 






     *** The following are contributions from Brod Jopet Laraya'63, DVM, which he scanned from his originals.

           Fyi, Jopet has his veterinary practice in and lives in Hongkong.  Along with Brods Johnny Chiuten'60

           and Ollie Jumao-as'73 of UP Beta Sigma SOMA, Jopet teaches martial arts and arnis to the resident

           brods, just recently at JC's training grounds in Cebu.



                     Malmon Country                                                     Malmoon                                             Malmon Rodeo



                       Malmoon                                                Malmon Tumbleweeds                                        Malmon Viking                          




                         ***  The following were contributed by Norman Bituin'65 of Diamond Bar, California











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