Betan Memory Lane III

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These pictures were sent by Sluggo Rigor'60 of Seattle, WA.


"When the late Sen. Eddie Ilarde with a broadcaster hosted a coffee time conversation at a 5-star hotel in Makati for Betans

(Sluggo Rigor, Boy Morales and Rolly Reyes) sometime in the 80's. He had asked many questions and addressed interesting issues."


"Sluggo Rigor, Bal Villanueva and Asiong Morales, all UPD'60 "High Noon", at the 1996 Golden Frat Ball in Wack Wack".



This picture is courtesy of Eric Punzalan'65, sent by Dutch Aragones'78 of CA.


UPLB Beta Sigma, circa 1960's


[Names provided by Freddy Fajardo]

*Seated (L-R): Arthur Regala, Nestor Lawas, Emmanuel Ouano, Pedro Lapid, Pat Monte, Chookiat Chandpen, Abelardo Yap, Emivoi Roman, Elmer Abilay, Ric Acabado, Antonio Ybanez, Bob de la Torre
*2nd Row: Dave Ramos, Eric Punzalan, Caloy Belleza, Jopero Villaflores, Chudej Paisalvejakam, Virayut Vatanakul, Louie Alano, Ruben Monroy, Teopisto Villanueva, Surapong Sarkarung, Buntoon Sukdinunt, Larry Santiago, Orly Magistrado
*3rd Row: Ray Matulac, Edwin Antonio, Ted Paulin, Rene Tiamzon, Carlos Aguila, Dante Monzon, Thad Hamoy, Jun Gomez, Sweetheart Luchie Serrano-Trinidad, Pat Roman, Mel Gulfin, Ray Pastrano, Andy Sibayan, Rudy Abad, Boy Kaufman, Mando Dayrit, Mon Ronquillo.



This picture was sent by Chito Reynoso'84 (original from Nick Angel II'83) of Winnipeg, MN.



Sharing this 1984 photo courtesy of an earlier post by Brod Nick Angel ‘83 featuring the 1984 Dual Meet between Diliman and Los Banos residents led by Diliman GP Jikky Evangelista’81 and LB GP Yoyoy Hernandez ‘80 at the Baker Hall in Los Banos. A fitting reminder of our sterling Brotherhood as we celebrate the 70th year of the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity in Los Banos ! LB Brods in the photo from top to Bottom mostly on the left side are : Greg Villanoy ‘81, Orlando Basio’83, Dutch A. ‘ ‘78, Chito Velecina’82, Roger Barroga’82, Alexis Domingo’75, Chito Reynoso ‘84, Patrick Atos’81, Michael Alcasid ‘79, Ting Oviedo’83, Bigtime Mendoza’82, Tonio Bautista’84, Toots Alaira’82, Theodore Tongacan ‘79, Efren Cardenas’77, Rody Arlene Lintag ‘84, Randy Maligaya ‘82, Roman Roman T. Roman’84, Renato Udanga’84, Ben Medel’82, William Valdez ‘81, Nicolas Angel II’83, Ric P. Escobin ‘79, Jojo Alejar ‘79, Kulabo Leviste’84, Muloy Eala’79. Diliman brods in the photo ( right side and at least those whose names and face I can still remember) are the following: GP Jikky ‘81, Joe Diaz’78, Nugget Aquino’79, Kit Liquigan’84, Nap Gatmaitan’82, Noneng Monroy’83, Julius Villanea’84, Crispo Alvar ‘77 and others ( my apologies to the unnamed Dil brods and pls kindly help to fill in the names to the faces). Mabuhay and Cheers to the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity!

1st Row right most - Joe Diaz 78 / 2nd Row Right to Left: Alex Reyes (Mahinay) 84, Nap Gatmaytan 82, Eldred Rivera 81, Nugget Aquino 79, Carl Zabat (with sunglasses) 83/ 3rd Row Right to Left: Richie Agbulos 78 (in sunglasses), Borger Buan 79 (blue collared shirt), Jicky Evangelista 81 (blue t-shirt)/ 4th Row R to L : Crespo Alvar 77 (green shirt), Dr. Noneng Monroy 83 (gray shirt), Alan Liquigan 84 (crossed arms), Bobby Ongsiako 83 (rightmost in green collared shirt)/ 5th Row R to L: Jules Villanea 84(blue shirt), Renzi Del Rosario 84 (towel on shoulder). My apologies but these are all the Diliman brods that I can ID in the photo. CHEERS!


These pictures were sent by Edgar "Gary" R. Flores'69 of RP. 


Remembering Brod Horacio "Boy" Morales, Jr., UPD'60  (Sep 11, 1943 - Feb 29, 2012)






These pictures were sent by Erwin Acuña'76 of Calgary, AB.


Free Medical Clinic during the term of GP Ben Albarace. Sa Area, inside the Diliman campus.

Butch Madarang, Borger Buan, Ick Angeles 78A, Joey Rigor, Edwin Acuña, Danny Paz 78A, Jojo Sybico (+), and Anthony Buyco 79A.


Cesar Salvador 75C, Obet Santos 76D, Cesar Landrito 77B, Wo Coronel 79B, Rene Navarro 75C, Marnie Melgarejo 77B, Babes Ignacio, Gabby Tomeldan 78A, Roni Agbayani, Joey Zulueta, and LC Beckie Malay.



Oliver Butalid 77C, Jojo Sybico 78 (+), Rey Soria 78, Borger Buan, Edwin Garrido 78, Butch Madarang, Deo Gonzaga 77A, and Babes Ignacio.




These photos were all taken during a jug-a-lug at the apartment of The Lone Shark Brod Pitong Cabral 79D. The brods and LCs in attendance are: Lionel Latoja, Flor Pagador (+), Butch Madarang, Reggie de la Cruz 74A, Añuca, Richie Agbulos 78A, Roni Agbayani, Bobbie Robles 71D, LC Cel Conde, Henry Pacquing 77C (+), Alex Roseus 79C, and Pitong Cabral.







These pictures were sent by Raffy Hidalgo'86 of RP.


88 Tambayan

*Back: Bino Aguinaldo '88, Ron Justo '88, Renzi Del Rosario '84, Marco Montes '88, Doods Gonzales '88, Jun Justo '87. *Front: Rafael Hidalgo '86, Otep Ladip '88, James Castaneda '87, Owl Balmores '88.       


89 Ball

*Standing: Renzi Del Rosario '84, Jay Policarpio '88, Philip Marfil '81, Rex Gingoyon '87, Dennis Liggayu '87, Rafael Hidalgo '86, Jet Balajadia '86, Allan Ambil '88, Guring Alberto. *Seated: Mel Ladip '87, Ron Justo '88, Bino Aguinaldo '88, Jun Sta. Barbara '80.




This picture was sent by Frank Gorrez'52 of RP.



The attached photo is 99% Betan Singers where Brod Divinagracia is seated in front row 5th from the left. Please ask Brod Cornejo if I am correct? I directed the Musical Close Up 1 & Close Up 2 at UPLB where Perfing Palacio, Divinagracia (forgot his first name), Pap Amador and other Bicolanos were stars of the show (ask Brod Freddie Fajardo). I would appreciate it very much if the participants in the photo can be identified. I also remember Don Ganchorre as one of the stars. -- Regards, FrankG




This picture was sent by Joe Rebano'62 of RP.



Attached is a picture of our 1962-1963 UP Varsity Basketball team where we had six Beta Sigmans as part of that team - Lionel Logronio (#16), Freddie de Leon (#18), Jun Gomez (#12) Marianito Cruz(#11), Joe Rebano (#8) and Sammy Bautista (to the left of JoeReb).

I recall the 62-62 team also did very creditably in the UAAP that season. If my memory serves me right - we ended up in a triple tie for first place in the second round but missed the playoff for first losing to UST/UE by a foul throw, a costly heartbreaking miss by Alandy.

Kind regards,


*Web note (NormB): I recognized Dave Perez (kneeling leftmost), who would join UPD Batch'64, and asked JoeReb to confirm. And JoeReb's reply: "That's Great info Brod Norman - that makes 7 - the # of current and future Betans in d 62-63 UP Team. Dave was our captain ball then. I wil c if he is stil with UP Tarlac."




These pictures were sent by Alex Roseus'79 of Melbourne,VIC.


UP Diliman Lantern Parade

Jug-A-Lug: L-R Nap Gatmaitan 82A +, Jicky Evangelista 81B, Alex Roseus 79C and Dave Bacungan.


L-R: Alex Roseus 79 C, Boobie Robles 71D, Jona LC, Richard Agbulos 78A.


L-R: Boobie Robles 71D, Jun Valenzuela 73B, Alex Roseus 79C, Dave Bacungan 77C, Nilo Espino 79C and Richard Agbulos.

L-R Cesar Landrito 77B, Pepon Magno 74B, Gilbert Sison 80B, Richard Agbulos 78A and Alex Roseus 79C.




These pictures were sent by Erwin Acuña'76 of Calgary, AB.



The brods after playing basketball at the UP gym. *Front row: Fred Young, Sammy Cayetano, Angel Buan and Dante Agulto. *Back row: Boying Liwag, Hec San Juan, Jito Arreza, Ezra Castillo and Joey Zulueta.                                            


At our Diliman tambayan, from left to right starting first row: the late Arnel Albino (with guitar) Mario Cruz, Gil Marzo, Cesar Landrito, Carlos Agulto, Butch Madarang, Mario Coronel, Sammy Cayetano, Boying Liwag, Yay Topacio, Gabby Tomeldan, Raffy Tomeldan, Sonny Pagador, Rhett Daza and Rolly Paradero.




After the mass at the U.P. Chapel, prior to the start of our 31st anniversary motorcade, 1977, left to right: Humphrey Tumaneng, Sonny Pagador, Gilbert Basbas, Jun Valenzuela, Romeo Canlas and the late Anthony Subijano.




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