Betan Memory Lane II

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This picture was sent by Rolly Reyes'66 (shared by Egay Aguilar) from RP.


Happy birthday to inaanak, Mel de Santos.... from ninong RGR'66



This picture was posted at Facebook by Benild Pires'64 from Victoria, B.C.



Brod Vic Ramos, when he was Secretary of Environment and National Resources, accompanied

 South Africa President Nelson Mandela to the Rizal Memorial in Manila. A treasured memory for our stalwart brod!



These pictures are from Orly Magistrado'64 in Mission Viejo, CA.


Diliman Tambayan

                            Front row: Ding Cavestany'65, Joe Agulto'63, Bogs Cabanatan'65, Edwin Moscoso'65,

                                            Boya Macandog'62, Pete Hernandez'64.

                            Back row: Eddie Rafols (nee Chu Te)'66, Rudy Soliman'66, Orly Magistrado'64.


                                                                                             AS Lobby
            Standing, l-r: Ernie Castillo'64, Larry Tumaneng'65, Tony Senga'65, Jun Leyco'65, Raul Lopez'64, Edwin Moscoso'65,

                               Orly Magistrado'64, ?, Boya Macandog'62, Pol Moral'65, Rolly Roderos'63, Ed Baldoria'65.
            Seated, l-r:   Bart Gacad'64, Rene Padilla'65, Joey Tolentino'64, Danny Galoso'65, Ding Cavestany'65,

                               Wally Rodriguez'63, Romy Cucio'64.


This picture was sent by Rolly Reyes'66 from RP.


UP College of Fine Arts brods and friends at debut of Ms. Monserrat King - circa 60's

l-r: Raul Lopez'64, Nick Ricio, Orly Magistrado'64, Ms. Monsy King, Tito de Santos'63, Danny Santos and Rolly Reyes'66.



This picture was sent by Ike Araneta'71 from Palo Alto, CA.


At the UP Diliman Gym right before Walt Navarro left for the US, 1972

                          Standing: Ike Araneta, Babes Galoso, Pongklinks Alvarez, Bobby Manansala, Walter Navarro,

                                        Bobby Pascual, Mike Cruz, Cedric Gloria, Dodo Rabara, Bernie Bantegui, El Rada.
                          Sitting:     Jojo Lorenzo, Chaks Baldoria.



These pictures were sent by Rey Bello'69 from RP.



               The brods in the fotos are Ernie Igot, Ed Paz, Rey Carandang, Rene de Grano, Rod Reyes, Jorge Sales, Rey Bello

               and 1 more brod whose name I forgot. The 2 fotos were taken at our house in Bacoor, Cavite, sometime in 1973?

               Pls. correct me if the year is wrong. In the background was my old but reliable getaway 1965 Chevy Impala car,

               a silent witness to a many close encounters during those years.



These pictures were sent by Walter Navarro'68A from RP.


             Picture was taken in 1971 when our fraternity competed at the Pope Pius Center, UN Ave., Manila. In the front of the lines,

             holding our Beta Sigma Malmon / Black Secrets banner are Brod Dolf Pinlac '61 and yours truly. Some notable brods in the

             left column are Brods Bobby Pascual '68A (2nd behind me) and Josue Castillo '67B (at the very back). On the right column,

             Brod Cedric Gloria '69C (partly hidden) is 2nd behind Dolf. The rest in the columns are members of the Black Secrets, the

             students of one of our revered teachers, Brod Noli Nolasco '62B.

Bobby Manansala '67B and myself taken in the Initiation finals of Batch '72 - Redskins


AS Betan Tambayan - with Brods Jun 'Nokiboy' Bernal '69B, Bobby M. and myself


Lido Beach, Cavite -  Bobby M., myself, Gene Puente '69A and Brod Pucay Jr.



This picture was sent by Bobby Manansala'67 from RP.

[ID by Pogs Gaspay and Bobby Manansala. More needed.]

             1st row: ?, ?, ?, Ray Matulac, Torch Manalang, Willie Nepomuceno (covering mouth behind Torch), Alex Gabertan,

                           Ernie Antonio, Oca Lawas (rightmost).
             2nd row: Bart Domans Dayrit (inside tractor), inside tractor, Boanerges “Bon” Reyes, ?, Monet Locsin (partly hidden),

                           Bray “Baloy” Perez, Edwin “Bok” Antonio, brod behind Torch), Gabby Moraleda, brod partly hidden by arm,

                           kaliwa ni Pat Roman, Pat Roman, ?, Vee Vera, Manolo Banzon (rightmost).
             3rd row: Ding Rosales, Herbert Ticson, Ed Justo, ?, ?, Neri Maniego, Kino Aquino, Ben Montejo, Jun Bernal (rightmost).
             4th row: Rey Bello, Gil Marzo in black, Vic Tupaz, Viven Marfori, Ding Rosales, Bobby Manansala, Pol Damasco

                          (at Bobby’s breast), Mel de Santos, Mario Pekas.
             Last Row: Eric Ines, ?, Ed Abon (partly hidden with raised hands).



These pictures were sent by Willy Vergara'67 of Rocklin, CA.


                    Three in front:            Cedric Gloria, Babes Galoso, Gerard Alo.

                    Next three:                 Rey Juan, Dodo Rabara, Bong Jamir.

                    From standing at side: Dan Lachica, Boi Wico, Rene de Grano, Ben Abon, Pailing Veneracion, Greg Vergara.

                    Standing solo:             Gus Azura.



                     Gus Azura, Rene de Grano, Dante Fagar, Gary Flores, Rey Carandang, Rudy Buan, Paul Chua, Gerard Alo



This picture was taken by Noli Nolasco'62 of Strathmore, AB.

[Final id by Pogs Gaspay and Bobby Manansala]


Circa 1970 - Diliman tambayan


We were 44 years younger...

 *The brods standing on the roof are Fred Young, Rawlinson Dimayuga, Macky Lamarca, Boyet Fernandez, Mike Cruz, Mon "Galit"

   Ligason, Ed “Papainks”Paz, Buddy “Bajour” Curameng, Togi Igot, Cyrus Fagar, Cedric “Ninja” Gloria, Mel “deSade” de Santos,

   Bobby Pascual, Walter Navarro, Chaks Baldoria, Rey Bello, Danny “Baduday” Pamilar, Gabby Moraleda, Gil Marzo, Ruben Medina,

   Carlo Gervasio, Mike Anonuevo, Ed Tadiar, Alex Montero, Rey Carandang, Julius Cada, Emil "Uhu" Divinagracia, Bernie Bacosa,

   Yen Mangahis, Bert Aberin and Gene Puente; and at the center, then new GP Gamy Manikan.

  *Seated in front are: Orly Padera, Paeng Ochoa, Willie Nepomuceno, Bobby Manansala, Ed “Amang” Rivera, Ross Fernando

   and Jun “Nokiboy”Bernal.


These pictures were sent by Wally Rodriguez'63 of New York.

[Final id by Pogs Gaspay and Bobby Manansala]


                       Front:             Efren Marcos, Gil Marzo, Mario Pekas, Roman RaulLopez Frantela.

                              2nd row:         Rudy Sunga, Orly Padera, Gene Puente, Perry Callanta.

                              3rd row:          Rudy Niones (seated at the post), Rey Bello, Willie Nep, Erik Ines, Claro Sta. Maria, Gabby Moraleda.

                              Sa likod nila:  Brod facing back, Rolly Balingit, Rawlinson Dimayuga.

                              Back row:       Jun Bernal, Bobby Manansala, Mike Cruz, Ed Cunan, Ruben "Angelus" Montejo, and Erik Jarvinia?   


                           Foreground: Orly Padera, Mike Cruz, Erik Jarvinia or Rudy Sunga (partly hidden at foreground).

                           2nd Row:      Ed Cunan, Gary Flores, Tatang Vergara, Claro Sta Maria, Rolly Balingit.

                           3rd Row:       Rawlie Dimayuga, Bobby Manansala, Mario Pekas behind Tatang and Claro SM, Raul Lopez behind MPekas,

                                                  Gene Puente behind Roman, Alex Ilusorio.

                           Last Row:     Rey Bello, Gabby Moraleda, Jun Bernal, Cesar Aparato, Ben Montejo.



                                         l-r: Gerard Alo, Babes Galoso, Cedric Gloria, Ben Abon, Gus Azura, Dan Lachica, Greg Vergara,

                                              Rene de Grano, Dodo Rabara, Boi Wico, Rey Juan (standing).



                           l-r: Boi Wico, Gerard Alo, Rey Juan, Rene de Grano, Dan Lachica, Pailing Veneracion, Babes Galoso,

                                 Henry Isturis, Ed Abon (partly hidden), Gus Azura, Cedric Gloria, Ben Abon, Dodo Rabara.



                    From left: Jimmy Santos 64, Perry Callanta 69c, Bobby Manansala 67b, Walter Navarro 68, Ed Paz 70 partly hidden,

                                            Rolly Lamarca 68b, Ed Baldoria 65, Mike Cruz 69a, Mars Robosa 71, Rey Bello 69, Art Corpuz 71d beside Rey,

                                            Bing Joven 70, Johnny Velasco 71b beside Bing, Jun Bernal 69b in front.


                  Front Row:   Perry Callanta, Monica Feria, Jimmy Santos, Walter Navarro, Ed Paz, Mars Robosa, Bing Joven, Johnny Velasco.

                        Second row: Macky Llamarca, Chacks Baldoria, Jun Bernal, Rey Bello, Art Corpuz.   Standing:  Mike Cruz.


                    Back row:   Francis Fernandez 71d, Walter Navarro 68a, Abe Agulto 71d, Ed Rivera 68a, Bing & Bernie Bantegui 68a.

                           Front row:  Rey Bantegui 69a, Andy “Pocay” Jose 71d, Jojo Lorenzo 71d, Caloy Satin 71d, Mon Agulto 68a.


                        Back:   Rey Bantegui 69a, Ed Rivera 68a, Walter Navarro 68a, Henry Chua 69, Jimmy Madrasto 71d, Abe Agulto 71d.

                                Front:  Francis Fernandez 71d, Boyet Fernandez 69a, Judz Rey 68a, Jojo Lorenzo 71d, Andy Jose 71d.



These pictures were sent by Rolly Balingit'69 of Irvine, CA.



1970 Filipinescas Tour in multi-cultural, multi-national Ambassadors of Goodwill Show in Brussels, Belgium

 Freddie Javier'66 (left) & Rolly Balingit'69 (right) with co-participants from theYugoslavian delegation



These pictures were sent by Bobby Manansala'67 from RP.


The ruggedly handsome Freddie Javier'66 (+) of Filipinescas fame


Two campus "heartthrobs": Bobby Manansala'67 & Freddie Javier'66 at Greenhouse Canteen, UP Diliman



 This picture was sent by Pogs Gaspay'68 of Palo Alto, CA.


             Seated:   Perry Callanta, Ben Sto. Domingo, Torch  Manalang, Pogs Gaspay, Andy Quililan (LB Forestry), Rudy Sunga.

             Standing: Rey Bello, Manny Boado, Jorge Sales, Gil Marzo, Gabby Moraleda, Cedric Gloria, Art Martin, Rolly Aquino,

                           Jun Bernal and Orly Padera.


This picture was sent by Dutch Aragones'78 of San Francisco, CA.



Aggie Batch '56 ‘Cream of the Crop’

                      1st row:   Emilio  R. Araneta,  Ricardo A. Villanueva,  Jeoffrey de la Paz,  Edgardo C. Quisumbing,

                                         Honesto R. Gacusan,  Eufroceles D. Udarbe, Mejardo Arcelo and Polecronio G. Castro.              

                      2nd row:  Jose Dj Cruz, Ernesto Kalaw, Amado F. de Borja, Jr., Rogelio L. Don, Francisco P. Mamaril,

                                          Enrique Pijuan (†), Majencio A. Ochavillo, Emmanuel A. Belen, Ruben S. Dayrit and Eugenio Reyes.

                      3rd row:   Narciso M.Rubio, Hector Romasanta, Emmanuel A. Puyat (†), Virgilio S. Atienza,

                                          Ernesto G. Goseco, Remo V.Hinlo, Leopoldo B.Ortega and Don A.Ganchorre.

                      Not in Picture:  Luis N. Borromeo, Armando B. Cortes, Gerardo  S. Calabia(†), Walter F. Cruz,

                                                     Narciso C. Magsino, Aniceto P. Malabanan,  Loreto E. Oliva(†), Luis Olivares,

                                                     Angel Taglucop, Francisco Reyes and Maximo T. Villafuerte. 



These pictures were sent by Gabby Moraleda'68 of Santa Clara, CA - from album of Eric Punzalan'65.


Los Banos Brods & Lady

 (tbi - to be identified: pls. send to and


             Thanks to Eric Punzalan for making the following identification of this group at the Dairy Training Institute Building:

              L-R: Patrocinio “Pat” Monte ‘66, Surapong Sarkarung (Thai Brod) ‘65, Carlos “Caloy” Belleza ‘64, Patricio “Pat” Roman ‘64,

                     Sweetheart Luchie Serrano Trinidad (wife of the late Brod Edgar Chiongbian Trinidad ’63), Otto “Boy” Kauffman ‘67,

                     Roberto “Bob” Dela Torre ‘63, Enrico “Eric“ Punzalan ‘65 and Virayut Vatanakul ’65 (another Thai brod).


Eric Punzalan, Los Banos GP

and 1st UPBSFI President



The very regal Atty. David Villegas, UPD'55, and beauteous bride Merci


UP Diliman

Bottom row: Alex King+, Carlos Uyan+, Martino Cajita, Jr.+, Oscar Dizon+, Ernesto Fontanosa+.

Middle row: Hernan Tabamo, Stanley Cabanatan, Luis Ruiz, Constante Tesoro+, Winston Acevedo.

     Top row: Erwin Castillo, Cesar Reynoso, Baldomero Villanueva+, Willy Quejada+, Ding Martinez+.


 Mart Cajita+, Sis Vicky Ramos+, Sis Josette Tumbagahan, Luis Ruiz, Boy Ramos, Sis Deana Abalos, Eddie Baguio.


   *Update photos by Norm Bituin, 2-20-09:  I was in RP for the UP Beta Sigma 2006 60th Jubilee celebration and

 visiting Hec San Juan, UPD'73 DVM in Cagayan de Oro, when I bumped into these two brods:

Dr. Mart Cajita, UPD'58 DVM (leftmost) is at the two pictures above.  In a 2002 news release, Mart was the

Regional Technical Director for Administration and Regulatory Services at RP Dept. of Agriculture, RFU 10.


Los Banos Betans surely remember Vic Pizarro UPLB'64, ex-RP govt. intelligence operative,

 now a respectable businessman in CDO, with wife in their gas station.



These pictures were sent by Manuel "Noli" Soriano'53, MD from RP.




Dear Brods,
I found an old high school picture (1952) of my gangmates in high school of which 3 of us joined the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity: Raphael Genuino, Orlando Nicdao and myself. In the picture left to right, standing are Raphael Genuino, Manuel G.  Soriano, Jr. and Jose Yangco. Sitting are Orlando Nicdao, Ceferino Jimenez and Efren David.
Brod Noli, 11-02-08




Since the three UPD'53 brods (Ralph Genuino, Orly Nicdao and Noli Soriano) are from Pampanga, let me tell this story:

I was a fresh graduate in '68, just turned 21. It was my first job, my first assignment, my first week in San Fernando, Pampanga as a medical rep or detailman for Winthrop Stearns. I was doing my round at Central Luzon General Hospital quietly introducing myself to the hospital staff when a tall, heavyset-looking man stopped me at the hallway.

He asked, "Beta Sigma ka ba?" I hesitated for a moment. Remember this was the perilous time when the "Beatles" (Huks) and the "Monkees" (Paramilitary) were wiping each other out. Also I knew that a rival frat man whom I had "rubbed" (CFI case: 'multiple physical injuries') in UP was a local boy who lived in this area.


After a brief pause but with a determined look I answered, "Oo". He held out his hand and smiled, "Brod, Orly Nicdao, Diliman".

For the first few months I didn't have a company car yet and was taking public transportation. Orly, who was with Bristol-Myers, would pick me up at Menson Hotel near Camp Olivas when I was doing the distant towns - Arayat, Guagua, Lubao, Floridablanca. After work, his beautiful wife Aida (UP Nursing), would have a "manyaman" (delicious) lunch waiting for us at their house. We would even take a siesta on the living room floor made of polished bamboo slats, which made the house cool and airy, before resuming work.

Orly was a marksman, a dead shot with his S&W revolver. Some afternoons we would go to a chicken farm/restaurant in Angeles City where Brod Gran Acuna, LB'65, lived. Orly would pick up targets by the lake-like fishpond bed and shoot them clean.


I heard that Brod Orly, Diliman GP 1961, is now in the US and has joined UPBSFI. Orly, I'm here in LA and I hope to see you again soon! So I can personally thank you all over again.

Cheers... Norman Bituin'65


Brod Noli Soriano - 1960 MD graduation



First Beta Sigma International Homecoming, Dec. 1990 - UP Diliman

Starting 3rd from left: Brods Jose Abueva'50, Noli Soriano'53, Rico Arranz'46 and Ted Topacio'49.



                       This picture comes from Norman Bituin'65 of Diamond Bar, CA.


                 New Year's Eve 1976 at the house of Willie Vergara at Montreal St., Cubao, QC.

 *Seated: Susan Manansala, Botit Reyes, Babes & Francia Galoso, Cherry & Norman Bituin.

 *Standing: Willie's 2 nephews, Bobby Manansala, Willie & Tess Vergara, Danny Galoso.




 These pictures are contributions of Wally Rodriguez'63.


Betan Nite


UP Beta Sigma Diliman circa 1961

GP Pabs Panares'57




The late Dr. Alex King'61 DVM, Diliman GP 1972-73, kneeling center, whose 1st anniversary was Sept. '08


UP Beta Sigma Diliman circa 1963

GP Boy Morales'60


                               Babes Ranada'63 (aka "Black Rebel") wedding officiated by Brod Fr. Rod Guillermo'48

                                 Kneeling:  Mon Carpio, Fr. Rod Guillermo, Mario Pasamba, Boygee Ganza, Naning Austria.

                                 Standing: Nolet Hidalgo, Jelly Nacino'57, Milton Mendoza, Hermie San Luis, Tito de Santos,

                                               Jun Gomez, Dolf de la Rosa, Bal Villanueva, Babes Ranada, Wally Rodriguez,

                                               Titing Valdez MD, Eding Hizon, Ben Balbenta.


Diliman Hayride 1966



Los Banos Brods parading in Loyalty Day circa '70's

                   *Id by Nol Banzon: Pooks Pagkliwagan(+), Alex "judge" Gabertan, Sonny Alpano. Freddie Fajardo (GP at that time),

                                              Sflod Revilleza, James "two look" Maranan, Ronnie Brobio, Atong Tiamzon, Herbert Ticzon,

                                              unindentified brod, Viven "big boy" Marfori, Rotsen Lawas, Dick Boongaling, Frenny Sabularse,

                                              "Parey" Barroso", Nol Banzon,Tulya Corvera (Vice Gov of Agusan Sur), and an unidentified brod.




                                               These pictures were sent by Gilbert Dulay'64 of La Verne, California.


Circa 1965 with mostly Diliman'64 new brods

                                                 L-R: Boy Morales'60, Boygee Ganza'62, Boy Valdez'64, Ed Maaba'64 MD,

                                                        Gilbert Dulay'64, Manny Cajigal'63 MD, Bobby Camins'62,

                                                        Drigs Bayot'64, Bart Gacad'64.



UP Beta Sigma Diliman circa 1966

GP Bobby Pecson'61, Fraternity Sweetheart Maribel Payumo



                Officers'66, L-R: GP Bobby Pecson, Mon Carpio, Noli Nolasco, Laverne Munsayac, Gilbert Dulay, Boi Wico, Bogs Cabanatan.



                  These pictures are from the "baul" of Babes Galoso'69 of New Jersey.  They were masterfully cleaned

                        and restored by Wally Rodriguez'63 of New York.  These are late '60's to mid '70's.




























UP Beta Sigma Fraternity 28th anniversary, July 1974




 These pictures are from Norman Bituin'65 of Diamond Bar, California.



         Taken at Betan tambayan on 1-87: Norman Bituin (left pic) and Chax Baldoria (right pic) visiting the Diliman residents,

          l-r: Alex Mahinay Reyes'84, Mario Coronel'79, Onyoy Cabatit'79, Nap Gatmaytan'82, Adrian Policarpio'86.



This picture comes from the collection of Renzi del Rosario'84 from Camarillo, California.





These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 from Diamond Bar, California.



                                                               "Only The Good Die Young" (song by Billy Joel)

                      *In happy memory of Wally Garcia, UPLB'65            *In happy memory of Edwin Moscoso, UPD'65

                                           [atop Norman's MB-190D in front of UP Diliman Drive-In Canteen, circa 1967]


                                               UP Diliman "Black Saints" 1965 Batch Party, Dec. 1976, Philippines

 Left pic:  standing-Bogs Cabanatan, Dan Galoso, Pol Moral, Chax Baldoria; kneeling-Gamy Manikan, Norman Bituin, Rick Tolentino.

 Right pic: Raoul Reyes, Bogs Cabanatan, Gamy Manikan, Chax Baldoria, Dan Galoso, Rick Tolentino, Norman Bituin. Plus: Raffy Veneracion'73, Perry Callanta'69 and Oca Mamangon'64.






This picture was sent by Jeje de la Santa'61 with the original picture coming from Mel Ching'59.



UP Beta Sigma Diliman

*1st row: Mario Pasamba, GP Pabs Panares.

*2nd row: Ferdinand Tolentino, Joe Llames, Pet Grajo, Mel Rosales, Mart Cajita, Fraternity Sweetheart Ms. Annie Mendoza, Oscar Dizon, Ely Santiago, Luis Ruiz, Romy Perez, Lito Uyan, Ernie Fontanoza.

*3rd row: Ronald Cajigal, Serafin Semilla, Rosegindo Tipon, Joe Halog, Jeje de la Santa, Chito Cabaluna, Nelson Guerrero, Sluggo Rigor, Billy Gurango, Wally Dumaoal, Joe Liongson, Vic Parial.

*4th row: Jess Tecson, Alex Ting, Vic Dulay, Brandy Ancheta, Ben Chiongbian, Cesar Reynoso, Samuel Tomas, Boni Castro, Constante Tesoro, Stanley Cabanatan, Andrew Cayetano.

*5th row: Willy Quejada, Winston Acevedo, Joey Reyes, Erwin Castillo, Mel Ching, Ding Martinez, Alex King.

*6th row: Frankie Llaguno, Hernan Tabamo, Bal Villanueva, Felix Nunez, Romy Buencamino, titing Valdez, Edwin Robinos, Butch Flores.

**Note: Special thanks to Carling Taguinod, Willy Quejada, Sluggo Rigor, Brandy Ancheta and Jeje de la Santa for identifying all the brods in this picture. Cheers! - NB



These pictures were sent by Eduardo Cornelia'58 from Buena Park, California.



       Commandant Col. De Goma pinning the UP ROTC                         At Narra Men's Dorm, 1961. *On bed: Boygee Ganza'62,

   Loyalty Medal to Eduardo Cornelia'58, DVM - Diliman 1960            Ely Santiago'58, Hernan Tabamo'61. *Standing: Ed Cornelia'58.



                      All Vet Med Brods, 1963, l-r: Vic Parial, Mart Cajita, Rene Oliveros, Butch Flores, Ms. Cely Albarracin,
                                                                 Pio de Guzman, Ed Cornelia, Billy Gurango, Oscar Dizon



This picture came from Anthony Subijano'72 from Sydney, Australia.



                                        The Bad Boys of the '70's at UPBS 29th anniversary - July 1975, Diliman 

                       "Slim" Bong'73 (no match si Cristopher de Leon) and "Hunky" Anthony'72 (wa epek si Richard Gomez)




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