Betan Picture-an VI

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This picture is from Carlos Agulto of RP.


"Reunion @Caezar M.’75A residence w Cris M.’73D with Bart’64, Edwin Encomienda’73C, Billy Sevilla’72A,

Ollie Jumao-as’’73C, Dan B.’73C, Nap Cruz’73C, Robbie F.’74B, Boying Liwag’75" - 9/07/19.



This picture is from Ed Abon of RP.


L-R: UPD'64 batch mates Eddie Jose and Bart Gacad with Ed Abon - 9/04/19.



This picture is from Gabby Moraleda of Foster City, CA.


Dominador "Boy" Ramos UPD57 80th b'day with UP North. Boy and wife Irma are seated 4th and 3rd from right - 9/01/19.



This picture is from Vic Tupaz of RP.


To address recruitment and membership, with UPD GP Lorenzo Esquivel

Pages Cafe Shangrila, 8/26/2019



This picture is from Edgar Flores of RP.


Birthday celebration for Ben Abon and Chito Tapawan - Victoria, Tarlac, 8/24/2019



This picture is from Norm Bituin of West Covina, CA.


UP SoCal fellowship for Bogs Cabatanan of Toronto - at Ed Rivera's, Anaheim, CA, 8/23/2019

Seated: Dan Galoso and Ed Rivera.

Standing: Roy Antonio, George Abrina, Jun Valenzuela, Tony Martin, Norm Bituin, Aman Carolino, Mon Lee and Bogs Cabanatan.

]Not in picture: Boy Pantig and Bernie Bacosa.]



These pictures are from Jojo alejar of RP.


Brod Nick Galvez’69 is in Oslo, Norway & visited Rodeo King Bob De La Torre’63.

Brod Nick is enjoying his retirement (if we may call it that). He visited our Aussie brods (Edwin Antonio, Mario Manzano, et al) in March of this year & will join in our 101019 here in UPLB in 5 weeks time for batch’69’s Golden Anniv!


Jojo Alejar





This picture is from Rollie Santos of RP.


UPD'65 Reunion: Pol Moral, Rollie Santos, Lito Lazaro, Ted Fabella, Chax Baldoria and Mon Ventura - Podium, 8/19/2019.



This picture is from Boyet Fernandez of RP.


Boyet Fernandez, Benild Pires and Rolly Balingit - Victoria, BC, Canada, 8/19/2019 



This picture is from Jun Sta. Barbara of RP.


OBBF Party at Tatang Vergara's at Matatag St. - Feb. 13, 2019
ON FLOOR: Fritz de los Anos; Fiorello Umali, Jason Cablay, Manny Gomez, Mon Mamaril, James Madduma, Mel Ladip, Nonoy Tagaro, Jun Sta Barbara.
SEATED: Rolly Reyes, Dennis Belmonte, Alex Bermas. Tatang, Norman Bituin,  Raffy Hidalgo, Jun Justo, Andy Belmonte.
STANDING: Gerald Maceda, CK Noscal, Caloy Agulto, Dogs Dogwe, Rex Gingoyon, Tiny Hawson, Paolo Balmores, UPD GP Lorenzo Esquivel, Carlo de Laza,

 Melvir Buela, Jason Justo, Darwin Banez, Binji Pangaibat, Dickie Neri, Jedi, Harry Temperante, Pete Danao, Jig Reyes, Kerwin Santos.




These pictures are from Butch Madarang of RP.


UP Manila 110th Commencement Exercises, PICC, Manila - June 26, 2019


UP Manila Alumni Association (UPMAA) Immediate Past President Butch Madarang inducts the graduates to the association.


"Congratulations UP Manila Batch 2019 at PICC." - Butch Madarang, 6/26/2019.


Justice Vicente Mendoza, UPD'52, receives Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa.



These pictures are from Norman Bituin of West Covina, CA.




Jimboy Tambaoan'16 with family on his graduation 6/26/2019 at PICC; then two more years to UP Medicine Class 2021.

*Left: with pat.aunt Cherry, sister Jam, mother Lorna and mat.aunt Ester. *Right: with (sponggay) Norman & Cherry Bituin.



This picture is from Ollie Santos of RP.


UPD'65 Black Saints at the Podium, Ortigas: Ollie Santos, Norm Bituin, Pol Moral, Chax Baldoria and Lito Lazaro - 6/25/2019.



This picture is from Alexis Dogwe of RP.


"Testimonial dinner will be held on June 20 at Lola J's from 6PM-11PM." - UPLB GP EJ Vargas, 6/18/2019.



This picture is from Gabby Moraleda of Foster City, CA.


"Thank you Gabby and to all the brods and your wives for the despedida party. Very much appreciated.

Maraming salamat." - Emyboy Roman UPLB'64 in San Francisco, 6/10/2019.



This picture is from Vic Tupaz of RP.


Visiting Ruben and Mila Monroy UPLB'60 in Illinois with Lem Michelena, Caloy Belleza and Josue Castillo - 6/03/2019. 



This picture is from Ollie Santos of RP.


UPD'65 Black Saints at the Podium: Pol Moral, Tony Martin, Lito Lazaro, Ollie Santos and Mon Ventura - 5/31/2019. 



These pictures are from Ollie Jumao-as of RP.



Brods Jopet Laraya and Ollie Jumao-as proudly hold Master Brod Johnny Chiuten's portrait at the ribbon-cutting ceremony

in the Martial Arts one-man exhibit of Jake Alano at LRI Design Plaza, Bel Air Village, Makati City - 4/29/2019.



This picture is from Antonio Sarrosa of RP.


"Birthday celebration of Brod Bing M. Garcia, Koronadal City! Cheers!!!" - 5/15/19



This picture is from Ed Abon of RP.


"Serendipity. Bumped into brod former Sec DENR Mon Paje and family at the Lincoln Center, NY.

We both watched "My Fair Lady" and saw each other unexpectedly after the show." - 5/09/19



These pictures are from Jojo Alejar of RP.



DENR Asec Rey Juan UPD'71 UPLBBSF testimonial dinner at Timog Grill, LB with special guest Cris Michelena!! - 4/27/19



DENR Asec Rey Juan birthday celebration sponsored by Sec Mon Paje at Pages, EDSA - 4/23/19.



This picture is from Gabby Moraleda of Foster City, CA.


Ed Tadiar UPD'71, a geophysicist (back, 5th right) from Adelaide, AU, visits and attends UP North meeting - 4/21/19.



This picture is from Alexis Dogwe of RP.


DLSU Betans 36K winning bid on Paking Verano painting for ¨Justice for Brod Randy Malayao¨

L-R: Peter Danao, Joel Paredes, Karl Oviedo & Argie Valenzuela - DLSU, Vic Tupaz and Butch Madarang.



These pictures are from Joel Paredes of RP.



George Abrina was in RP briefly for his oldest brother's funeral. Clockwise: Joel Paredes, Gerard Alo, Billy Sevilla,

 Nonoy Bautista, Paul Chua, George Abrina, Dante Fagar and Noel Rivera - Casa Daza, 3/22/2019.



These pictures are from Boyet Fernandez of RP.


The Panzer Golden Boys - Boyet of RP visiting LA, with kabatches Rolly Balingit and Boy Jaurigue.



At Jun Valenzuela's: Boyet with Aman Carolino, Bernie Bacosa, Roy Antonio, Norm Bituin, Vale and Ed Rivera - 3/20/19.



These pictures are from Henry Gutierrez of RP.


"Late birthday celeb for visiting Bart Gacad'64 of Toronto at Casa Daza" - 3/07/2019.


Clockwise: Jun Advincula, Manny Balangue, Henry Gutierrez, Josue Castillo, Gerard Alo,

Ed Abon, Ross Fernando, Rolly Reyes and Bart Gacad.



This picture is from Nat Mandac of Honolulu, HI.


Nat Mandac, BS Pharmacy from Laoag and based in Honolulu, visiting RP, with UPD'65 kabatches at the Podium - 2/28/19.

Clockwise: Pol Moral, Chax Baldoria, Ollie Santos, Nat Mandac, Lito Lazaro and Mon Ventura.




This picture is from Jay Jay Jayme of Vancouver, BC.


Proud parents and son

 "See you brothers, in a month." -- Jay Jay, 2/28/2019.


These pictures are from Joel Paredes of RP.



Nilo Punzalan's birthday in Pansol, 2/23/2019.



This picture is from Jojo Alejar of RP.


Brod Fel Calora UPLB'52 celebrates 86th birthday in Los Baños with brods, 1/26/2019.



This picture is from Joel Paredes of RP.


With my kabatch Gen. Rico Salapong at the launching of the

Bulacan coffee table book, 1/24/2019. 



This picture is from Jojo Alejar of RP.


Jug-a-lug for balikbayan Batangueño Jun Cornejo from Indiana - Jan. 2, 2019.

Clockwise: Arno Cardenas'73, Jun Cornejo'75, Jojo Montecillo'77, Yoyoy'80, Dante Cardenas'82, Jojo'79,

 guest is Dodie's son, Clark, grade 12 and future Betan, Mike'79, Ambo'80 and Dodie Abaño'77.




These pictures are from Carlos Agulto of RP.


UPD 1972C ("1081") batch get-together at

Brod Caloy Agulto's After Twelve - Dec. 30, 2018 





This picture is from Edwin Acuña of Calgary, AB.


"Merry Christmas from the Alberta, Canada UPBSI brods! Cheers!" - Dec. 12, 2018

Front: Sons Max Punzalan and Justine Rojo.

Middle: Elke Rojo & daughter Luna, Celia Punzalan, Noli Nolasco (UPD ‘62), Janus Rojo (UPLB ‘90) and Edwin Acuña (UPD ‘76).
Back: Dennis Punzalan (UPLB ‘95) and Rex Almonte (UPLB ‘96).




These pictures are from Butch Madarang and Vic Ramos of R.P.


Dr. Brod Ted Topacio's 94th birthday - Nov. 30, 2018 





"Brod Naning Austria and I waiting for our books to be signed by the eminent author. I urge the brods to buy

Brod Ted's autobiography. Brod Mario Labadan ordered 1000 copies for his staff and employees." - Vic Ramos




These pictures are from UP SoCal brods of Los Angeles, CA.


The cross country driving Michelena brothers, Chicago-based Lem'75 & wife Laureen and RP-based Czar'75 & wife Levy, visit LA - Nov 2018.






Watch out for it!  Lem promises to write an article on their game safari in South Africa for our International website's Travelogue section.



These pictures are from Gabby Moraleda of Foster City, CA.


Get-together for visiting RP Brod Rene de Rueda (2nd left) - Nov 2018


Halloween Party - Oct 2018




These pictures are from Joel Paredes of RP.


UPBSFI Central BOT 2016-2018 last board meeting

Congratulations and Thanks to UPBSFI Central Pres. Joel Paredes and the Board of Trustees for a job well done!



Forum on Critical Theory with Dr. Jose Lalas'69




l-r: Gary Flores, Joe Lalas, Carlos Ambal, Joel Paredes and Glenn Flores at Casa Daza.



These pictures are from Ed Abon of RP.


Antipolo Valley Golf & CC, October 26, 2018



"Hello dear Brod Butch, thank you and All Betan Brods for your heartfelt support extended to me!

 GOD BLESS All Betans, Grant More Power to BETA SIGMA!" -- Tita Sol Arranz



This picture is from Dakoy Gorrez of Asia/RP.


Brods, thank you all for the well-wishes! It means a lot to me as it is from the arms of The Brotherhood that I draw the determination and tenacity to do what I do. Together with my sister Maya, Brod Dong Rasco’s daughter Riza, and a couple of good friends, I made the trek to Everest Base Camp in support of the LymeLight Foundation, a US NGO that addresses the treatment needs of qualified, Lyme-afflicted children. It was my intention to plant a UP Beta Sigma flag at Base Camp but delivery came late so the best I could do was a picture of me in a Malmon shirt. I will do better when I summit Everest in the 2020 or 2021 climbing season, if God and my beloved wife allow. I apologize for my late responses to BOD communications; internet on the trail has been spotty and it appears my votes may not have gone through. I will rectify this immediately as connectivity is good here in Lukla where we are recovering.

Dakoy 82 





These pictures  are from Charles Macalalag of RP.


Met after 50 years

Greeting brods.
I enjoyed unbridled bonding joy that finally happened after 50 years between Charles M. and myself.
Charles and the lovely and gracious Linda, their precious and a bunch of most welcoming children and grandkids made me feel the essence of family and love.

Nestled amidst majestic pines and myriad of wild plants and flowers is their 3-story love nest where I slumbered like a baby thru the night.

Brods, the next time you visit the homeland and are in Baguio, stop by this little piece of heaven before we all ride into the sunset.




Black Saints kabatches Tony Martin and Dr. Charles Macalalag, MD,

meet again after 50 years in Baguio City - Oct. 10, 2018.





This picture  is from Caloy Agulto of RP. 


UPD74B Anthro Salutaris batch party at After Twelve Kitchen + Bar Calle Bistro, Ever Malls Commonwealth.



This picture  is from Norm Bituin of West Covina, CA.


Eding Hizon (vacation with kids & apos in CA) in get-together at San Luis house, Fullerton, CA - 10/15/18

l-r: Jack & Bing Jacala, Buddy Pongos, Eding & Baba Hizon, Doris & Hermie San Luis.



These pictures are fom Butch Madarang of RP. 



Welcome jug-a-lug for visiting Chicago brod Lem Michelena and UPD Batch75A reunion - 9/30/2018.



This picture is from Picoy Cascolan of RP. 


Malmon Cup Funshoot Competition at Camp Crame Firing Range - 9/30/2018.



This picture is from Gabby Moraleda of Foster City, CA. 


UP North welcomes ASEAN Center for Biodiversity Executive Director, Brod Atty. Robert "Obet" Oliva,

10th from left, who is attending an official conference in the US - 9/29/2018.



These pictures are fom Rollie Santos of RP. 




UPD'65 Black Saints reunion at the Podium, Ortigas for visiting LA kabatch Tony Martin - 9/24/2018.



This picture is from Vic Ramos of RP.


Mat Defensor celebrates 75th birthday, with wife Florence - 9/24/2018.



These pictures are from Edgar Flores of RP.



Salvador "Bajour" Curameng celebrates birthday - 9/10/2018.



This picture was sent by Mon Lee of Anaheim, CA.


Mon Lee and Boy Jaurigue host dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach for

 visiting RP brod and ex-FSDC colleague Jun and wife Menchu Soriano LB'62 - Sep. 20, 2018.



These pictures were sent by Gilbert Joven of RP.



Welcome lunch at Wooden Spoon for Bogs Cabanatan of Toronto - Sep. 18, 2018.



These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin of West Covina, CA.



Pastor Rod Reyes with wife Gina celebrates birthday at his church ministry in LA - Sep. 16, 2018.



This picture was sent by Ollie Jumao-as of RP.


Antipolo and Brookside TCYS108 practitioners performed at Hinulugang Taktak at Master JC's 8th death anniversary, Sep. 10, 2018.



These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin of West Covina, CA.


UP SoCal dinner get-together for Hector & Eileen San Juan of CDO, RP at Bituin residence, Sep. 7, 2018. 



Memorial service for Virgil Ocampo,

son of departed Brod Virgilio Ocampo, UPD '63

Virgil Ocampo, 1976 - 2018


UP Beta Sigma SoCal family at Memorial Service for Virgil Ocampo (sister Leah at center), Aug. 25, 2018.


Flashback: UP SoCal get-together with Brod Vio Ocampo'63 (In Memoriam, 2009), seated at center, at Norm Bituin's in July 2004.



This picture was sent by Mars Robosa of RP.


Finally the certificate and trophy have been received by Brod Ed Soliman who is a recipient for Distinguished Service Award for Excellence in Government Service from the U.P. Beta Sigma Fraternity at Quezon City Sports Club July 25, 2018. Brods from left to right are Kim Cabatit, Nonoy Bautista, Marcelo Barrameda Robosa, Peter Paul Danao, Eduardo Rosales Soliman Jr.,  Pres. Joel C. Paredes, Eric Ines.


Mars Robosa, 7/23/18





These picture were sent by Lakan Fonacier and Gilbert Joven of RP.


Beta Sigma golfers - overall champion UPBarkada Founders Cup


Gilbert, Torch, Jito, Nilo, Bangue, Mon, Julius, Boyet, Kim, Loren and Lakan. Ed Abon and Peter joined the

 fellowship with Tita Sol Arranz who received the award for Barkada Founder Brod Rico. -- Lakan 7/20/18


This picture was sent by Vic Ramos of RP.


"Happy to be with the big guns of the DENR this p.m on their 31st anniversary.

L-R: USEC Jonas, RED Henry, RETIRED Vic, RED Rey, RED Jim." - July 3, 2018



These pictures were sent by Ed Rivera of Anaheim, CA.


UP SoCal with guest Jojo Alejar of RP on company business trip, at Edsel Arceo's - July 4, 2018



 GP Dan hands over to Jojo: $500 for Beta Sigma Wellness Outreach and $100 for "Steadfast and True at 72" souv. pgm.





This picture was sent by Gabby Moraleda of Foster City, CA.


UP North at impromptu fellowship with guest Ed Quisumbing of Vienna, VA - June 30, 2018



This picture was sent by Dan Galoso of Covina, CA.


Manny Gatmaitan, Dan Galoso and Tony Martin


"After 49 years"


Last week, I learned that Manny Gatmaitan wanted to meet with me and Tony Martin. And after a few text messages here and there, we finally met at Jewel City Bowl in Glendale last night. And it was only last night that I found out they were very close to each other while still in the Philippines when they were still dating the girls who would become their spouses. Tony came to the US in 1970 and Manny in 1980. And so last night (6/22/18) -- 49 years later they meet again in person, older and wiser but still burning with the flames of brotherhood. Sabi nga ni Manny "Once a Betan, always a Betan".

It was a wonderful sight to witness. Even David Gatmaitan, Manny's son was filled with awe and admiration. David even remarked that he wishes he would still be with his friends 50 years later.

The night was filled with lots of questions interrupted only by sips of Heineken. There were lots of answers to fill in the void of 49 years. Can you really imagine that?

To cap off the night, we had dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant. It was fun, filling and fulfilling. Manny was insistent that he took care of food and drinks.

Oh by the way, Manny went for the GOLD. He handed me a check for a Gold Sponsorship. What a night !!! What a Brod !!!!




These pictures were sent by Bernie Bantegui of RP.


Eric and I are attending graduation ceremonies of Mel and Jennifer de Santos daughter Jessica at UPLB this a.m. Wld be nice to meet resident and graduating Brods. She took and finished VetMed.

Eric and I feel privileged to be invited by Jennifer to represent the brotherhood and be proxies for Mel D on their daughter's graduation. In the summer of 1973 Mel, Eric, Paeng and I went out of town with our respective partners to Baguio and the beaches of La Union. They became our wives. So today was a reunion of sorts.


Bernie Bantegui, 6-21-18


Brod Bernie - my regards to new vet daughter of brod Mel. On another note, I can provide her post DVM training (on the house). Least I can do for Brod Mel.


Jopet Laraya



UPLB DVM graduation of daughter Jessica of Mel and Jennifer de Santos'68

Graduation ceremonies


Mel's son Jonathan, Eric & wife Ike Ines, daughter Jessica, Mel's wife Jennifer, Bernie & wife Bing Bantegui, and son Joseph.



Brod Mel de Santos - pictures from the past (from Mel's 2009 In Memoriam)



These pictures were sent by Ed Abon of RP.


Travels 2018 of  Ed Abon and wife

Calgary, AB with Noli Nolasco and Edwin Acuña


Vancouver, BC with Jay Jay Jayme


Victoria, BC with Benild Pires


San Francisco, CA with UP North 


Fairfax, VA with Ed Quisumbing and Togi Igot 



This picture was sent by Butch Madarang of RP.


Get well and speedy recovery, Brod Ted!!

 Raffy Tomeldan, Yay & Ted Topacio, Robie Feliciano and Butch Madarang. - 5/16/18.



These  pictures were sent by Dave de la Torre of RP.


"Two Betans bumping into each other on a midnight flight in Bali. Great to see you Brod Jec.

Hope we can share a few Bir Bintangs while you are honeymooning." - 5/8/18


"Had a great kwentuhan session with Brod Nestor “Jec” Marquez somewhere in Seminyak, Bali.

 Lotsa fun over a few bottles of beer."



This  picture was sent by Uriel de los Reyes from RP.


UP Baguio brods greet visiting fellow UP Diliman brods Danny Lachica and Leo Robel. CHEERS!!!

With Dave de la Torre, Cy Fagar, Dennis Liggayu and Uriel delos Reyes at Amare La Cucina 4/21/18.



These  pictures were sent by Joel Paredes from  RP.



Joel's birthday 4/11/18 jugalug. Viva El Presidente!



This  picture was sent by Gabby Moraleda from Foster City, CA.


UP North with newly elected incoming GP Bobby Pascual

Seated: Gilbert Basbas, Fred Aquino, Gene Samson, Bobby Pascual, Boy Ramos and Louie Ruiz.

Standing: Jack Jacala, Gabby Moraleda, Kiko Delmendo, Vee Vera, Eric Punzalan, Frank Morales,

Ding Cavestany, Gerry Abenes, Norie (Bobby's in-law), Nestor Lawas, Johnny Regadio and Babes Ignacio.



This  picture was sent by Benild Pires of Victoria. BC in RP.



From: Ben Pires <>
Date: Mon 3/26/2018 1:44 AM

Yesterday was special: I was able to visit Brod Jimmy Santos at his home in Marikina with Laila, my two sons, Karl and Jason, Saho [Karl’s wife] and granddaughter Misha.
Brod Jimmy has been bed-ridden since December as his prostrate cancer has spread. He cannot use his legs anymore.
We found my batch mate to be in great spirit.

Keep up you big battle against cancer, dear Brod.

Brod Ben Pires, Diliman ‘64



These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes from RP.


49th Batch Anniversary of The '69 Panzer Armor Division held at the

bunker of Brod Boyet Fernandez, March 11, 2018. #GoingGolden

Seated: Luis Guanio, Jec Marquez, Gene Puente, Rey Bello.

Standing: Ross Fernando, Ed Abon, Julius Cada, Boyet Fernandez, Gil Marzo, Eric Ines, Willie Nep.


Standing: Perry Callanta.



These pictures were sent by Jojo Alejar from RP.



30th Anniv 88 UPD with their 1988 GP Raffy Hidalgo '86.



These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin of West Covina, CA, in RP.



At Sandy's newly-opened resto at UP Town Center, Diliman, Jan. 12, 2018. 



UPD'65 Black Saints lunch reunion at The Podium, Ortigas, Jan. 28, 2018.

l-r: Ed Baldoria, Mon Amparo, Lito Lazaro, Pol Moral, Norm Bituin, Raoul Reyes, Mon Ventura, Ollie Santos.



These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin from West Covina, CA.



UP SoCal Christmas get-together Dec. 16, 2017 at Rexie Enrico's 



These pictures were sent by Joel Paredes and Caloy Agulto from RP.










These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin from West Covina, CA.


Bogs Cabanatan visits UP SoCal, Aug-Sep 2017

UPD Black Saints '65 mini-reunion at Norm Bituin, 8-28: BogsC, NormB, DingC, DanG and TonyM.


Bogs' birthday at Jun Valenzuela, 9-08: JunV, SonnyP, NormB, AmanC, RoyA, EdR and BogsC.



These pictures were sent by Willie Vergara from RP.


UP Beta Sigma Residents 2017 Leadership and Empowerment Seminar

UPLB Resident Brods - July 24-26, 2017


UPMin Resident Brods and Sigma Betans - August 8-10, 2017



These pictures were sent by Caloy Agulto and Norm Bituin.


Caloy & Tonette Agulto visit LA - with UP SoCal brods and ladies, July 2017

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant


Gen Korean BBQ House


Hop Li Chinese Seafood Restaurant



These pictures were sent by Eding Hizon from Las Vegas, NV.


San Francisco reunion with Bal & Bing Villanueva of Sydney, AU, June 2-3, 2017.






The 60's Diliman Betan gang, l-r: Bing & Bal Villanueva, Kay Smaby, Eding & Baba Hizon,

Ding Cavestany, Viching de Santos, Julie Cavestany and Rexie Enrico.



This picture was sent by Joel Paredes from RP.


Merienda at University Hotel Diliman with, l-r: Brod Ted Topacio, Founding Brods Greg Abreu and Ben Arcinas,

Brods Jay Jay Jayme, Robie Feliciano, GP Posh Diaz, Joel Paredes and Raffy Tomeldan on 6/12/ 2017.



These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin from West Covina, CA.




UP SoCal welcome party for Chax and Riza Baldoria plus Riza's UP Mass Comm. friends at Norman's home 6/02/2017.



This picture was sent by Nathan Bantoc of RP.



Good day brods!

Let us welcome and congratulate the newly elected officers of UP Beta Sigma Los Baños!

Grand Princep: David Carlo "Don" Balane '11b
1st Vice Grand Princep: Karlos Miguel Bautista '13a
2nd Vice Grand Princep: Giancarlo Ranel "Yanco" Criador '11b
Master of the Rolls: Felix Lazaro Jr. '16d
Guardian of the Coffers: Clint Batangantang '16c
Chamberlain: Bryan Rhazzel Conechado '16d
Guardian of the Chattels: Tyrone Balaguer '16c
Wielder of the Sword: Rainier "Abu" Ambrosio '12b
Herald: John Lambert Valenzuela '15b

Cheers to Beta Sigma!

**Left to right: Bryan, Rainier, Yanco, Lambert, GP Don, Felix, Karlos, Clint, Tyrone

Nathan Bantoc, 11-C Magna Carta
Outgoing Grand Princep



These pictures were sent by Noli Nolasco from Strathmore, AB

 and Norm Bituin from West Covina, CA.


UPBSI Pres. Noli and wife Te-c pose for a shot at Palm Springs Tramway atop San Jacinto Mountains.

Noli accompanies Te-c to her UPHS Class 1965 reunion in Palm Springs, 5/12-14, 2017... 


...and plays two rounds of golf with UP SoCal brods at Palm Springs and Morongo.

After a successful cataract surgery, Noli sees his way clearly to a birdie.


Cheers!! l-r: Noli Nolasco, Norm Bituin, Rolly Balingit, Roy Antonio and Art Martin.



These pictures were sent by Ed Rivera from Buena Park, CA.





UP SoCal with UPBSF Central Pres. Joel Paredes at Edsel Arceo's home in Los Angeles, CA, May 6, 2017.



This picture was sent by Dutch Aragones from San Francisco, CA.


UP North with UPBSF Central Pres. Joel Paredes at Gerry Abenes' home in Richmond, CA, Apr. 30, 2017.



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