Betan Picture-an V

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These pictures were sent by Jojo Alejar'79 from RP.


Dear brods,

The photos show the ceremonial signing of the deed of donation of benches by GP Jason Cuachin and the head of APO for the collaborative project by UP Beta Sigma and APO which was initiated by the residents with Dean Therese Bustos of the UP College of Education. The benches will constructed on the right side of VINZONS HALL fronting the old Narra hall where students get their ride to and from UP Diliman.

Cheers to the resident brods !

Best regards,
Jojo A.'79, 11/29/16


VINZONS HALL benches project with College of Education, UP Diliman







Sept 22, 2016 - 80th Bday celebration of Frank Colanta'55 at Bonito's, Grove, UPLB College, Laguna.
Naka beer & exclusivo pa si Brod Iknarf! CHEERS!









This picture was sent by Edwin Encomienda '73 from Houston, TX.


Edwin Encomienda UPD'73 and Jim Madrasto UPD'71

at cremation of Yayay Tingzon DWU'68 in Houston.




These pictures were sent by Willie Vergara '67 from Rocklin, CA.


Botit Reyes and Willie Vergara visit UP Baguio Brods and LCs - July 2016







*Seated: Patrick Diaz '12c, CK Noscal '16d, Francis Pallasigui '14b, Patrick Hidalgo '15b, Tatang, Diliman GP Jace,

 Dogs Dogwe, Miel Udtohan, Dennis Belmonte. *Standing: Rob Salamat, Danilo Si, JR Roque, and Ponce Miguel Lopez.


Patrick "Posh" Diaz is currently enrolled at the UP College of Law. CK, Francis and Patrick Hidalgo are UPD

 residents, and Jace Cuachin is their Grand Princep. Dogs Dogwe, Miel Udtohan, Danilo Si and Dennis Belmonte

 are young alumni helping out our residents with their recruitment efforts. Rob Salamat is currently in Japan pursuing

 higher studies. JR Roque  and Ponce Miguel Lopez are both UP Baguio brods - former GPs. JR is currently in Costa Rica

 serving a scholarship in the field of international relations and peace process. Ponce is taking his bar exams this October.


DINNER IN BAGUIO:  Tatang, Yongyong Afable and wife Rina, Botit Reyes

 and wife Eleanor, and Norman (2nd son of Botit and Tatang's godson).

with Yongyong, Botit, Eleanor, Norman (2nd child of Botit and Eleanor) and Cyrus Fagar at their nice flat.




These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin '65 from West Covina, CA.


Better late than never. In Feb. 2016, Rolly Reyes, Ding Cavestany and I made a long-dreamed trip to Batanes. After our visit, Rolly posted his large collection of beautiful pictures in our email groups. We didn't get to publicly thank our hosts, Brods Cyrus and Dante Fagar. So thank you, Brods, for allowing us to use your ancestral house, as well as providing a housekeeper-cook who also doubled us our helpful tour guide. Maraming, maraming salamat!!    



From our elementary school books, I have always wanted to see these squat stone houses, a solid defense against the storm and wind.



Thanks to Brods Cyrus and Dante for their ancestral house, here with home-cooked a fresco dining.




Which (or who) is sweeter - the Ivatan bukayo or the Ivatan lass?




Ding and I survived the boat ride on choppy sea to Sabtang Island.




Beautiful Batanes!!




This picture was sent by Victor Ramos '62 from RP.


UP North with RP Vice President Leni Robredo and consul general




This picture was sent by Dan Galoso'65 from Glendora, CA.


Brods Roy Antonio, Edsel Arceo, Jamsey Evangelista and I left LA at around 1 am and drove the whole night to Granite Bay, CA for Tatang's 69th. Upon arrival, we immediately set up to work on UP Beta Sigma International matters. We turned on our laptops, discussed some matters, updated files/records and finished everything before pouring the Crown Royal.

Then came Kiko Delmendo, Allan Torneros, Cesar Antonio and Agis Landrito. Agis, Roy and Edsel were contemporaries in Diliman so there were lots of stories exchanged. A few minutes later, in walked Nong Fred Aquino, the other celebrant Tanya Araneta with Brod Ike.

We all had fun and you could really feel the positive energy of real and true brotherhood and of genuine concern for the fraternity as a whole. The fraternity celebrates its 70th, but I like 69 too.






This picture was sent by Ding Cavestany'65 from San Francisco, CA.

March 19, 2016 at Brod Gerry's & Lleva's residence, the UP North brods and ladies welcomed Brod Cesar Landrito UPD'77 aka "Agis". He recently migrated to the US to join his family. They are currently based in Alameda. Brod Cesar is the younger brother of our late Brod Butch Landrito UPD'68a.

In the picture from left to right are brods Ric Velasco, Gene Samson, Bong Beredo, Babes Ignacio, Gerry Abenes, Vee Vera, Eric Punzalan, Ding Cavestany, Rotsen Lawas, Cesar Landrito, Bobby Pascual, Gabby Moraleda, Johnny "JR" Regadio, Kiko Delmendo, Nong Fred Aquino and Louie Cabaluna. They came in force to let Brod Cesar know that he is not alone and yes, there are UP Betans in the Bay Area.

Welcome to the UP North Family, Brod Cesar !!!!!





This picture was sent by Alexis Dogwe'06 from RP.




Brods, from former GP Carlo De Laza:

Let us congratulate the new set of officers of UPD Beta Sigma Fraternity. Cheers!!!

GP Jason Cuachin 13c
1st VGP Fritz Delle Anos 14a
2nd VGP Roby Lacsamana 13b
MOR Joshua Balinas 14a
GOC Seann Vicente 14d
Chamberlain Carlos Ambal 15c
GoCH Patrick Hidalgo 15a
Herald Paulo Dominic Punzalan 13a
WOS Francis Pallasigui 14b, Sandino Laygo 12c





This picture was sent by Jojo Alejar'79 from RP.




Cris M. is doing well. He will be on rehab (PT). Weights & pulleys will be installed in his room to strengthen his upper body & arms. His left leg is dry & healed. While his right leg is still bandaged. His diabetes is manageable & NO smoking na. According to his doctors, Cris' liver, kidney & lungs are ok. There is still pain but this is due to post surgery (amputation is below the knees).

Cris is unable to answer text messages & FB posts because his eyes are still blurry. He can answer phone calls.

Photo with brod Cris M. & my daughter Ria (Cris' goddaughter) in their house.
# 40 Inocencio St., Phase 3C (near Brgy Espeleta Arc), Bahayang PagAsa, Imus,Cavite.
Tel# (+63908) 365 2274

Jojo A.'79, 4-17-2016


*Note: Brod Sec. Mon Paje will provide the prosthesis for Cris.





These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 of West Covina, CA.


Dearest Brods,


I just wanted to say thank you very, very much for the warm and enjoyable reception you gave me last night.

I really enjoyed it and reconnecting with you all after 18 years. What was truly more amazing was how comfortable

and at home I felt as if I had never left and had just seen all of you a few days ago! And just as it was indoctrinated

into me as an amuyong, nothing beats our Betan brotherhood!




UP SoCal 'welcome back' dinner 4-01-16 for Carl Zabat '83 DVM

(also a US Army "Desert Storm" veteran), now with US INS in Denver, CO

  At Gerry's Grill, Artesia: Joe Lalas, Roy Antonio, Norm Bituin, Art Martin, Edith & Sonny Pagador,

Dante Morales, Dan Galoso, Carl Zabat and Jun Valenzuela.


Jugalug continues at Jun Vale's house with 2 JW Double Black




This picture was sent by Atenarai'71 of Palo Alto, CA.


Raul Lopez'64 (College of Fine Arts) and wife Josie


They are up in Washington. The picture was actually sent to me by their daughter Barbara.
Raul suffered a heart attack last January while visiting with their son in Seattle. I am happy

to share this with you brods who, as I am, are very fond of him. - Ike


Web note: To see Raul's work, go to Artwork>Paintings Roman RaulLopez Frantela UPD'64,

or simply click here.




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 from RP.


Welcome for Edsel and Mayette Arceo & Send-off for Art and Tina Martin, 1-01-2016






Send-off for UP SoCal GP Roy Antonio, 12-31-2015




These pictures were sent by Rollie Santos'65 and Norman Bituin'65.


The "Golden Boys" celebrating 50 Years of Brotherhood. Finals on Dec 9, 1965 produced 29 new UPD Betans.

We remember our departed - Edwin Moscoso, Jun Leyco, Gamy Manikan and Larry Tumaneng.

Black Saints at The Podium, RP

Pol Moral, Ed Baldoria, Ricky Tolentino, Lito Lazaro, Raoul Reyes, Nat Mandac, Rollie Santos and Mon Ventura.


Black Saints at West Covina, CA

Tito Garcia, Danny Galoso, Dante Morales, Boi Wico and Norman Bituin.




This picture was sent by Jojo Alejar'79 from RP.


More good news! Riceponsable tayo!
Launch of Rice Awareness Month by PhilRice Executive Director brod Dr.Chito"Wow" Protacio

& DA Sec brod Proceso  "Procy"Alcala, Nov 3,2015 at Quezon Memorial Circle, Q.C.
Audience numbering hundreds consisted of DA agencies, BSWM, FPA, PCA, BPI, etc.
Sec Procy later on treated the brods to a full lauriat dinner in Edsa Shangri-la with brod JJ Jayme, cheers!


 l-r: Sis Sonia Salguero-Asst Director,Bureau of Soils & Water Mgt(BSWM). Brods: Dr.Chito Protacio'74,

Robbie Feliciano'74-Agri Pinoy consultant, Gene Puente'69-Agri Pinoy Consultant, Rene De Rueda'64-

former Usec DENR, Secretary Procy Alcala'77, Nonoy Bautista'60, Jojo Alejar'79, Joel Paredes'73.




These pictures were sent by Jimmy de Luna'65 from Eastvale, CA.


"Just to share with you our GRATITUDE & BLESSINGS for cruising

Western Mediterranean with ANTHEM OF THE SEAS." (9/27/15)




 Notre Dame de la Garde - Marseille, FR                       Leaning Tower of Pisa - Pisa, IT




This picture was sent by Judge Rey'68 from South Bend, IN.



"This nice catch almost topped the halibut and cod I caught the day before. We should plan fishing trips together brods.
I plan to visit Barrow, Alaska next spring to observe the life of the native Eskimo in the northern most inhabited place in Alaska.
Macky'68b and I are headed to Chile, Argentina and Antarctica in November. Looking forward to this trip." (9/26/15)




These pictures were sent by Ollie Jumao-as'73 from RP.


With almost 50 current resident members (despite the challenging situation they’re in), some of our

 UPLB brothers gear up for their “snake dance” presentation on 10-10-15!

Now led by GP Brod Heugo Criador, 10th from L, and younger brother SOMA Head Brod Yanco,

4th from R, (2 of 3 sons of Brod Jojo Criador LB81B who are all brods),




This picture was sent by Rolly Reyes'66 from RP.


RGR turns over to Central Treasurer & SOMA Instructor Ollie Jumao-as individual donations from brods.




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66, Rod Reyes'71 and Norman Bituin'65.


L.A. visitors, Aug-Sep 2015

Rolly Reyes'66 at Jun Valenzuela's


Rolly Reyes'66, Lakan Fonacier'71 and Boyet Fernandez'69 at Roy Antonio's


Rolly Reyes'66 at Redondo Beach


Joel Paredes'73 and son Miks Paredes'06 at Jun Valenzuela's


Jun Advincula'63 at Ten Ten Seafood Restaurant




These pictures were sent by Edsel Arceo'73 & Norman Bituin'65 from SoCal.


Hector San Juan DVM, UPD'73, and wife LC Eileen, from Cagayan de Oro, are on a business/pleasure trip to LA, Vancouver and Seattle. Edsel and Hec visited the grave of Flor Pagador DVM, UPD'73, before proceeding to the UP SoCal welcome dinner at Mando and Rexie Enrico's residence, July 28, 2015.




Hard-drinking Betan ladies - Rexie, Cherry, Mayette & Eileen - with JW Double Black







These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 from West Covina, CA.


On July 18, 2015 I accompanied my wife to their UST Nursing Assn. (USTNAI) reunion in Orlando, FL. At the same venue at the Marriott World Center, Dr. Angie Garbes UPD'62, MD was also attending the UP Medical Alumni Society in America (UPMASA) convention. Dr. Caloy las Marias UPD '67, MD, who lives in the area, met us at the hotel and hosted us for lunch.


l-r: Norman, Caloy, Angie


Lunch at Greek resto Taberna Opa hosted by Caloy with Caloy's wife Cora & Angie's wife Josie


l-r: Cherry Bituin, Angie & Josie Garbes, Norm Bituin at the Marriott World Center Orlando





This picture was sent by Jim Madrasto'71 from Westchester, PA.



"After 40 years...On a bright sunny Sunday afternoon in May, three members of UP Beta Sigma Fraternity 71-d Argentum Pandemonium came together as brothers mellowed by age but still undeniably oozing with their indelible Betan spirit. The host, Brod Leonilo Tan (middle) opened his sprawling home to batch mates Brod Jaime Madrasto (left) and Brod Rodolfo Reyes (right). Brod Leony practices medicine in Fontana CA. Brod Jim just arrived from his North Dakota assignment to work at Exxon Mobil refinery in Torrance CA. Brod Rod, a former LAPD officer, serves the West Covina CA community as pastor." -- Jim Madrasto, 5/31/15




This picture was sent by Norman Bituin'65 from West Covina, CA.


Roy Lising UPD'67B visits Los Angeles - Acapulco Restaurant, April 23, 2015

Seated: Edsel Arceo, Nonoy Bautista, Manny Gatmaitan, Aman Carolino, Norman Bituin, Roy Lising.

Standing: Art Martin, Danny Galoso.




These pictures were sent by Rey Bello'69 from RP.


Dear Brod Norman,


Pls. find attached fotos which you may post in our Frat's website.The first ones were taken during our Panzer batch 69a 46th anniversary on March 8th at Brod Boyet Fernandez' house in Antipolo City. The next group of photos were taken during our UP Prep high class 68 reunion/excursion to Taal, Batangas on Mar. 14th. We met Brod Caloy Satin UPD71D, our class batchmate, whom I haven't seen for over 40 yrs! Cheers!

 Thanks, Rey Bello 69a, 3-22-15


 Seated L to R: Rolly Balingit, Bogs Cabanatan, Boyet Fernandez, Torch Manalang, Claro Santamaria,

Perry Callanta, Julius Cada.

     Standing L to R: Rey Bello, Ed Abon, Luis Guanio, Sher Gacho, Rollie Dimayuga, Gary Flores, Gil Marzo,

Carlo Gervasio, Ross Fernando, Jun Bernal, Gene Puente.




Panzer 69a batch photo, in living room
Seated L to R, not in previous photos: Willy Nepomuceno, Nes Marquez (in middle with yellow shirt),

Joe Bautista (in stripes, last).


Next photo in living room, brods not in earlier shot
Seated L to R: Botit Reyes. Standing L to R: Lakan Fonacier, Peter Danao.


UP Prep 68 Batangas trip
L to R: Ross Fernando, Luis Guanio, Caloy Satin, Boyet Fernandez, Carlo Gervasio, Rey Bello, Rolly Balingit.




These pictures were sent by Willie Nepomuceno'69 from RP.



selfie with brod willie nePOPEmuceno 69A at home in Marikina




This picture was sent by Judge Rey'68 from South Bend, IN.


With batch mate Rolly Zubiri - last time we were together was in 1972




These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 from West Covina, CA.


I contracted with kabatch Dan, proprietor of PR1MEx, Inc., to move us - Cherry and son Kurt - to our small first house, which we had rented out since '88, after having sold the one in Diamond Bar 2 months ago in prep for my retirement in Jan. Our new address is 449 S. Frankfurt Ave., West Covina, CA 91792. In this case, brotherhood and business have gone nicely and we thank Dan for providing exceptional service. Just sending some pics of the brotherhood in action. Cheers... Norm 11/06/14


P.S. After 3 weeks, we finally got our tv and internet connections - and now back to the website chores.


Brotherhood in Action



Exceptional service from kabatch DannyG and a couple of Mexican movers




These pictures were sent by Rey Bello'69 from RP.


 Panzer batch 69a, bonding at Italiannis resto in Makati last Sept. 2014, with Brods Jec Marquez, Gene Puente,

Gil Marzo, Carlo Gervasio, Luis Guanio, Boyet Fernandez, Ed Abon and Rey Bello. Cheers!





Diamond Jubilee celebration of UP Prep High School on Feb. 18, 2014 at the Phil. Plaza Hotel

The brods are all UP Prepians of different years..

 Sitting: Butch Madarang, Robie Feliciano, Ruben Pascual, Rey Bello, Ross Fernando, Danny Vizmanos.

Standing: Bernie Bantegui, Ago Romero, Rolly Dimayuga, Sher Gacho, Carlo Gervasio, ??, ??, Luis Guanio,

Judz Rey, Jec Marquez, Boyet Fernandez and Lionel Latoja.


UPD Panzer Batch 69a anniversary/reunion on Mar. 9, 2014 at Boyet Fernandez' house in Antipolo

Sitting: Rey Bello, Gene Puente.

Standing: Ed Abon, Rey Bantegui, Julius Cada, Boyet Fernandez, Carlo Gervasio, Gil Marzo,

Willy Nepomuceno, Rolly Dimayuga, Luis Guanio and Joe Bautista. All batchmates.


Jericho batchmates: Joe, Cyrus, Perry and Gary.


Ben Abon'70 & UPD Batch Jericho 69c B'day party at Gulp Club of Brod Caloy Agulto in QC, Aug. 30, 2014

Present were Brods Cyrus Fagar, Dan Bautista, Perry Callanta, Gary Flores, Rey Bello, Ben Abon, Buddy Curameng, Sandy Daza, Caloy Agulto, Cris Michelena, Butch Madarang, Chito Tapawan, Atty. Curameng, brother of Bajour, and Prof. Joe Lalas who came all the way from the US to be with his batchmates.


Lunch/Reunion with balikbayan Brod kabatch Sonny Aguilar at the Elk's Club, Makati, Sep. 24, 2014

All 69c: Sonny Aguilar, Boyet Fernandez, Jec Marquez, Carlo Gervasio, Gene Puente, Rey Bello, Ed Abon and Luis Guanio.




These pictures were sent by Jimmy de Luna'65 from Eastvale, CA.


"Just to share with you the joy and blessings that we spent time with ka batch @ family in Alaskan Cruise."


UPD'65 Black Saints all: Raoul & May Reyes, Elmor & Siony Villanueva, Jimmy & Letty de Luna










Fred & Nerissa Young '66 from Regina, SK on vacation in CA - July 22, '14 with Jimmy, NormanB and TitoG




This picture was sent by Judge Rey'68 from South Bend, IN.



Judge toasts with UP North brods - July 15, 2014.




These pictures were sent by Rolly Reyes'66 from RP.


JUNE 28-29, 2014




We trekked to Baguio before sunrise to meet Brod Cyrus and Sis Bing carrying with us a fraternal message of concern for Sis Bing’s wellness. We were well received with the predictable affectionate UP Betan hearts as we relayed the long line of well-wishers offering their prayers of submission to the divinity pf spiritual love so that all of us will be showered with strength and humility. These memorable moments of spiritual glee guided by our fraternal DNA saw us tightening our clasps of being a family without surnames.


Yes. We are good and noble.

We are children of love.

We are family.


Cyrus and Bing,


We love you and will continue to pray as with the other family members.


Dave, Cot, Rod and Rolly


Dine-out with Bing & Cyrus Fagar'69 - Baguio Country Club, June 28-29, 2014

l-r: Bing Fagar, Rod Reyes, Cyrus Fagar, Rolly Reyes, Dave & Cot de la Torre






Despedida for Kiko Delmendo'72 - Mario's Restaurant, Q.C. , June 27, 2014



Rolly, Tetet and Kiko




This picture was sent by Carlo Malabanan'77 of Nashville, TN.


77C meets 08D - Carlo Malabanan and Kim Montaniel (6-19-14)


Carlo (aka Orlac) and Kim both work in the same building at the Molecular Physiology and Biophysics at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, but didn't know each other. Edsel Arceo said he connected the two together. Kim is taking his Biomedical PhD at Vanderbilt. Kim was the first set of resident brods (the other was Danilo Si) who came to the US under the "Brotherhood of Scholars Program" in 2009. To read the article "Brods headed to Vanderbilt and Penn", click here.




These pictures were sent by Willie Vergara'67 of Rocklin, CA.


Ike, Tanya and I wanted to be the very first set of visitor of Roman "RaulLopez" Frantela '64, but the UP SoCal brods beat us to the gun! Jun Vale, Aman, Edsel and Ed Rivera went to Benicia a day before on a Saturday - Memorial Day weekend.
The fabulous painting at our background is being sold for $10,000… any takers?









This picture was sent by Brod JJ Jayme of Vancouver, B.C.


From: Juanito Regadio 'via UP Beta Sigma Fraternity International'
Date   June 15, 2014 4:20 AM


Brod JJ,

Brod Rene and I are very thankful for spending your precious time with us while touring Vancouver and the Aquilini blueberry and cranberry farms, and their processing and cold storage facilities, including their twin golf courses. It was also very heartwarming to meet your wife and family, especially Mommy Leonor.

You also gave us a very nice bonus of personally introducing to us Comm. Luigi Aquilini, the owner of Aquilini Investment Group and the NHL Vancouver Cannucks. Please extend our regards to him and Ben.

Thank you so much, brod. We will always cherish every moment of our sojourn in Vancouver.

Take care and God bless you and your family always.

Brod JR







These pictures were sent by Orly Magistrado'64 of Mission Viejo, CA.


The Orange County Boys feast out - June 4, 2014

l-r: Ago Romero'68, Tito Garcia'65, Orly Magistrado'64, George Abrina'73 and Johnny Singh'68.







These pictures were sent by Ed Rivera'68 of Anaheim, CA.


"Birds Galore" paintings by Raul'64


UP SoCal brods visit Roman RaulLopez Frantela '64, who recently moved to Benicia, CA - May 25, 2014 

l-r: Jun Valenzuela'73, Raul'64, Edsel Arceo'73, Aman Carolino'71 and Ed Rivera'68.




These pictures were sent by Ollie Jumao-as'73 from RP.


Last night was Brod Francis "Kiko" Delmendo's 60th at the Chef & Brewer in Ortigas, attended by his D72C batchmates, some brods, friends, and family members!  Needless to say, it was A NIGHT to remember!
Cheers to Brod Kiko!  Cheers to UPBSF Batch D72C!!   Cheers to UPBSF !!!
rbe73c, 6-11-14




These pictures were sent by Joe Diaz'78 from RP.


From: Jose Andres Diaz <>
Date: May 8, 2014 at 7:02:07 AM GMT+8
Subject: Frat Charter Mtng

Attached are some pictures of our meeting. Cheerz. -- Joe



One of the founders Ben Arcinas attended. Together with Brods Rico Arranz, Dr. Ted Topacio, Mars Robosa, Vic Ramos, Joe Diaz, Pat Roman, Cris Michelena, Rexie Bugarin, Butch Madarang and myself. Brods Ron Justo and Mel Ladip joined later. - RGR






These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 from Diamond Bar.


I visited Roman RaulLopez Frantela '64, UP College of Fine Arts, in Sammamish, WA on Easter weekend '14.

Here he is with son Chris, daughter-in-law Laura, and two grandsons beside one of his "Birds Galore" paintings*.

[*To see the collection, go to Artwork or click here]


And with wife Josie, sister of Brod Roy Lising'67.


We remember the "good old days".




This picture was sent by Rolly Reyes'66 from RP.


RGR, Jopet Laraya and Ollie Jumao-as discuss July 12, 2014 Fraternity Ball "Heavyweight @ 68"




These pictures were sent by Lito Lazaro'65 from RP.


Dear Ka-batches,


 We had lunch today at the Podium to celebrate and welcome Ding and Julie coming home from San Francisco.

 Highlight of the day was the plan to go and spend overnight at Mon Amparo's farm/resort in Real, Quezon.


 Brod Lito, 1-09-2014

l-r: Ding Cavestany, Pol Moral, Ed Baldoria, Lito Lazaro, Ricky Tolentino, Gamy Manikan.







Dear Ka-batches,

We (myself, my wife and my two daughters) made a trip to Baguio City last December 27. We had the opportunity to visit Charles at his place in Ambuklao Road. Charles and his wife Linda (both MDs) look well and healthy. The paintings were made by Charles, including the one hanging on the wall behind us. Mahusay pala kamay niya.

Hello, Ding, see you on the 9th at the Podium. Happy New Year to all of us!

Brod Lito UPD 65, 1-04-2014









UPD Black Saints'65 48th anniversary reunion - The Podium, Ortigas Ave.

Front: Tito Garcia, Mon Amparo, Pol Moral, Mon Ventura, Ed Baldoria.

Back: Larry Tumaneng, Lito Lazaro, Rollie Santos, Ric Tolentino.



And in LA at Hooters West Covina: Danny Galoso, Boi Wico, Jimmy de Luna, Norman Bituin.




This picture was sent by Gerson Dacanay'67 from RP.


Get-together in Alfonso, Cavite

Seated:    Willie Nepomuceno'69, Flora Dacanay.

Standing:  Agnes & Bogan Cabanatan'65, Gerson Dacanay'67, Torch Manalang'67.




This picture was sent by Yay Topacio'68 from Honolulu, HI.


Brod Mayor Lito Tadena is here in Honolulu with lovely wife for speaking engagements - Dec. 7, 2013.




This picture was sent by Judge Rey'68 from South Bend, IN.


Jack's (Raoul Reyes) and Abe’s (Abe Agulto) visit to Michigan - Nov. 22, 2013.

Let us pray for Abe who is battling the big “C”.




This picture was sent by Ed Rivera'68 from Anaheim, CA.


Sendoff dinner at Jeepney Asian Grill for Buddy Curameng - Nov. 20, 2013

Seated:   Jamsey Evangelista, Ed Cornelia, Boy Jaurigue, Elmor Villanueva, Aman Carolino, Ed Rivera,

Boi Wico, Gilbert Dulay, Jun Valenzuela, Buddy & Cecille Curameng, Joyce Evangelista.

Standing: Mando & Rexie Enrico, Norman Bituin. 




These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin'65 from Diamond Bar, CA.


Jun Gomez kept asking me when they could see the pictures, thus this preview. The '63 Reunion #2 in Las Vegas officially started Nov. 3 Sun. thru Nov. 5 Tue., but some brods had come in early. The '63 brods in these pictures are: Eding Hizon, Ben Aguila, Wally Rodriguez, Jun Gomez, Levy del Rosario, Mando Enrico, Laverne Munsayac, Marcelo Ramos and Tito Campomanes. On Sunday after the brunch at South Point Hotel and I had left back for LA, I was told five more '63 Jubilarians had reported for action: Milton Mendoza, Buddy Pongos, Jackie Jacala, Adolfo Acorda and Carlo Peñaranda. The main organizer, Eding, will collect and complete the photos (from his Nikon D800 and Leica M) of all the reunion attendees and provide us with a full article that will come out in Current Features in due time. In the interim, here's a sampler.  


A Preview - Batch '63 Reunion #2 in Las Vegas, Nov. 2013

Dinner hosted by Ben and May Aguila

 Ladies: Nesca de la Santa, Rexie Enrico, Cherry Bituin, Baba Hizon, May Aguila.

Brods:  Levy del Rosario'63, Ben Aguila'63, Eding Hizon'63, Jeje de la Santa'61, Jun Gomez'63,

Mando Enrico'63, Nonoy Bautista'60, Wally Rodriguez'63, Aman Carolino'71.


Brods at South Point Hotel

Eding Hizon'63, Gene Samson'66, Ding Cavestany'65, Mando Enrico'63, Levy del Rosario'63, Wally Rodriguez'63,

Gerry Abenes'66, Aman Carolino'71, Dave Villegas'55, Laverne Munsayac'63, Marcelo Ramos'63, Jun Gomez'63,

Nonoy Bautista'60, Tito Campomanes'63.


Ladies at South Point Hotel

 Seated: Mercy Villegas, Baba Hizon, May Gaspay, Genny Cademas, Cheng Valdez, Cecille Cabanilla (May's guest),

Lleva Abenes, Rose Campomanes, Cherry Bituin, Viching de Santos, Rexie Enrico.

Standing: Julie Cavestany, Josie del Rosario.


50 more for the "Golden Boys" !!




"My so loving and respectful son Stephen Gabriel Salvador Curameng 'Gumby' 36 years old died just a few hours ago. It's the hardest, unbearable sadness in my heart. Please pray to our Almighty God for the repose of his soul. I will take earliest flight to LA I can get." -- Buddy 10-27-13


The brods and their families continue to pray and support Brod Buddy/Bajour, his wife Cecille and their three other sons Hector, Carlo and Mark in this difficult and "reversed" course in life when the parents bury their child. The viewing and funeral schedule is posted in Flash News, also with Buddy's contact phone number in California. The interment is on Nov. 2, Saturday. Buddy said he will be in the US the rest of the month flying back to RP on Nov. 30. -- Norman


1st viewing of Stephen "Gumby" Curameng, St. Edward Church, Dana Point, CA - Oct. 31, 2013


l-r: Boy Jaurigue, Ago Romero, Tito Garcia, Cecille and Buddy Curameng, Art and Tina Martin, Norman Bituin





UP Betan Golf at Diamond Bar GC, 9-29-13

l-r: Edsel Arceo, Ed Tadiar (visiting from Adelaide, AU), Rolly Balingit and Art Martin


Lunch at Norman's plus Manny del Rosario'66, Levy's kid brother, who moved recently from NoCal to SoCal






These pictures were sent by Rey Bello'69 from RP.


Dear Brods,

On our way back home from Sea World Orlando on Sept. 22, 2013, my family and I visited Brod Dr. Caloy las Marias D67b and his gracious wife Cora at their beautiful home in Windermere, FL near Orlando. There was an open invitation from Brod Caloy to visit them. I told him we'll do so when we visit Orlando. Actually, it was our first meeting. He transferred to UERM College of Med for his MD degree in 1969, the year I joined the Frat, so hindi kami nagpang-abot. I only got to know him later on FB. They pampered us with a hearty brunch of Pinoy dishes like lechon paksiw, pancit, longanisa and empanada. Nabusog talaga kami! Siempre, may kwentuhan at kodakan din (pls. see attached pictures). At may pabaon pa! Napaaga tuloy ang Pasko ko at ni Brod Paeng.

Brod Caloy and Cora, thank you very much for inviting us into your home and to enjoy your company, even for a short while. We had a great time! You guys are great! May God bless you both with a long and happy life. Till we meet again...

Rey Bello D69a, 9-24-13








Dear Brods,

My family and I were on 1 week East Coast tour and I had the very wonderful opportunity to reunite with the UP brods who are residing there. Please find attached photos of our reunions. I first met Brods Raoul Reyes D65, Ernie 'Togi' Igot D70 and Abe Agulto D71d at the Hilton, Gaithersburg, Maryland on July 5, 2013. Togi was with his wife, Eva, and Raoul was with his son, Rommel. We were on our way to upstate New York the following day.

On our way back to New York City, I then met with Brods Ted Quijano LB68a and Chet Almazan D73b on July 9, 2013. We had a jolly good time telling stories about our resident days and also of recent events. We had couples of Corona beers at Angelina's Pinoy Resto on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens, NYC. I was amazed by Brod Chet's story of his personal experience in the US. He showed the fighting spirit of a true Betan, to persevere and to never give up.

The welcome hugs and abrazos were tight and sincere, but the goodbye and hope to see you again embraces were much tighter and the farewells were almost sad and lingering. They were short-lived reunions but I really felt the spirit of kinship and brotherhood. As if I never left home, the East Coast brods were there to greet and welcome me gladly. My sincere thanks to Brods Raoul, Togi, Abe, Ted and Chet! Parang nasa Tambayan ang feeling! I hope to see you all again! Cheers!

Yours fraternally,
Rey Bello D69a










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