Betan Picture-an I

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***This picture was sent by Brod JJ Jayme from RP.


Dinner at Club Filipino, Philippines, 2-23-09:

          Seated:   Dr. Cecilio Felix, DVM & wife Anita (from Rancho Murieta, CA), Dr. Ted Topacio, DVM and Atty. Rico Arranz.

          Standing: JJ Jayme and Butch Madarang.


Excerpts from JJ's email to Tatang Vergara, 2-23-09:

Brods Rico Arranz and Cecilio Felix accidentally bumped into each other at the Bahay ng Alumni.  Brod Arranz asked for the invitations and drove Brod Felix and wife inside campus where they were staying and got the invitations.   And so dinner was arranged later that evening.   So this is how Brod Arranz does things for the fraternity.  He personally gets involved.  He is just so active and dedicated to the fraternity.  And at 82, it is so difficult to keep up with him.


That particular day, he was at U.P. for a 10am meeting with Brod Frank Cornejo, bumped into Brod Felix, picked up the invitations, called me up around noon, told me he met Brod Felix and that he has the invitations, told me to proceed to the office at 5 to meet him to discuss a few things, arranged for Brods Topacio and Felix to be picked up and then met them and Brod Butch Madarang at 7 at the Club Filipino and finished that close to 9:30pm.  Typical day for Brod Arranz.  You can bet the invitations will be delivered to all tomorrow.

Cheers,  JJ



 ***These pictures came from Ike Araneta'71 of Palo Alto, California.


UP NorCal post-Valentine 'walking' cum 'dim sum' affair - Feb. 21, '09


Brods and Sis rendezvous at the Ferry Bldg. to do the annual Valentines Day City Walk in San Francisco.

 Except this one happened on Feb. 21st.



 "Walking" meant heading to the nearest dim sum restaurant - the famous Yan Sing in the Rincon Center.  Wow, sarap naman!


"The San Francisco Walkers Club"

                  Seated:    Willy Quejada, Manolo Banzon, Dave & Merci Villegas, Bong & Aileen Beredo, Irma Ramos.

                  Standing: Ike Araneta, Desi Quejada, Tanya Araneta, Gerry & Lleva Abenes, Lita & Eric Punzalan, Boy Ramos.



                                  Here comes the bill...                                                 Ba't kulang?  Paano hindi ka pa dumudukot eh.



                                         The Brods                                                                                   The Wives


What a view!

(Yup, this is what you'll miss if you don't come in May at the SF Grand Reunion'09)




                                   ***These pictures were taken by Norman Bituin'65 of Diamond Bar, California.


UP SoCal St. Valentine's dinner - Universal City Hilton Hotel, Feb. 14, '09


Taking out our Ladies to show them how much they mean to us....

                                    Seated:    Nonoy & Ivy Bautista, Edsel & Mayette Arceo, Elma & Manny Gatmaitan.

                                    Standing: Eddie & Evelyn Cornelia, Ago & Eva Romero, Tina & Art Martin,

                                                  Cherry & Norman Bituin, Rexie & Mando Enrico, Edith & Sonny Pagador.



                           Eddie & Evelyn                                                       Mayette & Edsel                                                         Mando & Rexie



                          Ago & Eva                                                                    Art & Tina                                                              Norman & Cherry


Looking tough, bro, but very tender with the Ladies!


To our Ladies: "I can fly higher than an eagle, for you are the wind beneath my wings."





                                  Ed Cornelia's b'day, Buena Park, CA, 1-17-09:   *Seated: Art Martin, Ed Cornelia.

                  *Standing: Carling Taguinod, Frank Mamaril, Ed Rivera, Boi Wico, Nonoy Bautista, Ago Romero, Sonny Pagador.



     Tito Garcia's b'day, Mission Viejo, CA, 1-14-09: left - Tito, wife Adelfa, daughter KS; right - Norm Bituin, Jimmy de Luna.



 At the wake of Jicky UPD'81 and Jamsey UPD'88 Evangelista's father at Crestlawn Memorial Park,

Corona, CA, 1-10-09: Roy Antonio, Jicky Evangelista MD, Ed Rivera, Norm Bituin, Jamsey Evangelista.




 U.P. "First Gentleman", Pat Roman, UPLB'64, visits LA and dines with the UP SoCal Betan Family, 12-29-08.

U.P. President Emer Roman was "under the weather" and couldn't make it to the welcome at Panda Inn.




                   Seated:    Eva Romero, Hermie San Luis, Ed Cornelia, Pat Roman, Frank Mamaril, Chit Taguinod.

                   Standing:  Sonny Pagador, Ago Romero, Nonoy Bautista, Edsel Arceo, Boi Wico, Art Martin, 

                                  Carling Taguinod, Norman Bituin, Tito Garcia, Mildred Wico.




                                    ***This picture was sent by Norman Bituin'65 of Diamond Bar, California.



                                   Jopet Laraya'63, JC-SOMA instructor, visits LA 10-04-08 after Toronto seminar

                                          Front: Carling Taguinod DVM, Art Martin DVM, Norman Bituin, Ed Rivera

                                          Back: Boi Wico, Jopet Laraya DVM, Rolly Balingit




                                  *** These pictures were sent by Willie Vergara'67 of Rocklin, California.


            It's been some time and Ding has not really 'awakened'. Ding has been very much in touch with this loop
            for about two weeks before he underwent operation, communicating with brods and expressing his concerns.
            Let's continue praying for Ding, Brothers. Prayers work, and there's always hope.
            We in Northern California had the pleasure of his company a few years ago. For those who haven't
            seen him lately, here are photos so you can put a face to your prayers.
            Tatang, 8-22-08




                                      "Cowboy" Ding and host Willie prowl a relic of the Old West - Old Town Sacramento         



Ding and Tess Vergara pay a call on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger



                                                  Brods and Work Buddies of old enjoying each other's company




                                *** These pictures were sent by Frank Mamaril'56 of Yorba Linda, California.



     UP Beta Sigma SoCal meeting, 7/18/08:  BernieB, NormB, GeorgeA, GP FrankM, EdC; EdR, CarlingT, BoiW, EdselA



     *Left: Nonoy Bautista & Bernie Bacosa.   *Right: Cherry Bituin, Eva Romero, Tina Martin, Rory Mamaril, Chit Taguinod.




            Southern California Filipino Veterinary Medical Assn. (SCFVMA) dinner-dance - July 19, '08, Anaheim, CA

                  Sitting:     Frank Mamaril, Rexie Enrico, Cherry Bituin, Evelyn Cornelia, Eva Romero, Tita San Luis-Bituin

                  Standing: Ed Cornelia DVM, Norman Bituin, Rory Mamaril, Chit & Carling Taguinod DVM, Mando Enrico




                                                Brod Carling pairs off with Katya, a Russian professional dance instructor  



                       Don't miss the UP Beta Sigma SoCal Frat Ball on Aug. 31 and we'll see if we can get Katya come back!!



                                                             A ballroom dance technique: a slight tap-push at

                                                             the back (or lower... konting baba, puede rin)            





                  *** In honor and in remembrance of our UPLB Sigma Betan Sis Myrna Belarmino, Batch 1956,

                                       these pictures were sent by Freddy Fajardo'64 of Los Banos, Laguna.



                        Myrna (standing, 2nd from left) with alumni and resident sisters during the Christmas party

                                            last December 2007 at Sis Josie Saddul's home in Calamba City


                     May 2008, Bienvenida for balikbayan Brod Ruben and Sis Mila Monroy at Josie Saddul's home.

                       Standing: Boots Reyes-Revilleza, Mila Kalaw-Monroy, Norms Natividad-Fajardo, Lorna Paje-Domingo,

                                      Mercy Piamonte-Gabatan, Ching Paje-Gomez, Grace Yabut-Criador, Josie Roldan-Saddul

                                      and Myrna Belarmino.

                       Seated:    Ruben Monroy.



                      Seated:    Ruben, Josie, Myrna, Boots, and Mila.

                      Standing: Kuya Domingo, Jimmy Lagdameo, Freddy Fajardo, Ching Gomez, Mercy Gabatan

                                     Norms Fajardo, Grace Criador, Lorna Domingo and Jojo Criador.





                                   ***This picture was sent by Ike Araneta'71 of Palo Alto, California.



                                      Dinner at a Japanese restaurant in NorCal with visiting Rolly Balingit'69 of LA, 6-06-08

                        Clockwise: Franklin Morales, RollyB, Gerry & Lleva Abenes, Gene & Jenny Samson, Tanya & Ike Araneta



                        ***This picture was sent by Norman Bituin'65 of Diamond Bar, California.



            GP Frank Mamaril (sitting, 2nd left) & UP SoCal Brods prepare for Officers Induction & Frat Ball'08 on Labor Day weekend




                                     *** These pictures were sent by Frank Mamaril'56 of Yorba Linda, California.



                            UP SoCal Betans welcome Jose "Pong" Lustre'60 (standing left) at VIP Buffet dinner - May 2, 2008

                               Brod Pong is from Jaen, Nueva Ecija and, from what we remember, owns the Rural Bank of Jaen.



                                        L-R: UP SoCal GP Frank Mamaril, Amando Enrico, Carling Taguinod, Pong Lustre,

                                                          Nonoy Bautista, Hermie San Luis, Ago Romero, Art Martin




                        *** These pictures were sent by Freddie Fajardo'64 of Los Banos, Laguna.


                                                     "Hail the UPLB Brods and Sis' 2008 Graduates!!"     


                      Brod Dario Sabularse, President of the UPBSFAA,Inc. administers the oath taking to the alumni association

                      of new graduates to: Polo Ramirez (Certificate in Forestry); Jonathan Arzadon (BS Biology); Olympus Laforteza

                      (BS Agriculture Business); Jfel Cuevas (BS Chemical Engineering); Kelmer Resuello (BS Agriculture); and

                      James Philip de Jesus (Certificate in Forestry). Not in picture: Steve Ternura (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

                      and Jayson Rosales (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine).


                Sigma Betan Graduates (L-R): Keshia Tingson (BS Biology); Cyndie Hernandez (BS Development Communication);

                Trina Abrera (BS DevCom); Dianne Cunanan (BS DevCom); Melanie Adornado (BS Chemistry); Raissa Atendido

                (BS Food Technology); Sheila Flores (BS DevCom); Zsak Criador (BS Industrial Engineering); and Lou Anne Dumalag

                (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine).




                         Graduating UPLB Brods and Sis' pose with the residents, alumni and alumnae during the testimonial dinner

                                           in their honor on April 24, 2008 at Splash Mountain Resort, Los Banos, Laguna




                 *** These pictures were sent by Willie Vergara'67 of Rocklin, California.


                                    UP Beta Sigma Northern California's "Malmon Day" - April 26, 2008

        (also a joyous ruse-excuse to throw a bash for the April b'day celebrants and welcome LB Brod Mino & Sis Leah Cabral)   









                                                                           "One Big, Happy Family"

                          *Top row:      Dave Villegas, Emy Fajardo, GP Bong Beredo

                          *Second row: Lita Punzalan, Irma Ramos, Lleva Abenes, Ria Vergara, Lea Cabral

                          *Third row:    Weng Aragones, Anita Felix, Mercy Villegas, Aileen Beredo, Virgie Monteagudo

                          *Fourth row:  Boy Ramos, Cecilio Felix, Narcing Lapus, Tatang Vergara, Johnny Regadio, Fred Aquino,

                                               Johnny Quijano, Gerry Abenes, Vee de Vera, Gene Samson  

                          *Bottom row: Billy Monteagudo, Mino Cabral, Eric Punzalan, Dutch Aragones





                           *** These pictures came from Anthony Subijano'72 of Sydney, Australia.



                                        UP Beta Sigma Golden Anniversary - at Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman, Dec. 1996

              L-R: Tony Senga, Norman Bituin, Sonny Hernandez, Enching Rodriguez, Liling Padilla, Mario Pasamba, Boy Ramos,

              Bal Villanueva, Jimmy Santos, Vic Ramos, Vic Tirol, Ed Baldoria, Benild Pires, Banz Banez, Ely Aldana, Perry Callanta



                                  Wow, Sydney Harbour!!  Bal Villanueva'60, visiting Archie Laano'55 MD, Vic Pulmano'57



                                Aussie Betans: Cezar Villanoy, Vic Pulmano, Rene Padilla, Bal Villanueva, Anthony Subijano




                      *** These pictures were taken by Norman Bituin'65 during the official visit of Rolly Reyes'66 in Las Vegas

                           and Los Angeles on 4/13-21, 2008.  Rolly is the Chairman and President of the National Broadcasting

                           Network of the Office of the Press Secretary, Malacanang, Philippines.



                                 At Universal Hilton: Art Martin, Ago Romero, Herm San Luis, Rolly Reyes, Nonoy Bautista,

                                                             Edsel Arceo, Norman Bituin, Frank Mamaril, Elmor Villanueva 





                                                                     Cheers to Brod Rolly and UP Beta Sigma!




             *** This picture was sent by Benild Pires'64 of Victoria, BC, Canada.



                      When "Maharajah" meets the "Yankee Clipper":  Benild'64 and Wally'63 in New York, April 7, '08




                    *** These Philippine shots came from Bong Beredo'73 of Stockton, California.



                   The now famous Malmon Buckle Up road sign the UP Betans put along the highway to Baguio



           UP Baguio GP Darryl Reyes: "Brod, pics ng mga residente ng UP Baguio. Umabot kami ng 11 last sem galing sa 5 members..=)" 

           UP NorCal GP Bong Beredo: "Wow!!! Thats the Betan Spirit. Can we hear from UP Mindanao and UP Visayas too?? Cheers!"


                         UP Baguio Betans: chilling out in La Union










                             *** These came from Ike Araneta'71 and Pogs Gaspay'68, neighbors in Palo Alto, California.



                     Tennis in Palo Alto:  Jec Marquez, Dan Galoso, Ding Cavestany, Bobby Pascual, Babes Ignacio, Judz Rey



                      Hospitality night before UP Norcal '05 Frat Ball:  Jec Marquez, Cyrus Fagar, Nol Banzon, Pogs Gaspay




                     *** In honor and in remembrance of our Sigma Betan Sis Princess Cedillo-VanDyke.

                                 Note by Prez Willie: "Princess belonged to a family of Betans that included her own dad (who was Faculty

                                                                              Adviser), 2 brothers and a brother-in-law (Ivan Fojas)".


                         *From Sis Marie Ganchorre, Washington: "Prency was close to a lot of the Diliman brods. Her father was also

                                        a brod and former BE adviser. She was our UPRHS batchmate, we were to celebrate our 50th anniversary

                                       April but will be celebrated with a great loss of a classmate."  

                                   *From Brod Freddie Fajardo, Los Banos: "The Cedillo's were our long time neighbors before at Faculty Hill.

                                        My father and Prof. Valentin Cedillo (UPLB Grand Counsellor '54-'55), were colleagues at the Dept. of

                                        Agricultural Education. Except for Sis Prency, who was much mature than us at that time, Amor, Ruby, and

                                       Voltaire Cedillo were our dabarkads in the neighborhood together with Joe and Bobby Ramos (Prof. Francisco

                                       Ramos); Jessie and Danny Viado (Prof. Getulio Viado); and Gwen and Jun Galano (mga pamangkin ni Tita

                                       Ati Yniguez)."

                                  *From Brod Ernie Tremor, California: "This is really shocking. She appeared so healthy the last time I saw her

                                         in Las Vegas. Will indeed pray for her. Not to worry we are all going there."  

                                  *From Brod Willie Vergara, California: "See if you can beat this: She drove with Brods and Sis from Wisconsin

                                         to Seattle to Sacramento. After the ball, she drove back home to the East alone.... And that was just August 31,

                                        2003. God bless her soul and Betan spirit."



                                            UP Beta Sigma NorCal Frat Ball 2003: Princess is seated, 2nd from the left


                                    UP Beta Sigma NorCal Frat Ball 2003: Princess is standing at the center, in front of

                                                                                                    Northwest GP Brod Cosme Santiago




                                   *** These pictures were sent by Carlos Las Marias'67 from Orlando, Florida.

                                        "Let me reiterate my excitement with what you guys are accomplishing putting together

                                                         the history of our beloved fraternity.  If you happen to come by Orlando, call me so we

                                                          could get together for old times' sake.  Cheers!"  -- Brod Caloy67B



                                                    Caloy'67 MD, wife Cora UP BSBA'70, Karen with 2 kids, Carlo and Charlene









             *** These pictures were sent by Raffy Hidalgo'86 from the Philippines.



                        From Raffy: "Banner is the one we used nung Residents Cup golf last year kaya mali pa yung seal ng

                                            UPBSFI. Pics were taken in Barretto, Olongapo and in Subic.", left to right:

                          Pete Danao 92, a lawyer and a Partner at the Madrid Law Offices in Ortigas; handles high profile cases,

                             both criminal and corporate; VP for Revenues of the OBBF.

                          Raffy Hidalgo 86, VP for Corporate Development of SteelAsia; Diliman GP 1988-1989.

                          Antonio "Nonoy" Tagaro 77, a very decorated varsity baseball player giving UP 5 baseball championships

                            while earning 3 letter awards and 2 sweater awards.

                          Lloyd Dizon 87, General Manager of one of the leading cold-storage logistic companies in the Philippines

                            and a part owner of Aruba, one of the trendiest bars in Ortigas; VP for Membership of the OBBF.

                          Jason Justo 92, Corporate Lawyer of ASB realty (Roxas family) which developed the St. Francis Square in

                            Ortigas among others; Corporate Secretary of Aruba, and handles some private cases as well; President of

                            the OBBF for the past 2 years.



                FIRST WIVES CLUB, left to right:

                  Tintin is Pete Danao's wife.  She is an engineer and now works for NEDA.  She is a member of the Sigma Delta

                      Sorority.  Pete has 3 kids with her.

                  Jay is Raffy Hidalgo's wife. She is also a member of Sigma Delta.  She is a lawyer and is currently a Prosecutor

                     with the Office of the Ombudsman at the Sandiganbayan.  Hopefully with the help of Brods Rico Arranz, Raoul

                     Victorino, Matt Defensor, Walt Navarro, Ollie, Ron Justo and Marc Patriarca, who have helped push her application,

                      she will be appointed as Judge (her application is pending at Malacanang). 

                  Thessa is Lloyd Dizon's wife.  She works at the Japanese embassy and was the crush of many of the residents in

                      our day (she belonged to an org whose tambayan was near the Frat's). She is also a model and has appeared

                      on many TV and print commercials.

                   Enoi is Jason Justo's wife.  She is a Sigma Betan.  She is an IT person and works at Accenture as a manager.

                      She is in the US often under Accenture training programs.



                      WHOM WE DO IT FOR: Top Row:  Mikaeli Hidalgo (Kinder at Miriam), Gabbie Justo (Grade 2 St. Paul Pasig),

                       Liam Dizon (Grade 5 Lasalle GH), Thea Dizon (4th year HS Miriam), Jack Danao (in the lap of Thea), JV Danao,

                       Sebastian Justo (Nursery incoming), Andrea Hidalgo (Grade 1 Miriam), Daphne Danao (Grade 1 Poveda).




                *** These pictures were sent by Rey Carandang'69 from the Midwest.



                                 Midwest Brods (l-r): Rolly Aquino'68, Josue Castillo'67 DVM, Midwest GP Lem Michelena'75,   

                                                                  Rey Carandang'69 MD, Roger Aragon'69 DVM



                  Rey and Roger with (we assume) the better halves                                        Dining out in Chicago




            *** These pictures were sent by Tatang Vergara'67 of Rocklin, CA. 



                                "Lost But Now Found" :  Brod Nilcar Hallare with UP Beta Sigma NorCal GP Bong Beredo

         From Tatang: "This man who presented himself to attend the Christmas Party in Fairfield, California -- and to provide beautiful

         music for us with his mastery of the keyboard -- is a TRUE BETAN of the 50s! His name is Nilcar Hallare, who he claims belongs

         to the early Batch 50s but came to America in 1952.  By sharing his own old Philippinensian with us that has a roll of members

         and officers during that time, we can see that truly Nilcar Hallare was a Business Administration student that he claimed to be.




                       *** These pictures were sent by Anthony Subijano'72 of Sydney, Australia.





                      UP Beta Sigma Makati Chapter  - 60th Jubilee Anniversary get-together, July 2006

              *Sitting:    Serafin Gacho, Boy Jaurigue, Gil Marzo, Enggie de Gracia, Dennis Navarro, Enching Rodriguez, Ross Fernando,

                               Lakan Fonacier, Judz Rey.

              *Standing: Ben Medina, Joel Paredes, Rawlinson Dimayuga, Teddy Rey, Ben Ustaris, Cris Michelena, Pogs Gaspay,

                               Ben Ferriols, Ago Romero, Anthony Subijano, Bal Villanueva, Boyet Fernandez, Sluggo Rigor, Jet Arriola,

                               Henry Chua, Rico Arranz. 




          *** These pictures were sent by Noli Nolasco'62 from Strathmore, Alberta, Canada.

                 Noli is undoubtedly one of the top students and proteges of JC.  Noli, a supreme blackbelter, unselfishly devoted much of

                 his personal time teaching the Diliman and Los Banos brods the science of martial arts.  He was a head instructor at the

                 Karate Federation of the Philippines (KAFEPHIL) whose founder and first president is JC.  Noli himself founded a solid

                 Betan karate ally, Black Secrets, based in Sorsogon.  A veterinarian, Noli works as Territory Manager for Masterfeeds in

                 Calgary and lives in the nearby city of Strathmore with wife Tessie (UP Nursing) and sons Nilo and Theo.  In a tamer sport,

                 he has developed another powerful swing: this one for a much smaller target, but not the least less daunting - a little white



                                                             Noli Nolasco'62, Johnny Chiuten'60 and Paddy Padlan'64




                        "My rare moment with my master J.F. Chiuten in February 2004" -- Noli.  At UP Bahay ng Alumni, Feb'04.




                                                                          Noli'62, Johnny'60 and Ollie Jumao-as'73




                                            Noli'62, Norman Bituin'65, Noli's friend Levie, Rolly Balingit'69 at Banff GC, Alberta

                                                              with the Canadian Rockies as backdrop - Sept. '03




        *** These pictures were sent by globe-trotting entrepreneur Enriqueto "Judz" Rey'68 of South Bend, Indiana.



             RP 1/07: Abe Agulto'71, Edlin de Laza'73, Judz Rey'68, Raoul              RP 1/07: Vic Ramos'62, Judz'68, Ted'62, Boy Jaurigue'69, a friend.

              Reyes'65, Buddy Curameng'70, Teddy Rey'62 (seated) & family.                         Seated: Vic's wife, Judz' wife Mely, friend's wife.



              Singapore 2/07: Judz'68 & Mely Rey, Ed (LB6?) & Mila Daproza                 Victoria, B.C. 8/07: Benild'64 & Laila Pires, Judz'68 & Mely Rey



         RP 1/08: Judz'68, Bogs Cabanatan'65, Ross Fernando'69, Pete                             RP 2/08: Batch '68A all - Judz Rey, Rey Rivera,

         Hernandez'64, Pat Roman'64, Rico Arranza'46, Emmyboy Roman'64                                                     Walter Navarro, Mel de Santos





                             Diliman Batch '68A (Blitzkrieg) is 40 years young!!!  

           Judz says it's hard to tell the '68's from the '08's!  THE BETAN SPIRIT LIVES ON.. AND ON.. AND ON!!! 





                 "May I have the honor of identifying the protagonists?  Around the bida (Tatang) of this picture are: Rhodes Silva-

                  Espartero Ladies Corps, Iris Laxa-Montes Ladies Corps, Rafael Hidalgo'86, Kerwin Santos'92, Nimfa Monzon-Cruz

                  Ladies Corps." -- RH'86 (*Note: July 14, 2005 at 59th anniversary of UP Beta Sigma)





                  Martial Arts seminar 2006 of Dr. Jopet Laraya'63:  "One of the seminars Brod JC allowed me to conduct in Italy

                  which then provided most of the seed money for JC-SOMA-and at the same time spread his art more." - Jopet'63





                                                                     Our Aussie mates from Down Under




                  Same bunch of Aussie Betans some years ago: BalV'60, CesarV'78, HugoA'64, AnthonyS'72, ReneP'65, ValP'57.





                                                UP Baguio Betans: Dar, Mik, Carlo, Dan, Jordan - Dec. 2007





                             The UP Beta Sigma Rocking All-'60's Gang meets in Manila - Feb. 11, 2008

                                 Sitting:     Barbara Hizon, Kay Smaby-Symons'63(!!), Eding Hizon'63, Bing Villanueva.

                                 Standing: Nelson Rivera '62, Vic Ramos'62, Boy Morales'60, Jess Abrera'64, Bal Villanueva'60,

                                                Pol Moral'65, Adi Santos'62, Sluggo Rigor'60. 





                             BRODS whooping it up and giving cheers to "under the weather" Pogs Gaspay - May '07

                *Top row: Babes Ignacio, Gerry Abenes, Judz Rey, Sonny Pagador, Domi Boy Ramos,Vic Gacusan, Bong Beredo,

                              Nonoy Bautista, Manolo Banzon, Ike Araneta, Dutch Aragones, Vee De Vera, Alan Torneros.

               *Bottom row: Gabby Moraleda, Ding Cavestany, Gene Samson, Rick Velasco, Kiko Delmendo, Bobby Pascual,

                                  Eric Punzalan, Pogs Gaspay, Dave Villegas.

                [Not in photo: Hermie San Luis, Bernie Bacosa, Louie Ruiz, Sitong Cabaluna, Tatang Vergara, Titing Valdez]




                                         OPERATION BIG BROTHER FOUNDATION (OBBF) Olongapo Summer Outing'05

                                                Cheers to OBBF for pushing on and assisting our UP resident brothers!! 




                                               OCCASION: Surprise Birthday Party for Ding Cavestany ‘65

                *Roller-Coaster Clockwise Beginning At Seven O’Clock: Dave Villegas’55, Gilbert Basbas ’73,  Johnny Regadio ’66,

                 Gene Samson ’66, Gabby Moraleda ‘68B, Narcing Lapus ’48, Manolo Banzon ‘68, Kiko Delmendo ‘72, Babes

                 Ignacio'77, Doming Ramos ‘57, Ike Araneta ‘71, Pogs Gaspay ‘68B, RickVelasco ‘67, Louie Ruiz ‘59, Bobby

                Pascual ‘68A, Ding Cavestany ’65 (60th Bday Celebrant), Eric Punzalan ‘65, Gerry Abenes ‘66, and Tatang ’67.





                                         2008Jan Visit of Brods GabbyM and son Sam, JudzR and wife, w/ OllieJ.



                                                  Later, Brod GabbyM with Brods Raffy, Dennis and Ollie.



                          2007Reunion of UPD Batch 73c: DanBautista, AlbertBacungan, LeoPascua, & OllieJumao-as.





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