From: jagonzo via UP Beta Sigma International
Sent: Saturday, February 27, 2021
Subject: A Couple of Good News!!!


Greetings brods. I hope everyone is safe and healthy during this time of "isolation". Although we are somewhat restricted on the activities we can do in person, we should try to live life as "normal" as possible for our own physical and mental health. In this regard, I’d like to share two good news that just happened recently (see attachments).

First, the letter from the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB). After a long and arduous application process, our organization (UPBSI) is now classified as a tax-exempt organization relieving us of paying CA state tax, meaning we can retain more money in our coffers. This came about as the result of Brod Tatang's perseverance and unrelenting push to see it to fruition. Brod Tatang made sure that we meet all the requirements and submit the necessary documents as required by the FTB. To all the brods who have had a thumbprint in the successful completion of this endeavor, my sincerest thanks. A JOB WELL DONE!!!

Second, and probably most uplifting especially for UPLB brods is the letter from the UPLB Chancellor regarding UPLB Beta Sigma Fraternity's suspension for life status. The UPLB Beta Sigma Fraternity has been given a reprieve by the Board of Regents (BOR) and has been allowed to apply for recognition conditioned upon specific requirements. The decision of the BOR to reverse the suspension is the culmination of the persistence of the members of the UPLB Beta Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association. I know it has been a struggle for all those brods and the residents. Kudos to the residents for continuing to operate under this harsh condition and show proof thru their numerous activities serving both campus and off campus communities that the UPLB Beta Sigma Fraternity is an organization worthy of recognition. I will refrain from mentioning specific names to avoid missing names deserving acknowledgement. But, be it known, all those who worked tirelessly on this project deserve accolades from each and every Beta Sigman with roots from UP Los Baños.

I invite all of you to celebrate with me these two wonderful news. I raise my glass.... CHEERS!!!

Jim Gonzalvo, UPLB '70B
President, UPBSI 2020 - 2022





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