"I Feel Good"

by Dutch Aragones'78

That famous song by the late James Brown, rendered by Rotsen Lawas’66, was the tone of UP North’s Christmas party last Saturday, December 12, in Suisun City, California. Couple this with Kiko Delmendo’73 on saxophone, leading our very own, A Band of Brothers’s euphoric version of Santana’s “Europa” it was a wild and wonderful party to remember.











Despite a raging rainfall that evening, in attendance were the following: Couples Gerry and Lleva Abenes, Winston and Vangie Acevedo, Ike and Tanya Araneta, Gilbert and Eileen Basbas, Bong and Aileen Beredo, Ding and Julie Cavestany, Cyrus and Bing Fagar, Kiko Delmendo and Genevive Serenio, Cecilio and Anita Felix, Vic and Nellie Gacusan, Pogs and May Gaspay, Babes and Mayann Ignacio, Rotsen and Marivi Lawas, Gabby Moraleda and Cy Abiog, Franklin and Tess Morales, Val and Ruby Palattao, Boy and Irma Ramos, Gene Samson and Genie Cademas, Dave and Mercy Villegas, Bobby and Harlean Pascual, Johnny and Gloria Salud. Tatang and Tess Vergara came with daughter Dr. Ria and in-laws that included Sigma Betan Lea Cabral. Those who came solo were: Cesar Antonio, Nong Fred Aquino, Dutch Aragones, JR Regadio (but with son Alfie), Ernie Tremor, Vee de Vera, Ric Velasco, Emmy Fajardo and Nol Banzon.










An invocation by ‘Monsignor’ Johnny Regadio’66 started the program with Gabby Moraleda’68 and his knock-knock jokes, as emcee. GP Manolo Banzon’68 handed out appreciation cards to several brods who helped make 2009 a productive year for the UP North Chapter. Kris kringle and raffle of gift donations added meaning to the Yuletide spirit.








In between the fabulous repertoire of the A Band of Brothers was community singing of Christmas carols spearheaded by the Sacramento Singers. Spicing up the night were individual performances by Mercy Villegas, Mayann Ignacio, Winston Acevedo’61, Ding Cavestany’65 and Dr. Ria Vergara.


Party went pass midnight all happy and every moment fulfilled.

















Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!

from UP Beta Sigma NorCal







Our Very Own Franklin With Mike Hanopol

by Ike Araneta'71


It is a well known fact that in a band it's the bass and drums that carry not only the piece but also set the groove for the audience to follow. UP North's "A Band of Brothers" is just so fortunate and privileged to have a seasoned bass player in the person of Brod Franklin Morales, UPD '74. Franklin has been playing off and on with different bands in the Bay Area for the past 20 or so years and has established himself as a musician that Brod Kiko del Mendo '72, has aptly described as "maasahan". No doubt, Brod Franklin is a pillar of our "A Band of Brothers". We have come to rely on him and his experience has served to inspire us. Franklin is a field engineer of Oncology x-ray and inspection medical equipment.

See Franklin performing with Mike Hanopol, a pioneer of Pinoy Rock, in these You Tube clips.

   Click>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XDGawWhCGE



Cheers to Franklin, he's so good!






A flu virus, a change of venue -- presto a Halloween Party !

by Gabby Moraleda'68


A scheduled event, a flu virus.. a change of venue and presto an instant Halloween Party. Nothing deterred the ever loyal UP Beta Sigma Northern California members from holding the chapters annual Halloween Party. Brod Gerry and sis Lleva Abenes were both bedridden with flu virus and so the venue was changed at the last minute from Richmond to brod Gabby Moraleda's residence in Santa Clara.


Brods and their spouses came with their unique and colorful costumes. UP North GP Nol Banzon came in a Desert Storm uniform (paging Chris Lagasca), Pogs and May Gaspay were in angelic getup, Ike and Tanya Araneta came in a "Bonnie and Clyde" outfit, Eric and Lita Punzalan in their Incredible Hulk costumes, Gabby M. as a hip hop hippie, Vic Gacusan as a Fu Manchu.






Others were Jenny Cademas, Marivi Lawas and Mariza Ruiz in their (good) witch costumes, Vee de Vera as a Rhinestone Cowboy, Louie Ruiz as a surgeon, Dave Villegas as a debonair "kunu", Nestor Lawas as an Alpine herdsman, Bobby and Harlean Pascual both in their prison outfit. Bong and Aillen Beredo, Titing and Cheng Valdez, Mercy Villegas, Gene Samson and Cy Abiog came as themselves.




Food, wine and spirit as well as jokes, stories and poker were plentiful as we all celebrated this traditional occasion that has been traditionally observed. We finally called it quits almost midnight.












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