Brod Gene Samson’66 is Prez of Cabanatuan Younger Set,

 Northern California, USA

By Gerry Abenes ‘66



     It's a maneuver that never fails: gather a bunch of brods with their spouses, and the atmosphere is instantly charged with unbridled excitement.


     That's exactly what happened, again, on September 13, 2008 at Sheraton's in Burlingame on the occasion of the Ninth Grand Reunion Ball of the Cabanatuan Younger Set (CYS), whose current prez is our very own Gene Samson (Spirit of '66).  The CYS holds a dinner-dance every other year.  It has a long history that started way back in 1939 as a way of celebrating the Cabanatuan town fiesta.  The coronation of a new fiesta muse is the highlight of the event.  It was also a night when Princess Laura Cademas, daughter of Gene and Geny, made her last walk as she turned over the crown to the incoming princess. 


     The City Mayor of Cabanatuan said in his message, "We recognize your acts of altruism directed especially to our fellow Cabanatuaneos."  The altruism he referred to are the scholarships that are awarded yearly to deserving students by the CYS.


     Brods all the way from LA, Salinas and Sacramento gathered in support of Brod Gene, and to beam some Betan magic into the affair.   Gates were free for the brods, courtesy of Gene; what's more, (are you ready for this?) Gene has pledged a handsome amount to the UP Beta Sigma Northern California Chapter in exchange for the solid efforts of brods Nol, Dutch, Ric V, Cyrus, JR and Vee in securing the gates.  Talk about getting paid to have fun!


     'Way to go Gene!  'Way to go brods!



The Cabanatuan Younger Set, USA


The Prez & First Lady - Gene & Geny Samson



                   Proud parents Gene & Geny with daughter, outgoing Princess Laura 






                           Orlando Samson with daughter Dinah                             Gerry & Lleva Abenes



               Bong & Eileen Beredo                              Boy & Irma Ramos                               Dave & Mercy Villegas



                Eric & Lita Punzalan                             Ike & Tanya Araneta                            Ding & Julie Cavestany



            Bobby & Harlean Pascual                          Pogs & May Gaspay                           Rotsen & Marivi Lawas



              Titing & Cheng Valdez                             Ago & Eva Romero                              Willie & Tess Vergara 


The Stags: Vee De Vera, Manolo Banzon, Vic Gacusan, Johnny Regadio, Rick Velasco


The UP NorCal Brods & Wives get crazy and try to raise the roof


"Gene's Legion"




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