UP NorCal Happenings:  Sep-Oct '10


A. Homeward Bound

by Ike Araneta


On October 2, the brods from UP North gathered at GP Gerry Abenes' home to bid farewell to a brod who has been an active part of our Betan Family for the the past seven years. Brod Dr. Vicente "Titing" Valdez '61 and his wife Cheng have finally decided to go back to the homeland to a gentrified retirement and more importantly to be with family.



   Gene Samson, Boy Ramos, Dutch Aragones & Titing Valdez                      Bobby Pascual, Ike Araneta & Dave Villegas



                     Cheng Valdez on the ivory keyboards                                               Eric Punzalan & Cheng - Yes to Victory!


Is Dave doing the watusi, Titing the boogaloo? Geny, Aileen, Lleva and Julie are the backup singers.

Over the years Brod Titing and Sis Cheng have shared much of their time, talent, and treasure with our UP North Betan Family. Both were active in our choir, and Cheng would often jam with the band on the keyboards while Titing would be on the poker table enjoying a glass of cognac with the brods. Their sons, notably Titing Jr., made themselves available during our gatherings and festivities and even represented our chapter during bowling tournaments.


The Very Merry Ladies of UP Beta Sigma NorCal


                            Lita, Julie, Irma & Cheng                                                          Lleva, May, Cheng, Aileen & Harlean



                          Mercy, Tanya, Marissa & Geny                                                           MayAnne, Tanya & Aileen

One of the highlights of the evening was an i-photo pictorial of the fun times Brod Titing and Cheng shared with the Chapter. A picture album, with messages, was also put together by the brods and wives spearheaded by Harlean Pascual. Another highlight of the evening was the narration that Winston Acevedo made for his ka-batch Titing about how during one of their "initiations", he (Winston) was able to escape a round of paddles. I will leave it up to Winston to tell the story himself as only he in his own style would make for an interesting episode.



       Mag-kabatch na doctor - Winston, DVM & Titing, MD                                Jamming with "A Band of Brothers"



                          Gerry "Gene Krupa" Abenes                                                             Ike "Eric Clapton" Araneta

Well, and as the saying goes, "We part only to meet again". And Brod Titing vowed that he would be back in March of next year to attend Bobby Pascual's birthday.

All the best Brod Titing and Cheng Valdez. Remember that you will always have a home here in Northern California. Cheers! Cheers!

Those in attendance were: Gerry and Lleva Abenes, Winston Acevedo, Dutch Aragones, Ike and Tanya Araneta, Bong and Aileen Beredo, Ding and Julie Cavestany, Babes and MayAnne Ignacio, Pogs and May Gaspay, Gabby Moraleda, Angel Pagaduan, Eric and Lita Punzalan, Boy and Irma Ramos, Louie and Marissa Ruiz, Johnny Salud, Gene and Geny Samson, Ting and Cheng Valdez, Ric Velasco, and of course Dave and Mercy Villegas.


                       Angel Pagaduan & Johnny Salud                                Ding Cavestany, Gabby Moraleda, Ric Velasco & Louie Ruiz



Looks like Ding and Lleva got the Dove deodorant and anti-perspirant tv commercial. Just kidding...



UP NorCal Dorbs

                    l-r: Ike Araneta, Boy Ramos, Ric Velasco, Bong Beredo, Ding Cavestany, Gabby Moraleda, Titing Valdez,

                         Angel Pagaduan, Louie Ruiz, Bobby Pascual, Dave Villegas, Eric Punzalan & Pogs Gaspay. 



B. UPAASV Gala Affair

by Bong Beredo


UP Beta Sigma North showed its support to the UP Alumni Association of Sacramento and Vicinity where Brod Johnny Regadio was the outgoing President. The 3rd anniversary dinner-dance was held on September 25 at the Lions Gate Hotel in Sacramento. UPAASV has provided financial assistance and scholarships to needy students in UP Los Banos and Central Luzon State University in Nueva Ecija, Christmas Care  packages (toys, school supplies, toiletries, etc.) for disadvantaged children in Quezon City, and food and clothing for the homeless through Loaves & Fishes in Sacramento.  

Current GP Manolo Banzon and incoming GP Gerry Abenes both graced the occasion of the gala night together with UPBSFI President Willie "Tatang" Vergara and other brods of the chapter.




         Outgoing UPAASV President Johnny Regadio & partner                                     Gene & Geny Samson



                              Rotsen & Marivi Lawas                                                                 Dave & Mercy Villegas



                                      Cecilio & Anita Felix                                                    Fred Aquino & Lita Punzalan


Are Gerry & Lleva rehearsing early for their induction dance to top the Arceos' tango in LA?



                             Bong & Aileen Beredo                                                             Lita & Eric, Aileen, Lleva & Gerry




UP Beta Sigma Northern California




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