A Day With Jun Advincula

By Willie “Tatang’ Vergara


The gathering for Brod Jun Advincula was so uncertain, with Jun himself being unable to predict his schedule. Acting GP Pogs was slated to attend the June 14 Saturday dinner at Los Angeles on the occasion of Teddy’s Rey’s 40th day. So he suggested to hold the occasion on a Friday or the coming Monday, where he could be present. It was not until that Friday that Pogs was able to get in touch with Jun at his sister’s home in American Canyon, CA.


Realizing that they were just 15 minutes away from Jun’s sister, Brod  Gerry and Lleva Abenes decided on a snap to host the occasion. But it had to be a Saturday for them to have time to prepare their home. Gerry also took time calling some of the brods on the very day itself. There was no other window, the next day being Father’s Day, and Jun had to leave the following Monday. A big question mark: Who’ll be there?  


                                      Sitting:     Vee de Vera, Willie Vergara, Mino Cabral, Jun Advincula

                                      Standing: Manolo Banzon, Ding Cavestany, Gene Samson, Eric Punzalan,

                                                    Titing Valdez, Dave Villegas, Gerry Abenes


Enjoying the cool Saturday afternoon at Gerry/Lleva’s Trellis and exquisitely designed Japanese Garden



Zaldy Poe Mari Vasquez Gutierrez y Mullach (the last one is the author’s “creation”) with Ladies of

UP North: Ria Vergara, Lita Punzalan, Guia Abenes, Lleva Abenes, Mercy Villegas and Julie Cavestany


Jun performing an old tradition – signing a handkerchief for someone special. This will be

given to a Betan icon on the occasion of the Fraternity’s 62nd Anniversary on July 2008.



 Ria Vergara came to sing a song for Jun Advincula (and to enjoy the Sashimi Special and Gene’s Palitaw).

 She dedicated her second song especially for the dads in the group, the next day being Father’s Day.


Introduced as Ria’s mentor, diva Mercy Villegas was as usual the highlight of the harana,

with accompaniment of Cheng Valdez (at the piano) and host Gerry Abenes (on the drums)


Jun joins in singing Beatles songs. From left: Ding Cavestany, Ting Valdez,

 Gerry Abenes,  Cheng Valdez, Vee de Vera, Jun Advincula and Manolo Banzon.








Jun's vacation in SoCal ... by Norm Bituin


Jun's first stop from RP was in Los Angeles on June 1, 2008, a Sunday.  He was "kidnapped" the very next day Monday by Tito Garcia and old poker buddy Rolly Balingit, had lunch at a restaurant in Irvine and toured nearby Newport Beach and Balboa Island. Two days later Wednesday, Tito and wife Adelfa invited Jun at their new townhouse in Laguna Niguel.  At Norman Bituin's home in Diamond Bar on Friday night June 6, the rest of the UP SoCal Brods & Wives had a welcome get-together dinner for Jun. Earlier that afternoon after lunch with Norman at Salo Salo Jun, who is a higher-level practitioner, demonstrated some Tetada Kalimasada jurus that were videotaped by Norman for reference.  Boi Wico and Tito Garcia took Jun out to a dim sum lunch one final time a few days before his departure on June 20, with a private TK healing session afterwards at Boi's home in Placentia.  Needless to say, we all enjoyed Jun's company and we will be looking forward to the next. 


*Note: These pictures taken by Norman were originally in 'Picture-an', but had been moved here with UP NorCal's. Jun admits he's no computer whiz, so with just one click on the mouse he and his family could easily view his first US trip pics with the brods in one place.


                    More Dr. Jun Advincula'63... vacationing at Irvine, 6-06-08: with niece Karla, sons Jack and Diggy, and apos



                Jun and Norman Bituin having lunch at Salo-Salo                                  Jun with batchmate Mando Enrico



                     Jun with Vet Med colleague Ed Cornelia                                       Jun with Vet Med colleague Art Martin



                                                       Jun with Mando, Norman, Hermie San Luis and Boi Wico



                                                              Jun at welcome get-together dinner at Norman's home



    *Trivia: Jun was Diliman 1st Vice GP in 1968 and first veterinarian to complete MBA from UP Graduate School of Business in 1977* 

                          Seating:   Mando Enrico, Jun Advincula, Nonoy Bautista, Dan Galoso, Art Martin, Bernie Bacosa

                          Standing: Sonny Pagador, Hermie San Luis, Frank Mamaril, Ed Cornelia, Carling Taguinod, Boi Wico,

                                         Ago Romero, Aman Carolino, Norman Bituin, Jun Valenzuela







           Dr. Jun Advincula'63, DVM, MBA visits LA, 6-04-08: Jimmy de Luna, Jun Advincula, Rolly Balingit, Adelfa & Tito Garcia



                                           Plus: Norman Bituin, at Tito and Adelfa's new townhouse in Laguna Niguel



                                    Jun, Tito & Jimmy                                                                          Plus: Elmor Villanueva



                           Jun and Jimmy on the videoke.  Jun's frat alias: "Zaldy Poe Mari Vasquez Gutierrez y Estrada"

                                                                                  (dunno about the last one).




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