My Clickbag, #1

by Rolly Reyes'66



A still camera has been an integral part of me since college days. It was my instinct to capture images that I find interesting... ones that appeal more on other senses other than sight. A good photograph for me appeals also to sound, touch and smell. In my opinion, a still camera, whether film or digital, appeals to the heart more than a video cam. It freezes that magical moment devoid of anything else and presents an immense interplay of words that describes that specific shutter second. I am an admirer of Brod Nelson Rivera's work - a photographer who's an artist at heart. 


I usually lug in my laptop bag a point and shoot camera whenever I travel. I still treasure my old but immaculate Nikon f2a with motordrive. I saved and bought it during my stint as a photographer at Admakers-Dentsu. 


Here are some shots I took from my visit to Bali, China and West Coast. I was fascinated by the Buddhist-Muslim mix of Balinese culture... the island's tranquil profile easily made it a tropic paradise - although our own Boracay Island is ten-fold more divine and breathtaking. China (Beijing and Hangzhou) boasts of its magnificent claim to a long, solid historical sceptre of culture and civilization. Gold and red supremacy is everywhere and in anything Chinese. In contrast, West Coast USA (Los Angeles and San Francisco) transforms and projects images of grandeur and dimension. This piece of continent (the Americas) magically quantifies sights and sounds - there's this feeling of "vastness" everywhere you turn around. This is the first installment of my photo library in my "clickbag" and I hope to share a lot more in the future.



Bali, Indonesia


This was taken while I was walking on the "crazy-cut" pavement of Westin Resort Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

towards the sea with a man walking. When captured, he seemed to be part of the still-life surroundings.


Same Bali hotel, this statue shows intricate Balinese carving art and skill.


Ooops! Almost passed this bird with her chameleon-like plumage that blends with the branch. Very much like the "batu-bato" in RP.


Sleepless in Bali, I woke up one early morning to take this serene photo minutes before sunrise....

Did a little editing to simulate a sepia-like effect.



Hangzhou and Beijing, China


We were invited by the People's Republic of China for a media tour. The Governor of Hangzhou received our team. I can't forget this snapshot showing the decorum of Chinese officials and the physical arrangements that went with the courtesy call. Very "military".

The huge painting in the background is the Province of Hangzhou showing the West Lake.


We also visited a Buddhist temple with a very young monk as head of the temple.


Chinese dancers performing in Beijing Theater. This image was done in available light so I had to wait for a

split-second pause to compensate for the ideal ISO. They performed with the world famous Chinese acrobats.


No, this gate is not the entrance for jumpers.... Background is West Lake, Hangzhou province. I just realized why Chinese

landscape paintings always have that misty-like or foggy appearance. It really is misty everywhere during winter season.


Funny snapshot of the group showing tourists where to go at the Great Wall. Center is former Secretary Toting Bunye.


The majestic Great Wall of China. The soft blue sky in contrast to the earth tones of the mountains.

The number of people walking on a distance shows the width of the wall bridge.

Hole in the wall. This is actually the window of sentry post like what you can see beyond. Truly a sight to remember.


The hubcap look of the ceiling caught my fancy in one of Beijing shopping malls.

This is Chairman Mao's summer residence. Weather is Baguio-like throughout the year.

This is also the area where they grow hundreds of acres of green tea plants.

A reflective calm water of a West Lake tributary showing a fallen trea reaching for the sky.


The symbolic Tiananmen Square behind and behind China's history but managed to remain at the forefront

in memory of those Chinese youth that tried to dismember the hammer and sickle shadowing their motherland.

This was not intended but the height arrangement duplicated the pagoda roof in the background.



San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, USA


This was taken during my visit to Sanfo a few years back with the mayor who endorsed gay marriages that year.

Sanfo is my favorite city in the US due to its cool weather all-year round. I remember I was invited to speak

during our Independence Day celebration.


Was fortunate to witness a sunny morning golden beam showering downtown LA. Taken sometime 2002.


A panorama shot of downtown LA.... took 4 shots and joined them together thru Canon's "Photostitch".




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