Brod Willie "Tatang" Vergara's RP Visit in 2005

photos by rbe73c



TATANG at the 59th Anniv in U.P. Diliman

14 July 2005


At the Tambayan w/ an LC...



Outside the U.P. Chapel...



And just before the anniv Holy Mass celebration...



With the celebrant Priest, never saw so many brods receiving Holy Communion!



At the official Tambayan in the afternoon, w/ the usual combi drinks... Cheers!!!



Well, the guest Brod gets to sit between the beauties...



With the yuppie brods & LCs preferring another type of drink... mahina?



With brod YayT, bye now before other appointments will be forgotten...






TATANG in Brod DanL's Residence

08 Aug 2005


No way but "pose", inside Brod DanL's beautiful house.



Of course, with the equally pretty "Missus"






TATANG w/ the OBBF Brods

17 July 2005

Only Brod RaffyHidalgo'86 can deliver a story the way he does...



  The "only rose" among the thorns, eheh!



Fanatic?  Talk about this black lab trained to sniff non-true-blue-blooded Beta Sigmans around!



Iba ang smile after 2 bottles of Jack D...



Lalo na pag may kasamang "litsong-Cebu", he he!



But there's always a downside, or should we say, front-down?  Cheers!!!





TATANG drops by the DAP

14 July 2005


Nothing makes you prouder!

                                         "Sir, baka maiyak ka nyan!"                      ...welcomers came and went in batches...

                                     Pagdating pa lang, dinumog na!                      "My favourite waiter, asan na buhok mo?"

mga kaibigan noon, kaibigan pa rin ngayon...

di talaga mahilig sa "chicks" si Tatang !

                                     may video pa... nung "bata pa si Tatang", formal din... pero dati nang simpatiko.

                                                                                                                          di naman talaga!!

a short visit, yet a lasting effect on friendship !

                                                  talaga naman!!!                      Sige ka, Brod. Hanap ka ng ama ni Christian Bautista!




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