International Motif In Halloween 2005,

w/ Brod Johnny Chiuten

by Willie Vergara UPD'67

During the UP Beta Sigma of Northern California annual costume party (every October) to celebrate good harvest and halloween, Brod Johnny Chiuten and his wife Leony, were the occasion's special guests. The event was held in Salinas, California, at the home of Brod Bobby and wife Harlean Pascual. On the same occasion, the members of the Chapter likewise honored Brod Ernie Castillo and his family, who came all the way from North Carolina.

The highlight of the celebration was a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD given to Brod Johnny Chiuten, a living legend whose name is a byword among martial artists in the Philippines and Asia, for his unparalleled service and contribution to the Frat by sharing his superb and unique skills over the years.

In his impromptu acceptance speech, Brod Johnny shared some of his interesting experiences way back in the early 60s that will certainly remain in the memory of everybody who heard the Grandmaster. This particular event will always be remembered as a milestone in the Chapter's history because Johnny Chiuten was there...



Grandmaster Brod Johnny Chiuten is flanked by Ike Araneta '71, Willie "Tatang" Vergara '67,

Boy Ramos '58, and Titing Valdez '61



With Brods and spouses (UP Beta Sigma Northern California Chapter) 1



With and Brods and spouses (UP Beta Sigma Northern California Chapter) 2



  With Brods and spouses (UP Beta Sigma Northern California Chapter) 3  



    Committee on Awards Chairman Brod Ike Araneta hands over the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to Brod Johnny Chiuten, as former kung-fu student Dr. Titing Valdez looks on.

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